Povetkin-Whyte Rematch in November?

By Gabriel F. Cordero

Sources report that there is a strong possibility that the contractually mandated rematch between WBC diamond and interim heavyweight champion Alexander Povetkin and Dillian Whyte will happen in November. Whyte himself has expressed that the fight will be confirmed this week. Whyte was knocked out by Povetkin last month and received a 28-day medical suspension so he’s out until September 23.

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  • We will see if Whyte learned from his previous mistakes of taking matters for granted and not staying on point every second of every round.

    For his economic well being and/or for his family’s economic well being, it is too bad Povetkin is unable to push forward with a bigger fight for more money.

  • I watched the first fight. I am still very skeptical if either man at this stage in the game could dethrone any of the top heavyweight champions. Both are good fighters in their own right, but advancing age has not been an asset for each of them. Povetkin fights more flat-footed and does not move as well with his age. Whyte is a good boxer, but he too looked anemic in his game plan and execution rate the way he performed. Maybe I am over analyzing this, but I do feel both men have seen their better days slide right past them.

  • It’s an educated gamble. I don’t see no other option but to enforce the rematch but my worry for Whyte is that it’s too soon after ko defeat. With AJ/Ruiz there was a 6 month gap between the 1st and 2nd fight.
    I feel the situation dictates that he has to rematch before Fury’s next fight so he doesn’t miss out , should Fury comply with his mandatory. However I wonder if he will never get his shot even if he avenges this defeat. Hearn seemed to be behind Whyte getting his shot before any unification involving AJ but he’s starting to sound like he wants to make the AJ/Fury fight ASAP.

  • I hope the winner fights Tyson Fury since they’ve both already been knocked out by Anthony Joshua.

  • I love seeing a thug punk get ktfo. That was delicious.

    And on November 3rd, The Antifa & BLM punks will get taken down, if they try to fuck with the election results. And trust me. The only blue wave this year will be storms of clear blue Dem tears.

    Povetkin has class. Whyte is just as ignorant ass who got what he fucking deserved. KTFO.

      • Paul, you are right. Wilder was an arrogant fool, and Fury soundly beat his ass. That is a fact.

        And, on November 3rd, another punk-ass fool named Joe Biden is going to get destroyed in Fury/Wilder 2 fashion, by none another than President Trump. That will be great to watch.

    • Thats a lot of negativity for a boxing post.
      1. Not sure what makes him a thug punk.
      2. Not sure what BLM, Antifa or an election as to do with the fight.

    • I like the way you express yourself bro. Clear and to the point. We need more of that in these times.

    • Sounds like you’ve been hiding in your mum’s basement too long. Calm down before you get a nosebleed.

  • This is one of the problems that hurts boxing dreadfully, rematch clauses. Eddie Hearn is in denial about Povetkin’s win, no, he wanted Whyte as the winner to go along with his plans. Okay, now a rematch of a forgettable fight its underway, and despite who wins this time, the landscape of boxing will remain the same, because both are way past their primes and relevance to the point that no one wants to see any of them embarrased by Fury or Joshua. Absolutely no point

    • I’m not a massive fan of rematch clauses but if anyone deserves a chance of redemption it’s Whyte , based on the crap he’s been through waiting for his shot.
      Hearn is not exclusive to the rematch clause policy. Remember we have the Fury/Wilder rematch coming up after the last fight was an absolute beatdown. At least Whyte was winning his fight before Povetkin found the equaliser.
      I’m not sure what Hearn wants. He seemed to be fighting Whyte’s corner and it seemed that he wanted Whyte to be accommodated before any Fury/AJ unification. Now he’s talking about dropping belts to make the unification which would then put Whyte (if he wins the rematch) on hold for another year. If Hearn’s priority is unification now for AJ above Whyte getting his shot he’ll probably secretly want Whyte to lose so he doesn’t have to explain to Whyte why he is going back on his word re making his title fight a priority over the Fury/AJ unification.
      Have to be honest. I like Whyte a lot but I’m thinking less of his chances vs Fury or AJ. Having said that (with the exception of each other and maybe Ortiz) I’d say Whyte is far better than those Wilder has defended against and Fury has fought in recent years.

  • If povetkin wins again he deserves one last shot at a title.
    2 wins over whyte b2b is desevering of that.

    If whyte destroys povetkin he should get a title shot. If he doesnt look impressive in beating povetkin he will need one more contender fight before deserving title shot.

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