Moloney targets WBO champ Butler

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

Bantamweight contender Jason Moloney has been elevated to the number one position with the WBC and WBO and has targeted WBO champion Paul Butler.

“ I’d love the Paul Butler fight,” said Moloney. “I respect Paul he’s a very good fighter, but I win that fight every day of the week and the boxing world knows that. If that fight can be made that’s great. I wouldn’t stand in the way of a four-belt unification, of course, I respect the sport, but if Inoue-Butler can’t be made I’ll happily fight Butler next.

“I’ve shown I’ll travel to fight anybody, I fought Emmanuel Rodriguez in Orlando, I fought Inoue in Vegas, it doesn’t bother me, a ring is a ring. If Butler’s team can facilitate the fight and don’t choose to fight Inoue, name the place I’ll be there. If Top Rank facilitates it, I’ll fight on the moon if Bob Arum tells me to. I will be Australia’s next world champion.”

“I’ve been in with Naoya Inoue, he really is a pound-for-pound superstar. Not many people will get near him, even when he moves up in weight. I can’t see anyone beating him right now.

“I am delighted to be ranked at number one in the WBC & WBO and thank you to my team. Tony Tolj, Top Rank, and of course a massive thank you to presidents Mr. Sulaiman of the WBC along with Mr “Paco” Varcarcel for ranking me as their number one bantamweight. It’s a great honor to be ranked number 1 by the WBC & WBO, I’m very excited for what that holds for my future.

“I’m just thinking out loud in saying it is common for a sanctioning body to create another world champion when there is a unified champion who is stepping into those mega fights. If that was the case, I would love to fight for the world title next, but I’ll leave it to my team to make the right moves for me.”

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  • No Moloney, don’t try to make a mess; if a unification happens, there is no reason to create a bogus champion in between. While Inoue still in the 118 division, the future of Moloney won’t that bright

  • Inoue will fight Butler to unify, then he’ll move up and vacate all four belts. 8 different guys will get to fight for the vacant titles, Moloney will be one of them. He’ll get his shot, but no reason Butler and Inoue can’t/shouldn’t fight each other in their next fights.

    • You’re maybe right this time my friend, because Butler is the weakest champion in this weight class.

  • Inoue is the 118lb king everybody knows this and after he KOs Butler he will move up to conquer the 122lb ranks

  • The old trick of going after the weak champion ! That’s the trick Canelo uses every time he is chasing a belt !

  • >