Shields, Collard win in MMA bouts

20210610 Sheilds Vs Elkins 0064
Photo: Professional Fighters League (PFL)

The MMA debut of two-time Olympic gold medalist and three-division boxing world champion Claressa “GWOAT” Shields was a success Thursday at the Ocean Casino Resort in Atlantic City. After losing the first two rounds, Shields stopped Brittany Elkin in round three with a ground-and-pound attack.

Middleweight boxer “Cassius” Clay Collard won a three round split decision over Joilton Lutterbach in an MMA match. Scores were 29-28, 29-28 for Collard, 29-28 for Lutterbach.

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  • Shields did well. All attitude, technique not great though. But she has realistic expectations: she stated it will be a 2-3 year climb to the top.

  • Well, I can tell you this, nobody is as impressed with Clarissa Shields as Clarissa Shields.

    • Why shouldn’t she be? She’s a 3 time gold medalist, world champion boxer and now switching over to MMA. Sounds impressive to me.

      • 2 time gold medalist, Yawn.

        I can see why they call you, Yawn. When you were in school, you were always asleep in class.

      • Exactly! I think it’s just bigots hating on a black woman with the nerve to say she’s great. Ronda Rousey, Conor, Tyson Fury, Billy Joe, Chael. You name it! White guys get to be arrogant and loved by the same folks on here complaining that she’s not humble enough

      • not that hard to do when your fighting soccer moms who took up a boxing aerobics class and wanted a little contact

    • I think Claressa should take all the money she makes, and take a basic reading class. Girl Friend can also benefit from 100 weeks of Charm School Studies.

  • Shields was losing until the end. Fascinating.

    Arrogant Claressa ALMOST Lost The Fight.

  • Claressa, don’t quit your day job.

    GRADE .. C-

    “Cassius” Clay Collard was more impressive.

    • Meanwhile, you’re sitting on your arse watching Young & the Restless. She’s making a hard transition. Its her debut, relax.

      • thats right relax she was fed some one who knew they were going to lose unlike other male boxing champions who fought in MMA who were matched against either champions or top 3 ranked fighters

  • Amazing! She beat a much taller 12 year veteran on mma! What a great fight! I just find it funny how “arrogance “ is ok for some fighters but not others

    • In other words, if you’re black “arrogance” is bad but if you’re white, latino, asian, and all the above you get a pass or its called “confidence”.

      • Hawn I do understand what you are saying, but Shields does cross the line thinking she is better than she is. She calls herself the WGOAT with company like Ann Wolfe and Laila Ali. If she would have fought either when all are in their prime Shields will 0-2. I will give her respect in her MMA debut because she dug deep to pull that win out. She knew she needed a stoppage to win in the 3rd and that is what she did.

        • Cross what line?! Your fragile tolerance for black fighters who market themselves just like other fighters? Give me a break! You guys were entertaining the fantasy that Rousey could beat Floyd! Gthoh! You bigots always want a black fighter to play all humble and quiet while other fighters get to talk crap and you take it in the right way

        • Amanda Serrano is the current P4P womens champion and Lucia Rijker is considered the “Real” GWOAT in Boxing

      • Let’s keep the racist, ghetto shit, to a minimum. Save it for the projects, BUD.

    • OH.. you must be talking about Deontay Wilder… It’s not ok for him either. Don’t worry.

  • Shields is a better BOXER than Ali or Wolfe. Both had better power, but technically not as sound. Shields was very strong and Patient last night.When you put in the work and the time and the effort you have a right to be arrogant. Ali, Norton, Foreman, Robinson, Leonard all were called arrogant at one time or another.

  • I understand that Shields was having her first fight in MMA but to find someone who has a 3and 6 record and is eight years older proves exactly nothing!-She got lucky in round 3 nothing else-no technique whatsoever up to that point-long way to go!

    • Who did you want her to debut with? Amanda Nunes?! She beat a much taller 12 year mma vet in her debut. Stop the bullying

  • I think it’s just bigots hating on a black woman with the nerve to say she’s great. Ronda Rousey, Conor, Tyson Fury, Billy Joe, Chael. You name it! White fighters get to be arrogant and loved by the same folks on here complaining that she’s not humble enough

      • He brings race into every discussion because his screen name is “Noracistsallowed”.
        Using his logic, he shouldn’t be posting on FightNews because he is indeed a racist (check his posts for more info).

  • This is why you have to watch fights yourself and not listen to HATERS. Clarissa was actually solid for making a debut. Of course she has needs for improvements on some areas but she stuffed a take down and didn’t panic when she was on her back.

  • Good for Clarissa! She definitely has work to do and she knows it. She showed great stamina for her first fight. If you’ve never been ridden for two rounds you don’t understand how bad that can drain you but she came out looking great in the third. She sprawled well on some of the takedowns but got a little over excited when she won the position battle and lost position Here excitement and enthusiasm in the interview afterwards was nice to see. II’ll be rooting for her all the way and look fro see her again.

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