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  • Loma will use his ring smarts, angles, and unorthodox counters to steadily take Lopez out of his game plan. Lopez going to rely way too much on his power instead of complex technique to out smart Loma. That being said, as the fight progresses in rounds, Loma will find his niche and frustrate Lopez! Loma on a split decision. Loma is aging, but his style of boxing would frustrate anyone in the ring!

  • The idea is Lomachenko’s beauty execution of his boxing skills should prevail agains Lopez main assets, his youth and power. Fine with me, but I believe Lomachenko’s age, wear and tear of long amateur career it’s showing piece by piece in each of his recent fights and is ready to be taken. If Lopez catch him, especially in the larounds, the fight its over. A 12 rounds veredict should go in Lomachenko’s favor, not mater if the fight is close enough to believe in a win for Lopez.

  • Because Lopez is a natural 135 pounder, I am wondering if Lopez will have a significant weight advantage (10-15 pounds) over Loma on fight night. Lopez’s weight advantage on fight night may play an additional compelling factor for Lopez’s punching power and for Lopez’s punch resistance.

    I am still leaning towards Loma.

    • The heavier Lopez will walk into the ring the worst for him! Loma’s abilities to move swift around and punch from any created angles will make Lopez frustrated and hopeless on founding his power shots on target! I can’t wait to watch this fight but Loma is the winner by far and quitting will be not an embarrassment for any of Loma’s past or future opponents!

  • I am still shocked in this day and age that an up and coming potential superstar would take on a P4P force for what is in reality is peanuts. Can’t even remember the last time this happened. Canelo fought Floyd but it was for a monster payday and there was a very slim chance of him getting ruined. Loma has the ability to make men quit. I commend Lopez and no matter what happens he deserves the utmost respect for this decision. This would be an awesome trend if others had the balls to do this. Free fights between phenomenal talents could lead to mainstream name recognition and huge pay per view cards. So many great fights to be made. Good luck to both of these warriors!

  • Lopez just being young, strong and a power hitter makes this an intriguing fight. But I’ve watched his style and it’s based on catching his opponent by surprise. That may have worked on flat-footed, clumsy and bigger fighters but Lopez is the slower man here. He should find himself befuddled after about three or four rounds. That’s really all it will take for Lopez to have to find something out about himself he’s never known before. Linares was a quick handed combination puncher who never went after Lomachenko, so the counter punches were there for the Venezuelan. Teo is not a combination puncher, and his hands are not as fast as Linares. I see this as an interesting fight early, but not a competitive one as the bout progresses.. As long as Lomachenko’s body holds up he will easily win this fight by wide unanimous decision, and Lopez quitting on his stool would not surprise me one bit.

    • I totally agree with the last comment. Lopez and his dad will be hushed . Loma isdont have it in him to a skilled poised fighter that wears his opponents down , yes to the point where they stop the fight.

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