Oscar vs. Belfort NOT an exhibition

The September 11 PPV return of ‘The Golden Boy’ Oscar De La Hoya against former UFC champion Vitor ‘The Phenom’ Belfort will land at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles. The clash will be a professional boxing bout, not an exhibition! PPV price will be $49.99.

Oscar Da La Hoya: “I decided if I was coming back it was for real, none of this exhibition stuff…this is the real deal, a real fight with real knockouts for a real win.”

Vitor Belfort: “I hope I don’t end up killing him but everything is on the table. This is a no holds barred, all out gladiator fight to the bitter end.”

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  • Vitor was a pro boxer at one point and has some of the best hands in mma. This wont be easy….. Oscar out of action for 13 years and almost 50 as well. He wants that 40th win..

  • I believe this is Oscar talking smack to sell tickets for one thing in mind; money! Nope, I am not buying into this… Free replay? Yes, but no buy from me to line Oscar’s pockets.

  • Oscar mad respect for your previous career, but please retire and stay healthy bud

  • Hopefully this is a real fight. Oscar going to kick his ass. MMA fighters don’t have a chance in a boxing match. They look spastic when throwing punches. Hopefully it’s for real n Oscar embarrasses this guy n knocks him out.

  • If it was for reals Oscar would have picked a boxer and not an mma fighter. Also, Oscar’s ultimate goal is to fool everyone into setting up the ultimate super fight between Oscar and Canelo. Any dummies falling for that?

  • Dont like this match for ODH as hes been inactive for over a decade. Belfort is much bigger and has good striking skills.

  • Oscar probably on the wrong end of some of the worst decisions in boxing history hands down obviously was robbed numerous times

    • I agree
      Trinidad could not catch him and Oscar out pointed him…..but never complained after the bad decision

    • Yes I did… was a big fan of both boxers and sweet pea was competitive but lost a not so close decision

  • Oscar lies like a politician. Yeah this is “real”. He’s about to beat up an MMA fight in a BOXING match. As for VB, yeah you’re going to “kill” him. Assuming he’s not on the gas anymore he’s not killing any former boxer in a boxing match.

  • This is what boxing has become. Unfortunately the circus acts often make more business sense than real fights. It’s a really bad sign for boxing’s future. I’m not saying the sport will die, but it could be relegated to good PPVs and circus act PPV’s and fights relegated to low traffic media. We’ve definitely seen boxing’s best days.

    • Colbi: i agree bud. BuT, at least it provides us entertainment and these are fun to watch until the real champs decide to start fighting worthy opponents

  • I can save you all money and tell you how this will play out. Oscar is going to conservatively box him in a boring fight and take a decision.

  • Finally a ppv worth the money after years of junk. If anyone can save boxing its Oscar Oscar turned out more influential than Tyson or Ray Leonard rivals Ali for the most important thing in boxing the last 60 years. Oscar is truly an icon

  • Everything else might be gone on Oscar, but that hook will still be there. Especially at the end of an exchange. If he knew clean, it’s over for sure.

    However, if Vito comes in great shape, he could very well drown oscar in the first round.

    I wonder if they’re testing the fighters. A vito on TRT is VERY different from a Vito that’s off.

    Why not, I’m watching it.

  • Been a boxing fan for decades and the reality is that father time wins every time. But some boxer’s ego’s won’t let them admit that their reflexes, and the rest of their skills don’t ever return to their youthful levels…ever. Any boxing purist, analyst, journalist and writer would agree with this. Surely, even casual fans could see this also. But surely, and sadly, in this time, entertainment and folly are taking the place of a truly honorable sport. Honestly, I have better things to do with $50 than invest it in this circus. Good luck Mr. De La Hoya.

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