Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul postponed

The July 20 boxing match between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will unfortunately be postponed. During a follow-up consultation on Thursday with medical professionals on his recent ulcer flare-up, the recommendation is for Mike Tyson to do minimal to light training over the next few weeks and then return to full training with no limitations.

MVP Promotions anticipates rescheduling the match later this year at AT&T Stadium, and the new fight date will be announced by next Friday, June 7th.

Mike Tyson: “My body is in better overall shape than it has been since the 1990s and I will be back to my full training schedule soon. Jake Paul, this may have bought you some time, but in the end, you will still be knocked out and out of boxing for good.”

Jake Paul: “My fans know I don’t want to face Iron Mike at anything but his best, but let there be no mistake- when he steps into the ring with me, I will be ready to claim my W with a sensational finish.”

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  • I heard this and was hoping that common sense would set in and they would just cancel the entire idea but…. apparently that’s not going to happen and someone still thinks having a damn near 60 year old fight a damn near 30 year old is a good idea.

    • Well, this ain’t some “almost” 60 year old guy off the streets; THIS is Iron Mike Tyson. Jake Paul will be annihilated IF this is a legit fist fight. We shall see…

      • That’s what they said about Muhammad Ali and Joe Louis as well. Look how that turned out. History tends to repeat itself.

        • Ali & Louis both fought established HW champions or future champions (Louis vs Marciano / Ali vs Holmes + Berbick). Jake Paul, while he has been improving as a boxer, is not HW champion material.

        • Absolutely. No doubt. I am 2 years older than Tyson, so I am familiar with the ravages of the undefeated & undisputed Father Time. However, if the Tyson vs Paul fight is legit, then Mike should get Paul out of there in a round or two. Tyson is a former 2-time HW Champion. Paul is a YouTube creation. Great self-promotion and creating a niche for himself, along with a boatload of money, but as soon as he fights a legitimate & currently active professional boxer, that is not old and retired, he will be convincingly defeated. See Paul vs Fury. (Still, Fury was an inactive boxer). Against Tyson, Paul can run but he can’t hide, even though I expect him to box and move early to test Tyson’s cardio/endurance. Should be interesting. But eventually Paul will get hit by Tyson and the last thing a fighter loses is his natural power. And Iron Mike was born with it 100%. Personally, I want Tyson to knock Paul TF out.

          • Jake Paul doesn’t bother me. I’m actually appreciative of some of the things he’s done, despite the fact that I have very little interest in him as an actual fighter. I particularly like what he’s done for Amanda Serrano. She’s 35 years old and she’s probably made more money in her last handful of fights than the 40ish before them, combined.

            I do agree with you that power is the last thing to go. George Foreman is in his 70’s and even he could probably still do some damage with his absolute best shot (but he would literally need someone to stand right in front of him, with their hands down). However, what will leave and I think it leaves fairly early as you age are your reflexes and the ability to deliver that power and set it up. And MOST IMPORTANTLY, as we saw with Holyfield, like Pete mentioned, what do you do at that age when someone actually hits you back??? The ability to anticipate danger and then do something about it, especially if you’re in the process of attacking – I don’t think a 60 year old man has that. In my opinion, if this is a legitimate fight, Paul will be able to see anything Tyson is doing coming from a mile away and the second he decides to load up and hit him back, it will get really ugly and I still HOPE they don’t do this.

      • Joe Mack- Dont kid yourself, this is the same almost 60 year old that was Ko’d 20 years ago by Danny Williams and Kevind McBride. I thought he looked pretty bad 4 years ago against Roy Jones. He looked great for a 54 year old, but that’s the key. He looks great for a 58 year old, but aesthetically looking great and being able to compete with people 30 years younger are entirely different things. Of course Jake Paul and Mike Tyson are oceans apart as far as skill and instinct for the sport, but in this case youth prevails Micheal Jordan has gotta be close to 60 now. Maybe a little older. He looks to be in pretty good shape for a guy his age. Do you think even if he got in prime shape now he’d be able to run with good college players or G league players?

      • I don’t think so, I’m glad it’s done, I don’t want to see Mike hurt. He’s boxing royalty.

    • I agree Lucie. Even though I am staunch anti-PED individual, I say we make an exception with Mike and let him super charge his entire system. There’s nearly a 30 year age gap, we have to even the playing field somehow. Maybe that’s already in the works. I’m willing to bet a pretty penny that Jake has been doing he same for his fights.

      • You honestly think he’s natural right now? Wow. I have a bridge to sell you.

