Casimero vows to retire Rigondeaux

WBO bantamweight world champion John Riel Casimero previewed his upcoming championship showdown against two-division world champion Guillermo Rigondeaux during a virtual press conference on Wednesday. They clash August 14 live on SHOWTIME from Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Calif.

“I’m so ready for this fight on August 14. Training camp has gone so well and I’m just ready to rumble.

“Nonito Donaire didn’t want to fight me but that’s okay. Donaire is easy for me. Now, I have Rigondeaux and I know he’s very experienced. He’s a two-division world champion and a two-time Olympic Gold Medalist. This will be a great fight.

“Rigondeaux has a much different style from Donaire. I’m actually much more excited to fight Rigondeaux because Donaire is scared of me. I don’t think Rigondeaux is scared. If he’s not scared, he better fight me and not run.

“I want this to be a fight. The fans want this to be a fight. I hope Rigondeaux doesn’t run. If he does, this will be a boring fight. His old fights are no good. All he does is run, run, run. I want the Rigondeaux that doesn’t run, the one that boxes and fights.

“I believe that my work rate will overwhelm Rigondeaux. We put together a nice strategy with my trainer for Rigondeaux. We’ve watched a lot of tape on him. We just hope that the Rigondeaux that fought Nonito Donaire on a bicycle doesn’t show up. We want to see the one we’ve seen recently that comes to fight. I want to excite the people at the Dignity Health Sports Park. It’s a very special place to me because that’s where I won the WBO title. It will be another great fight if Rigondeaux comes to fight.

“When I beat Rigondeaux on August 14, he’s going to retire. He’s finished. Finito!

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  • I have heard many times through the years fighters vowing to do this and that. Some fighters have failed at making their vows while others delivered on their words. Technically, it’s simply a ticket seller or an ego boost to ride the confidence train. Until the bell rings and the fight is over, only then can vowing can be validated.

  • His comments indicate he has concerns about his ability to cut off the ring and land punches on Rigo. Otherwise why spend all of this time with the 3rd grade attempts to make excuses for a poor showing against an ancient Rigo before the fight even happens? Also who falls for this sort of tactic and fights the opponent’s fight to make it easier for them?

  • I always smile when a fighter wants an opponent to not run (ideally). Heck, ideally, I wish for certain things as well, BUT I have back up plans for adjustment purposes.

    Well, when a running opponent is in the ring, a fighter (Casimero) has to find a way to create proper pressure, cut the ring off, work the hooks and body punch until a running opponent gets a flat tire.

    I am sure Casimero and his camp will/should have a game plan for a possible running opponent. I have a feeling Rigo will not move too much in this upcoming solid fight.

  • rigo has slowed down since he fought donaire, rigo is not so crafty as he was before, if I was too put money on this fight it would be John Riel Casimero

  • Rigo has definitely been standing his ground and trading more and more lately. If he continues to fight like that, I think it’s just a matter of time before he catches something big – this might be that fight where it happens. If he does pull it off, however, it will be a massive victory for him.

  • Its final curtain time for the CUBAN olympian. Goodluck Rigo.

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