Oscar, Kingry soap opera erupts

The tension between Golden Boy Promotions and lightweight contender Ryan “Kingry” Garcia continues to ratchet higher and higher. In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Golden Boy CEO Oscar de la Hoya said Garcia’s social media following hasn’t transcended over to boxing.

“It just hasn’t. That’s the bottom line,” said Oscar. “So how do we do that? He has to win a world title. And who knows how to get him there? I do. Don’t listen to all these voices in your ear telling you, ‘Hey, you have 3 million followers, you’re supposed to be getting paid this much.’ Don’t listen to them. Just trust the process and you will get there.”

Garcia responded via social media. “Oscar if you don’t believe in my talents then you can release me elsewhere. Point blank period! If you do [believe in my talents], then come talk to me. Please no more press and public bashing.”

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  • They’re both exactly right, Garcia hasn’t really done anything in the ring to command big paydays. Him opting to not fight Saturday did nothing to silence his critics that say he’s just a YouTube sensation. Fights fall through all the time in boxing and fighters have to switch gears and find a last minute replacement. For him to be unwilling to do so this early in his career shows he’s more concernced about looking good and maintaining a glossy record than taking a chance and proving he’s worthy of the hype. From what I’ve seen, he’s a very talented fighter with a lot of upside, but remains unproven. Garcia is correct to say Oscar should release him. I don’t think he has the heart to make it at the championship level.

    • Kris, I agree with you except on the release statement. This kid signed a contract and then refuses to fight unless his new thought up terms are met. I don’t think he should be released. Golden boy has invested money in him in exchange for him to fight. I think this Garcia kid needs to fight just like all fighters have done before him and honor his contract. I know golden boy is seen as a crook but in this case I think they have every right to hold him up. The kid is being a spoiled brat. He needs to get rid of whomever is whispering in his ear. They obviously do not have his best interest in mind.

  • Gervonta Davis unsatisfactory management issues were, or have been handled in a more professional way than this case. Oscar should release Ryan through a buyout, to end this awful back and forth. Releasing Ryan won’t be a big loss, he is more popular than talented, his run will be short. For his own sake and reputation, Oscar should do it, because the credibility of his company is taking a hit. After this, how many boxers are going to be willing to sign a contract with him, instead of Top Rank, Matchroom Boxing or the others small promotional companies? I truly believe that once Canelo disappears as the mainstream of boxing, Oscar will have two options to get the buck; return to boxing or get a guitar.

    • I don’t know man, I think this kid needs to be taught a lesson and not be released. He should be made to fulfill his contract, take fights without ridiculous amendments or put on the shelf until the contract runs out.

      • Whett, a promoter can’t put a fighter on the shelf, because he can be sued. Boxing is a job and part of the contract stipulates certain number of fights a year, if is for a number of years or number of fights in total. Canelo for instance has 10 to go with Golden Boy.

        • Mikemiguel, you’re right but golden boy does offer and he refuses because he wants to be paid more than he’s worth. As long as they do their part in offering him fights, they can’t make him take it. The way I see it is, if you’re that good, take the fight and prove yourself and show that you are worth more.

  • he was really afraid to fight Duno , he was going to get stop, don’t even think of fighting tank please keep fighting club fighters cause when you do fight a 10 top contender your going down

  • Funny that Garcia says “no more press and public bashing” while he’s the one blasting golden boy on social media. Not defending golden boy but this kid needs to really look at the guy in the mirror.

    • Boxing Fan: I wld tripple like that comment if I could.. lol
      Oscar shld jus feed him Tank. After he gets destroyed, maybe he will shut up and be a good lil boy and stay in his lane lmao

      • Tony, I doubt Ryan will take a fight with tank. If he wouldn’t take a lesser opponent, why would he take someone that good. I’m not in ryan’s Head, but his actions sure seem like he doubted himself.

        • Ryan is not choosing any of his opponents, Oscar is. There’s a science behind turning a talented but mediocre boxer into a cash cow, and Oscar does know how to do just that. Both are greedy, so they run their mouths a little, but at the end they are dependent on each other, and they know it.

          From a business perspective, they both did what they had to do. Boxing is not a sport for these guys, its a great business. They truly deserve each other.

  • this kid needs to be spanked, bring a fighter from Tijuana to do that. He needs to put his feet on the ground. Oscar is right.

  • It’s no secret Floyd has repeatedly shamed Garcia for making pennies under GBP and how TMT’s stable can whoop Ryan on any given day, yet Ryan crawls to Floyd’s B-Day party?! I am surprised Floyd hasn’t been vocal about this Soap Opera!
    Clearly Floyd has gotten to Ryan’s ear on theatrics. After all, Floyd got his way with Top Rank, so he knows a trick or two on getting released but at that point in time Floyd bought himself out, I doubt Ryan has the cash on doing it. Maybe Floyd can lend him a few millions.
    Either way I see Ryan as unproven to make those kind of calls this early in his career. Just like any other job you put your time in and prove yourself to get to make the calls.
    To say that he sold all the tickets is a joke, Mungia was the main event for a reason! This kid needs someone to KTFO off him back to Earth!

    • Alleycat, spot on on the ticket sales comments. My interest was Mungia. Garcia being on the card to me was a good treat at watching an up and comer. Nothing else.

  • This kid is just like every other hype job from the North American boxing establishment. People have been feeding this kid the notion that he’s entitled, and that he already has value while not accomplishing a single thing in a ring other than beating cans.
    Teofimo Lopez is the same kind of brat and so is Devin Haney. Both of them are better fighters than Ryan Garcia, but are the same type of prima donna as he is.

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