Pitbull Cruz mauls, dethrones Romero

Rolando Romero Vs Isaac Cruz 03 30 2024 Fight
Photo: Esther Lin/Premier Boxing Champions

Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz (26-2-1, 18 KOs) overpowered and dethroned WBA super lightweight champion Rolando “Rolly” Romero (15-2, 13 KOs) getting an eighth round referee’s stoppage on Saturday night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Cruz had Romero on spaghetti legs in round one. Cruz continued to pressure Romero with a relentless attack. Rolly was deducted a point for excessive holding in round five. Cruz rocked Romero again in round seven and Rolly barely got out of the round. The bout was stopped in round eight when Cruz hurt Rolly again.

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  • Rolly was the first time I’ve seen a fighter actually scared in the ring. He was like a little kid wanting to run to the bathroom.

    • I honestly thought this was gonna be a very good scrap all the crap Rolly was blabbing and all it turned out to be is a one sided thrashing lol.

      Funny how all I ever heard was how he was the hardest hitter and how everyone was scared of him bla bla bla but it sure looked like Rolly was the one scared he actually looked terrified when he landed his best punch and the “chihuahua” kept chasing him and battering him like a man possessed lol. Wow that was a brutal assss whooping

    • Cherry picking gone wrong. Also, what’s up with his voice Rollies voice when he said, happy Easter

  • Romero just had a rude awakening to what real power can do to a fighter. All the talk…All the hype…and just like that… We have a new champion….. Congrats Pitbull… Romero did more holding than fighting in the first five rounds of the fight.

  • Great fight and total destruction by Pitbull. Tremendous heart by Rolly but man oh man Pitbull destroyed him. Another reason for Tank “Tankie” Davis to avoid The Pitbull…

    • Arturo……Tank already beat Cruz. Please do your homework before posting this drivel.

      • Rohan, I think Arturo was talking about the rematch. There was talk of a rematch which many said tank was avoiding because he gave him a fight the first time. Don’t be so quick to chastise someone. Make sure you read it all the way through. Tough crowd on this site.

      • Agree Darin…Cruz mades some adjustments for this fight though…maybe learned from fighting good competition early…Cruz throws wide punches…hooks..where most guys with that style continuously throws wide punches… Cruz switched it up by throwing short compact punches …quick in combinations…. different than Cruz’s last fights and in the clinches Cruz just banged that body..with quick ugly punches..watch the tape..like George Foreman did…guys holding bang the body with the free hand
        ..that hurt Rolly …watch the tape..

        • He won. He doesn’t need to fight him again if there are bigger fights on his plate. Close fight sure but it’s the 5 Cruz fans out there claiming Tank is running scared.

    • Arturo Tank and Cruz fought…both went to another level by fighting each other early….sure both will admit that.. something of note
      ***Guys watch Cruz eyes from the peek a boo style….focused….always on fighter…..stuff you want to teach a young disciplined fighter…grade A stuff….study that…. today’s technology allows us to see Cruz doing what the great coaches teach…Cruz doing it in realtime live…..GREAT STUFF!!!!

      • Cruz chucking those shots from way out will get himself countered all night from a sharp counter puncher. Rolly caught him plenty he just lacked the ability to stick and not get hit several times in return

  • After Rolly felt Pitbull’s power, he was running and holding for dear life.

    Exciting and convincing win for Isaac. He worked and attacked the body to take away the legs of Rolly

    Thank you for making me win $50.00

  • This is what Rolly and Ryan Garcia do. They know they can’t win so they talk and say a lot of ridiculous crap

    • I’m not sure Garcia and Romero are comparable. Garcia has actually beaten a couple decent fighters. Romero is a joke! One of his best “wins” was a bad Decision victory. The fact a limited guy like this actually had a title is a great example of how watered down Boxing has gotten. He won it by fighting for a vacant and not actually beating a Champion.

      You might not like Garcia, but he would destroy Romero!

    • I would love to see Cruz fight Garcia. I think Garcia is better than Romero. I hope Cruz gets a good payday next fight. He deserves it.

  • I cannot believe that at the time of stoppage one judge had Rolly ahead in the scorecard

  • Romero: ” I’ll be back.” Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….maybe back to the stone age, loser! Can you believe one of the judges had Romero UP 1 point before the fight was stopped? You corrupt bastard. That extra 50 thousand didn’t make a difference, pal.

  • I knew that would be a tough fight for Rolly and kudos for him staying on his feet but he was beaten from pillar to post in this fight. Amazingly one judge apparently had Rolly ahead at the time of the stoppage! How?

  • Rolly thinks he is Floyd Mayweather minus the skills, ring generalship, and talent.

  • Excellent fight…Cruz Congrats…you don’t play boxing…Cruz brought his lunch box rather than a megaphone to work..and Cruz showed up to fight…. actually showed some improvement from his last fights….Teo Lopez take notes …that is how you cut the ring off!!!!! Congrats Cruz

  • It was an expected result, nothing less than a knock out! Rolly was never worthy of having that belt that was gifted to him to start with!

    • Be be fair.,..Tigre…Rolly can fight….Rolly just on his journey now….Rolly hopefully will learn from this….and get better….real fighters understand and “gut check”that is recognize
      .. accept….get better…implement…Rolly fought wrong fight…got on the bicycle….stay in pocket…turn…angles…punch before
      Cruz set..then step…at different angles…on that bike…only to make Cruz square up again… Cruz fights in the pocket square…Rolly could never get respect….cause running…Rolly will be back… Congrats to Cruz for being professional.. focused

  • Romero never learned to keep up his hands, and he learned another hard lesson.

