Mikey Garcia: I don’t take easy fights

By Miguel Maravilla 

Four-division world champion Mikey Garcia (39-1, 30 KOs), who recently signed a promotional deal with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing USA, returns against former world champion Jessie Vargas (29-2-1, 11 KOs) on February 29 at the Ford Center at The Star in Frisco, Texas live on DAZN.

Photo: Cris Esqueda/Matchroom Boxing USA

“I’m really excited to get back in the ring. A fight with Jessie allows me to bring out the best in me. It’s not an easy fight, I don’t take easy fights,” Garcia said. “We decided on this agreement with Hearn because this is what was best for me and Jessie’s name was mentioned.

“There were talks about a Pacquiao fight but no date. I wanted to return to the ring as soon as possible. I couldn’t wait. Manny was too involved with the politics in his country, so I wasn’t going to wait for him.” Garcia explained. 

Mikey is coming off his first loss, a one-sided decision defeat at the hands of IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence. “That fight didn’t go my way. That’s boxing. What matters is what happens after,” Garcia explained. “There are no regrets. I just wanted the best challenge and I want to fight the best to be remembered as a fighter that took on everybody. That’s how all the greats are remembered.”

This will be the second consecutive fight for Southern California native Garcia in the Dallas area thanks to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. “Jerry Jones was really happy with what we did the last time. He opened the door for us and we are heading back to Texas to fight at the Star,” Garcia said.

With the fight over two months away, Mikey will be working with his father Eduardo along with his brother, former world champion and trainer of the year Robert Garcia at the Garcia Boxing Academy in Riverside, California as they prepare for Vargas.

“Jessie is a great fighter,” Mikey said. “He has fought some of the best. He fought Timothy Bradley, Manny Pacquiao. That speaks volumes of him.

“My father and my brother told me to take an easier fight. Had I picked an easy fight, in the long run it wouldn’t do me any good. I needed a challenge. I have a lot of questions to answer because many are doubting my hunger and desire in the sport. This return will show what kind of fighter I really am.”

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  • Yes, I will agree. Mr. Garcia does put himself in harm’s way in many fights. Garcia stepped up, fought Spence, and took a risky chance. Win or lose, props to Garcia. Maybe some other fighters should take note, step up, and fight some “REAL” fights instead of milking cash off your promotors and treating your boring career like a 401K. You know who you are! Boxing is about fighting, taking big chances, and most of all, attracting fans that support the cause!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Xmas!

  • Mikey should get paid, but he is a beefed up 140 or 135 pounds guy. He should still be able to make 140. I am not sure about the best comment. He hasn’t fought the best besides Spence. Maybe before the Roman Martinez fight (6 years ago), he was fighting some of the best at 126. Mikey should pick up and go train with Buddy McGirt, and see if he can make 140 anymore. Spence should have convinced Mikey he isn’t a for real 147 lbs fighter. Mikey should watch the Mayweather vs Gatti fight, and if he feels he doesn’t have the condition to deal with that version of Mayweather, he should find a trainer that could condition him to be a top 140 lbs fighter. Not seeing it happen anymore for him w/ his brother and dad.

  • I can say in 10 years, I probably wont remember Garcia. He should try and get that Pacman fight or Lomachenko and make some money before he starts to fade.

  • Yes fhe fights are much tougher against the heavier guys. Probably Cant Move down in weight anymore. Too draing, difficult, etc….

  • Mikey Garcia is waste of great talent. Fighting top fighters like Vargas is fine but not with so much inactivity.
    Going up and down in weight classes worries me he will end up like Roy Jones did after his HW title win against the lumbering John Ruiz.
    Mikey’s career is kind of the opposite of Joe Calzaghe who stayed almost his whole career in 1 division and could not get major fights until late in his career. Yeah Calzaghe may have been unlucky to have so few 7 figure fights but he retired undefeated and will be remembered as the GOAT at Super Middle.

  • He is brave, has heart, but his skills are very limited, and he is one dimentional. Not impressed at all. Nor do I see what all the fuss is about. Especially the spence fight which was so one sided i turned it off….

  • Canelo would never fight tough opponents like Mikey Garcia, Canelo fights over the hill underweight fighters.

  • I give Garcia credit for stepping up, but that’s it. I don’t know what he will do after he loses this fight?.

  • Well, as long as you can delude the casuals and keep making a lot of money, I guess that’s all that matters in today’s business of boxing. But, you have done nothing in your career to be called a great. Losing a one-sided decision to the overrated Spence, who lost his last fight to Shawn ‘good but not great’ Porter does not make you a great fighter. Garcia straight up ducked Lomachenko to go up and lose at 147, and everyone knows it who isn’t part of the NABE. Lomachenko will show Garcia what it means to be a truly all-time great when he faces the very dangerous Teofimo Lopez, where the Ukrainian will likely get no credit if he wins.

    • He never ducked Loma. If you followed boxing you’d know that. Garcia was already committed to move up in weight at the time of the Broner fight. He wanted to move up and take bigger challengers and was probably having a hard time making weight. even if Spence is overrated which I feel he is as well, let’s not sit here and say it wasn’t just as big if not bigger of a challenge to move up and fight Spence. They were both at different chapters. Also just saying #Salido.

  • In that picture, Mikey Garcia looks more like Chris Arreola’s little brother than Robert Garcia’s.

    Tough fight for Garcia. Why he is choosing to fight much bigger guys?

    • i always thought the same thing. I think there is a big age difference between Mikey and his brother, so could have different mothers.

      • Rich, not really my mother was 17 when my uncle was born. Them damn Mexicans humpin like rabbits.

  • Mikey is lying about his hunger and desire about boxing. Being the boss of his own father and brother, he is the one that dictates the rhythm and intensity of his training and the consequences of the lack of discipline are reflected on his increasing weight. The first thing a motivated boxer shows is his condition and consistency in his weight, Mikey is nor even close to this.
    Vargas has been chosen because he is a light hitting and kind of part time broadcaster-boxer.
    No doubt I would agree about not taking easy fights if instead Vargas, the chosen were Vergil Ortiz.

  • I think Mikey should go own one division and campaign at junior welter. He is not an elite level fighter at welter but he should still be a major force at junior welter. Then again why not give lightweight one more bash and fight Loma.

  • gotta respect Mikey. He is a throwback fighter and he takes care of himself so he doesn’t need easy fights. Wish I could say the same about Canelo.

  • >