Zhang outweighs Wilder by 68.2 pounds

Zhilei Zhang 282.8 vs. Deontay Wilder 214.6

Photo: Mark Robinson / Matchroom Boxing

Filip Hrgovic 247.4 vs. Daniel Dubois 245.8
(IBF interim heavyweight title)
Photo: Mark Robinson / Matchroom Boxing

Dimitry Bivol 175 vs. Malik Zina 174.2
(WBA light heavyweight title)
Photo: Mark Robinson / Matchroom Boxing

Craig “Spider” Richards 174.2 vs. Willy Hutchinson 174
Photo: Mark Robinson / Matchroom Boxing

Hamzah Sheeraz 159.6 vs. Austin “Ammo” Williams 159.4
(WBC middleweight eliminator)
Photo: Mark Robinson / Matchroom Boxing

Ray Ford 125.4 vs. Nick Ball 125.8
(WBA featherweight title)
Photo: Mark Robinson / Matchroom Boxing

Venue: Kingdom Arena, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Promoter: Queensberry, Matchroom

Mike Tyson vs. Jake Paul postponed
World title tripleheader on July 20

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  • Wilder @ 214 is his best weight. Zhang is at a good weight as well. The difference of 68 pounds is crazy.

    • 100% agree with Wilder’s weight being mid teens for peak performance. Hopefully we will get the best-at-whatevers-left of Wilder. If he doesn’t have his legs, it’s curtains once Zhang pins him on the ropes as he doesn’t just headhunt.

  • Was Wilder better with Breland as his trainer vs Scott now as his trainer, he just does not seem to have what he had earlier in his career. A Wilder fan since the Olympics.

    • It could be related to trainer, or he could just be older and less able to get his shots on target in a timely fashion. Or maybe just not the same hunger. Or maybe he was a flawed fighter who has struggled as he’s been in with other top guys. It’s probably a combination of all to some degree.

    • Definitely not the same without Breland. They have a similar build which made training and game plan development easy for Mark. Plus, Mark had an incredible amateur career which helped him focus on the basics with Deontay.

  • Why does DAZN have a price of $69.99 for the Zhang – Wilder fight card and my cable company COX have the Zhang – Wilder fight card for $39.99?

  • Wilder is usually around 212 – 214 which is a good sign but he was 213 against in his loss to Parker who weighed 245. Zhang is coming in slightly lighter at 282 but was 291 in his previous outing. It’ll be interesting to see how Wilder handles the weight difference at this point in his career. Fury was 256 vs Wilder 212.5 (“draw”) and in the second fight Fury 273 and Wilder 230 (TKO loss). According to Wilder’s weight he may lose UD but he’s fighting Big Bang Zhang. Interestingly enough Wilder dropped Fury in the first fight despite 40+ pound weight difference. There are so many variables. I can’t wait to see this one.

  • Oh I hope iam wrong but easy win for Zhang and Wilder announces his retirement!

    • Think Wilder has enough left to take this one but certainly should retire if he does not.

  • Surely Zhang is going to try to bully Wilder and I think it’s a really good plan. Wilder may have the skinniest legs I have ever seen on heavyweight.

    It isn’t comedic staredown that it was against Rey Vargas, but I think everyone he fights is likely significantly taller than Nick Ball. And good for Ford for coming back so soon. The Kholmatov was just three months ago which seems like nothing these days.

  • I am not sure why Wilder thinks coming too light, emphasis on too light is good for him

  • I think Wilder is going to attempt to strike early. He likes to step into his bazooka right hand and will move around Zhang and step in from a distance with bombs. If this doesn’t work – I give it 3 rounds – he is toast. Should be a good one.

  • Wilder needs to test the chin early, if he doesn’t have the same pop or effect like before then he is going have to stay busy until later rounds. I think Zhang tires out and wilder brings down the house. Zhang is similar to Ortiz, but Zhang definitely has more power. If wilder goes to war too early then he loses in my opinion. If he lasts and banks a few of the early rounds, Zhang tires and wilder knocks him out. I hope my pick isn’t just wishful thinking, but I’m staying with Wilder! Now, who’s got the next round, I’m thirsty!

  • I’m actually more interested in Hrgovic-Dubois. They are in their primes and winner ends up IBF champ.

    • Should be a good one. I was surprised that bettors can get better than 2-1 on Dubois. I think Hrgovic will win, but am stunned that it’s such a lopsided line.

  • Shame about the Bivol-Beterbiev fight. Everyone was looking forward to this matchup. I think Dubious takes this by KO mid to late rounds and I think Zhang-Wilder will disappoint. Not because of the winner, but based on how the approaches will be. I doubt this goes to the cards.

  • Seems like there’s gonna be a lot of clinching and leaning to tire him then try to stop him in the later rounds

  • Wilder by early ko, Dubois by early ko,wood by dec. Sheraz by early stoppage. Bivol by dec or late stoppage.

  • Wilder needs to come out like the pre Fury ko’s he’s still a unit & as they reckon the power is the last thing to go he just needs to let his hands go. I’ve a feeling the belts could all become available soon & with that fights with Joshua etc could be big money if he strings a few knockouts together. He can take a punch he needs to play to his strengths. Knocking people out. In my humble opinion.

  • Blessings my name is antionette Davis how are you doing today all u want to know is Can you please tell me if Is Wilder and the other guy going fight tonight or tomorrow?I can’t pronounce his name.Please let me know.Thank you (GOD’S GIFT)

  • Dubuois is young. He is under rated. He was beting Joyce easy until the thumb. He also beat Uzuk until he was ripped off and his will was stolen. While not a “fan”, I respect his willingness to fight the absolute best. The fight the bosses want is Hergovich vs Uzuk.

  • Wilder coming in light is a good sign for him. Most of his career success came at 215. With most heavyweights, coming in light is a sign that they have put in the work at the gym. With 2 notable exceptions: Holyfield and Wilder. These are 2 fighters had to train *UP* to their fighting weight, not *DOWN* to their fighting weight. Their walking-around weight was less than their fighting weight. Holyfield usually bulked up with “help”. But Wilder does look to be in shape and motivated. Wilder was never a good boxer, but has always had exceptional athleticism. He cannot box going backwards (as we saw against king kong ortiz), but his athleticism allowed him to SKIP backwards out of range, and then jump back into range to throw his bombs. Zhang will try to walk Wilder down. If age has finally caught up with Wilder (as opposed to just a bad night against joseph parker), then he will be unable to skip out of Zhang’s way, and will get knocked out. Zhang has a good chin, no head movement, and can take a punch. But can he take 10 hay-makers? Key to this matchup will be whether Wilder’s legs still work. If age has caught up with Wilder and his legs can’t do what he wants them to do, he will be like RJJ when age diminished his athleticism, and then we all discovered that RJJ had a glass jaw. I’m predicting that Wilder’s legs still work well enough to keep him out of trouble, and win a late stoppage or UD.

    • Also, key to Fury defeating Wilder twice was that Wilder allowed Fury to drape himself all over him all night. All 300 pounds of him. Hopefully, Wilder is not dumb enough to grapple with Zhang

  • Maybe wilder could fight for Bridgerweight title at that weight and prolong his career.

    • Gary Pine, that would be a better weight for Wilder but…at this point in his career I don’t know. Look at what happened to Chris bird.

  • Which condiment goes best with a serving of Crow? Mustard? Hot Sauce? All suggestions welcomed.

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