    Before dealing with those other 140 pound sharks, how about a Cruz/Barroso fight – Barroso deserves another chance at 140. I believe Cruz will get more fights at 140, and I am glad the Cruz camp made this move.

    I think Cruz may have the 2nd best chin in the history of boxing. David Tua had a great chin (#1). Marvin Hagler also had a great chin. Three (3) thick neck fighters with great chins.

    • You must be you, E-Man. George Chuvalo had the best chin in boxing history!

      • These are young guys and never heard of George Chuvalo. He was way way before their time.

    • Massive overrating of Pitbull’s chin. It is good but second best in history? Let’s wait a good few years and more tough fights before even going there.

  • Thanks Cruz you won me $1020 for defeating the much glass jaw overrated Rollie

  • Great win by Pitbull Cruz great entrance walkout song by Rolly Romero come out too sung by the band AC/DC.

  • This is the best news in boxing that I’ve heard in a long time. Kudos to Cruz. I have never liked Romero. Romero sounds and looks like an idiot, seems more like a bratty boy, not a man. He was overrated, all hype, and undeserving. I hope he disappears.

  • Rolly Romero is the new amir Khan. He will be able to land another fight because he runs his mouth and his promoter gets him good fights. Khan was able to capitalize on his mouth the latter part of his career to get fights with top guys only to last a few rounds, but collect big pay days. Romero is the second coming of Khan.

    • Khan had actual accomplishments in his career though, Rolly doesn’t and won’t.

      • Other than a silver medal and belt, what? I give credit him for fighting just about anyone, but in reality he had a glass jaw and was exposed by bredis Prescott early in his career. He talked his way into fights. I watched as Crawford stared at him and he showed fear. He never took a fight like that to win just survive.

    • He is Khan and Prince Nasseem, but without their talent. Make no mistake those 2 guys had skills, not the best chins, and way too much mouth.

  • I’m still trying to figure out what Rolly’s strategy to win was. Did he even have a game plan?

  • Rolly tried to bully the bully, and realized in round one he had the wrong fight plan. Didn’t look like Rolly had a Plan B.

  • Great win for Cruz and Rolly was just a mess in there. Maybe the judge that had Rolly ahead was related to Tony Weeks. A dream matchup would be Cruz against Subriel Matias in a unification. That’d be an all-out war and likely a fight of the year candidate. I’d definitely pay to see it.

  • After Haney schools Garcia, run Haney vs. Teo and Cruz vs. Matias, winners face off and the losers face off, two great fights for each guy and career high paydays.

    • I’m not against those fights, but I really want Cruz to get a huge payday and I don’t think Matias does it.
      Now that Cruz is champion maybe it tempts Tank into giving him a rematch. Maybe Loma? Tempt Manny to come down to 140 if he returns?

  • Rolly has been that guy that just believes in himself stays in his lane and let his promoters do their job, the result is him always being in position for becoming a champion so kudos for that.
    As a fighter he has heart and power but everything else is levels below the top guys, he is entertaining but like I said I can’t hate on him even though he is not the champ that will be the top guy in his division
    Pitbull finally got his title and we’ll deserved he needs to really get in the habit of not throwing so many haymakers from so far away, that can end bad for him if his opponent can counter him with and uppercut or a great counter hook
    I do think he will find it difficult to beat a swift fighter that can take his shots though since he comes forward and basically making him a one dimensional fighter, great guy and hope to see him fight again as he is a fan friendly pugil to watch

    • Remember Flores. He is a lawyer connected to a Nevada politician who is a slicker yet equally incompetent – statewide dem politician who also came from this world

      • Flores claims to be a criminal defense atty. most appropriate profession in light of his crime Saturday evening. His political daddy will cover for him

  • Knew it, how did he become World champ anyway, I think I should go for the Olympics then or a Nyc marathon jeesh, gives world boxing champions a bad name!!

  • Rolly did not pay his dues and do the hard work of developing his skill set. His ego got in the way. This was a predictable result and a battle-tested opponent.

  • It was pretty easy to see that Rolly wasn’t nothing but a flash in the pan. He’s all done for. Needs to find a new joby job.

  • hahahahahahahahahahaha Rolly was the most undeserving fake champion ever and he for sure got beat down like a highschool drum on home coming night hahahahahahaha congrats to Pitbull Cruz next up for Cruz? Teaflimo or Matias or Haney???

  • If we never see Rolly again it’ll be a day too soon!! He has officially bypassed the gatekeeper status to Only Club Fights!!

  • Cherry picking gone wrong. Also, what’s up with his voice Rollies voice when he said, happy Easter.

  • Fact is Rolly is another gasbag like Ryan Garcia. They are nowhere near what they pretend to be. Neither guy deserves these high paying showcase fights.

    • Watch as Romero gets another big fight. That guy must have dirt on someone because he is no where near as good as he thinks and PBC.

  • All who humble themselves will be exalt and all who exalt themselves will be humbled. Congrats to Cruz. From day one I was pulling for him and knew he had the tool to win.

  • Cruz totally stomped Big Mouth Romero, who ran and held more than fought, as Pitbull predicted. Cruz is one scary looking dude. I grew up with many Mexican Americans and you want them as your friends not your enemies. Speaking of scary Mexican bruisers, I can’t wait to see David “I’m going to pound you into dust” Benavidez fight again!

  • I don’t find the Cruz victory to be special as rolly is all mouth and no substance.

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