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  • LOL!!! What are those boats Tyson has on his feet??? I’ve never seen shoes that big!

    • Didn’t know that this was a shoe show!!!!! Mike definitely not a show model….helluva fighter though…..

    • You want to see big feet? Check out the shoe canoes Alfonso Ratliff was wearing in his fight against Tyson in ’86.

  • I agree with Tyson but also think that Bivol’s power played a factor as well. Bivol had a very nice one-two for Canelo. Jab and right hand kept catching Canelo all night long.

    • Yes, Bivol’s jab and measuring distance were also keys to his victory. In addition, Bivol’s defense was excellent.

  • Yep. Canelo instead put his hands down and tried slipping punches while going straight back into the ropes with no punches thrown back. This would be a disastrous plan by anyone in any fight. Canelo gave the fight away. Maybe he didn’t have the energy, but regardless, it would have been more effective had he just maintained a solid jab and moved laterally with his hands up. The moment he started trying to just slip punches with his back against the ropes (and not once using it like as a rope a dope or a spring trap) was the moment the fight went to Bivol. Credit to Bivol too who didn’t try and get reckless or over zealous. Bivol didn’t dominate but he won the boxing match.

    • Good analysis. I think Canelo’s face (looked flat affect) and body language in the last half of the fight spoke volumes. Canelo was frustrated realizing his arsenal of punches and game plan was not going his way. In fact, Canelo was gassing out throwing punches in the last few rounds in desperation.

      • I have often said that Canelo rarely jabs. Finally someone showed the discipline to make him pay for that. Not certain if a jab would have won him the fight but he definitely should have used it.

  • Before approaching a major fight at 175, maybe Canelo should have scheduled 2 stay busy fights to physically settle at 175; but it appears Canelo’s confidence (or even arrogance) lead him too far. Well, it probably would not have mattered anyhow because Bivol’s offensive range, defensive style and size will always cause major issues for Canelo – whether physically settled at 175 or not. I hope Canelo skips a rematch for a return to 168.

    Now, if Canelo returns to 168, I wonder if Canelo should schedule one (1) stay busy fight to physically resettle at 168, before dealing with Benavidez or GGG?

    • he had 2 other fights at 175 but he can’t physically settle at 175 cause he needs to fight at 168. once you physically settle, it is hard to lose that weight and you end up losing a lot of muscle. which is why when he does fight at 175, he doesn’t string those fights together. 168 is better for him. 175 he is a tad small in stature even tho he has had great wins at that weight the other champs are just physically stronger and bigger.
      i don’t know how old you are but for us older guys (over 30) once you put on 5lbs and it settles for a month or so, its hard to get it off.

      • I’m 64 and have been a boxing fan since the late 60’s, attending live fights with my father back when there were a LOT more boxers, trainers and boxing matches. Unfortunately, with the current day before weigh in and effort to cut weight and then re-hydrate, it’s pretty difficult to say what weight even means anymore.

        Marvin Hagler was a natural MW and probably walked around at not much more than 160, so if he had moved up to 175 it would have actually meant something. Now most MW’s are actually stepping into the ring as LH’s so I’m not sure how to even judge when fighters “move up” in weight. And with lighter weight classes the distinction is even more murky. Is there really any difference between a 115lb super flyweight and a 118lb bantamweight? Most super flyweights probably are actually featherweights when they step in the ring on fight night.

        • Moving up means nothing with a weight class every three pounds.

          • With day before weigh ins, 7 pounds between 168 and 175 doesn’t mean much either.

    • Canelo has about ran out of opponents he is willing to face.

  • A blue print of how to beat Canelo is on hand now after the Bivol fight. Bivol is smaller than David Benavidez and Jermall Charlo and hit less harder than both men, I expect Canelo to avoid them

    • Bivol is smaller than Charlo? Wow dude, you need to lay off the smack.
      I would also say that Bivol hits as hard if not harder than both of those fighters.

  • The problem is simple: too much golf and silk pajamas/underwear. If he didnt show up to the Valdez fight, the week before, and have all that fun he might have won those other 3 rounds to get the fight in his favor. He became domesticated, wanting to enjoy his celebrity.
    “It’s tough to get out of bed to do roadwork at 5 AM when you’ve been sleeping in silk pajamas.”
    ~Marvin Hagler

  • Bivol said something similar in the post fight interview in the ring.

  • On point..Not using the jab, was quite noticeable…truthfully…was just waiting for Canelo to use those skills that we are accostumed to at the lighter weights…it was ugly ….a power hook, or the check hook that was all that was coming from Canelo….painfully slow…hitting arms and shoulder…Bivol feint the jab …then throw a quick right hand…would have knocked Canelo out….saw Bivol stun Canelo with it in the latter rounds of the fight a few times….Canelo was not unprepared to fight at any level and it showed

  • Canelo has short arms. Where was Mikes jab when he fought Lennox :Lewis or Buster , mike ha short arms……………

    • Short arms or height don’t stop you from jabbing…Can name many short fighters..fighters with short arms… that had a good jab…too many to name…the jab is about timing..have long arms with a snapping jab helps…Mike did have a jab.quick jabs allowing Mike to get on the inside and rip shots to the body and vicious uppercuts…Mike inside of a fighter was trouble….just didn’t see it much cause Mike’s fight didn’t last long

  • I agree with Tyson, however, Canelo had already lost the fight in training by weightlifting. Lifting weights before a fight is like a death wish. It didn’t work for Wilder in his rematches with Fury, and it made Canelo gas out early. Canelo could only throw two thudding shots before backing off for a breather. Weightlifting & boxing are not a good combo!

  • Mike Tyson obviously has a great boxing IQ but Bivol is too skilled not to maximize his reach and movement advantage over Canelo. Rematch will be much worse for Canelo. This fight can be excused as a bad night against a bigger guy but if Bivol gets an easy KO in the rematch that ends the Canelo gravy train.

  • Canelo has no chance of beating Bivol without the judges and I doubt he takes the rematch. Not only the jab but Canelo has not figured out how to beat slick disciplined boxers. Lara, Mayweather etc.. He gets stuck and isn’t able to adjust. I’m more mesmerized by Tyson’s movement. He can still go.

  • so many people keep saying it was Bivols power that did what apparently? this is how you seperate true boxing fans from fan boys Bivols lack of power could not even rock Canelos chin or back him up what we saw was a little guy wear himself out trying to KO the bigger “stronger” opponent it was Bivols strength and size which enabled him to “take” the punishment and fire back Canelo pressed the majority of the fight and only backing up to try and lure Bivol in to a counter attack now in the later rounds Canelo did back up some because he seemed exhausted from dropping bomb after bomb but it was clearly not from some “new found power” of Bivols come on people stop listenting to the ignorant biased commentators and actually try watching the fights and knowing the rules and learn how the judges are taught to score its just that simple and you can do it online lol

  • Why didn`t he do that against Danny Williams and that fat Irishman.

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