        • “Wow. I have a bridge to sell you.”
          – Whatchu talkin’ about, Willis?
          – You sellin’ him the Key bridge in Baltimore????

    • I like “The Old Man Down the Road” as much as anyone. I remember they once did the song showing highlights of Foreman in his comeback and it was really cool…at least I thought so. George showed it could be done in your 40s for those who are good at hanging onto their skills. Still it was over before 50. Even Hopkins and Holmes ended in their early 50s. The Holyfield Belfort fight really bothered me. Plus Tyson was actually well past his best years before Paul was even born. I know I have the choice not to watch so I will not complain too much as I will likely watch if it happens. Still…I hope it doesn’t happen. Paul has so much money…I do not see any upside for him in this. If he wins he looks bad, if he loses he looks worse.

    • Dont worry. This “fight” is about as real as a WWE wrestling match . Its sad to see what this”sport ” is evolving to .

    • “Common sense” would tell you, in boxing money talks and everything else walks. The name Mike Tyson will still spark interest from now until the end of time.

  • MVP/Jake Paul are just tying to tie up loose ends to make sure they aren’t held liable if Tyson gets seriously injured. An ulcer should be the least of their concerns at this point.

  • These guys are laughing all the way to the bank after the suckers buy into this scripted stuff.

    • It may sound strange Scoob but part of me hopes you are right and it is scripted.

    • – Call it the way it is, Scoob.
      – Funny how at least two suckers gave your comment the thumbs down……

  • This is absurd and now darn near criminal!! Why, why and why??!! Aside from the money aspect??

  • Dude! It’s Mike Tyson! Heal up champ! Different date but result is the same.

  • “My body is in better overall shape than it has been since the 1990s” – Mike Tyson

    Sure Mike. You said the same thing before getting obliterated by Lennox Lewis. Before your last fight with McBride, you acted as though you could hurt or kill McBride any time you felt like it, but look what happened in that fight. You’re nearly 58 years old now and have “health scares”. You became nauseous and dizzy from an ulcer, what in the hell is going to be the outcome when you get caught flush by one of fake fighter Paul’s haymakers after you run out of gas? I’m not looking forward to this matchup, and hope this spectacle is called off.

    • When Tyson fought Lewis in Memphis, TN he was so doped up on antidepressants that he should have never been allowed to fight. One of the reasons Mike weighed 234 lbs for this fight. How do I know? I was at The Pyramid on June 8, 2002 with the fight doctor and my good friend Dr. David Florence.

  • fake fight , old age famous fighter, fake you tube fighter, ulcer, peds, casual fans, train wreck entertainment, major network work = $$$$$

  • Tyson cant hide from jake paul. He’s getting knocked out again as usual.

  • I still want to kick Jake butt myself so if he wants to fight a fan I’m all in. Jakes 0-1 against boxers and he’s not that good, I might not be able to put him to sleep like Mike would have but I’d swell his eyes up and get the stoppage. I want some cash tho I’m not doing it for free, why should I

    • Sean- I often think that myself and think in my head I’d kick the shit out of Jake Paul! haha. Paul is actually 2-1 against actual boxers. I actually know the last guy he fought, Ryan Bourland. He was a pro Lightheavyweight/Cruiserweight with a 17-2 record and a solid amateur background, and started boxing at a young age. Granted, he was basically a 35 year old club fighter and had only fought once in the past 6 years, but trained just as hard, if not harder than anybody in the sport. Paul knocked him out in the 1st round. If he ko’d a guy like Bourland in 1, I’m sure he’d have no problem crushing any fan that felt he could take him on.

  • What a clown mike tyson has become!!!!!! No chance at all to beat a 27 year old boxer wannabe! Jake paul even though he’s a clown, has the necessary tools to beat an elderly man in mike. Jake is young and hungry for fame at any cost, he trains like a boxer, has the stamina and endurance like a boxer, takes his lil’ boxing experience serious and trust me, he ain’t there to lose and humiliate himself against an old sick man! So, those who actually believe that tyson will knock this clown out, are nutts worst than kanye west and ryan garcia put togheter!

    • Tigre, clown? Come on man, not nice. Tyson is fun to watch to do what he does at his age. I don’t think this “fight” should be happening and I won’t be suckered into buying it but the guy is having fun.

  • is paul really a pro fighter or just a circus act ?

  • People may think they could see vintage Mike but this will not happen. Mike is purely doing it because it makes sense economically. I rather remember Mike for what it was than fighting at 60.

  • This so called fight is a complete joke but what ever generates money goes. Money, Money, Money, Americans are so gullible.

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