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  • Lomachenko is a sore loser that lacks sportsmanship. The great ones never stormed out of the ring, when they lose a fight, stay there. Was he expecting the veredict on his favor after the scared and dreadful way he performed the first 6 rounds? Was he expecting a win after such brutal beating he took in the 12 round? Sorry Lomachenko, but I think you have to consult Oscar for the rematch, I guess.

    • i agree Lomas game plan sucked but Lopez didnt dominate shit and once Loma started fighting he had NO answer this fight was more about Loma NOT fighting early then Lopez doing well

      • Agreed- Loma targeted the left eye once he decided to throw. However rarely attacked the body. Believe the ring rust played a part. Nevertheless- give Lopez all the credit. Did what he had to do to win. Hope he watches the tape and sees how more effective he can be if he takes more chances like he did in the 12th.

      • Boxing Historian, well I guess that’s on Lomachenko. Not Lopez fault if loma only wanted to stay away and block the first 8 rounds. Lopez won and deserved the win. You can’t win if you don’t do “shit” for 8 rounds.

    • Mikemiguel, look at his record. With over 300 wins in the amateurs and only 1 loss coming in what do you expect. The guy only knows how to win.

  • Not a thrill a minute fight, but those guys showed great technique.

    Great boxing and composure by Lopez, thought he won by a few rounds, but scores like 109-119 were way out.

    Thought Loma was coming on from the halfway mark, but Lopez sealed it nicely with the last round.

  • It was great to see the kid show his true boxing skills. The experts all said the only way Lopez could win was by KO. Dad Lopez played a mind game, said his boy would blow Loma out, and then devised a masterful plan which Jr. executed for the first 6 or 7 rounds and then show the heart of a true champion to dominate the 12th. Loma thought his stardom would win him a dance contest, problem was he was in a boxing match…

  • Old school stuff by Lopez. If you use an ‘educated’ jab often, along with great ‘body work’ early, you can be successful and solve any style. Good boxing skills by a ‘knockout artist’. You don’t see that often. If he stays focused, he can defend his belts for many years to come.

  • congrats I was going to bet 1000 on lopez but unfortunately I ran out of money ughh!!

  • It was not an exciting fight for all the hype. Loma did nothing for the first 6 rounds. Can’t win a fight giving away 6 rounds.

  • Let’s be real, Loma boxed a lot bettter the last 6 rounds than Lopez did the first 6 rounds. This is not enough to take a title from a champion! This should have been a Loma win or at least a draw.

    • I disagree with you Tom. Loma Should have done much more the few times he hurt Teo. He waited too long to execute his plan. And the Last Round, was definitely won by Teo.

    • Damn man, your love for the fighter is blinding your ability to properly score the fight. Take off your love goggles and rewatch the fight. Loma got his ass whooped for most of the fight, can’t win if you don’t throw any punches.

    • Tom, loma won’t 3 of the last 6 rounds at most with Teófimo winning the first half. That adds up to more rounds for Lopez. Loma should’ve watched the two Bernard Hopkins-jermain Taylor fights and learned from bernard’s mistake.

    • Tom you are not right in the head , last six rounds? Did you see round 12? If you are a champion, fight like one, dominate the entire fight and don’t leave it to chance that just because you are the amateur champion of the world You will get the nod every time! He obviously didn’t learn from his Salido fight. Not demonstrating champ abilities, don’t deserve the belts.

  • Apparently, me, myself, and I and many others were way off on this one haha. Not only did Loma lose but the fight was almost a snore fest. Congrats to both for stepping up and congrats to Teo for winning the fight. By the way, that Julie Lederman needs to just quit being a judge cause she’s had way off scores in the past including last nights fight. Her father was a way better judge than her.

  • How can’t anyone see the ukraine mafia in this +400 on lopez they made millions show me a champion fighter who only threw 30 total punches through 7 rounds!!!!

  • Great photo work Mikey! These photos will be in the history books. The fight itself is a different story.

  • Give Mr. Lopez his due. He won and did most of what he said would.
    Mr. Lomachenko is an over assessed pugilist. With less than 18 fights in the 12Rounds era, boxing scribes have erroneously made comparisons to 15Round gladiators with over 100. This fight defended those gladiators. This fight gave boxing a clearer picture of Mr. Lomachenko. Even with his walking out post-fight before the interview.

  • The fight was so boring. I hyped this fight and it was embarrassingly boring. The room was so silent when the announcers were talking how skilled Loma is when he isn’t punching. Like he was doing so many thing while doing nothing, yikes. He hasn’t thrown a punch in 2 minutes, simply amazing!!! The sport is dying with the casual fan, in the US anyways. I finally let everyone off the hook and said let’s go out side. There were several audible thank you’s.

  • Lousy fight, lousy judges ( Julie Letterman, a scandal… ). JC Chavez would have beaten both guys, one week apart.

  • Not impressed by Lopez at all, especially that ignorant Brooklyn hip-hop street culture bravado he showed prior to the fight. Lomachenko had been off a year, and the ring rust showed. His strategy gave away too many of the early rounds.

    Far more interested in what Lomachenko does next.

    • Lexus loma is overrated stop praising him into heaven. He already lost two fights in his short pro carreer against good but not elite opponents. His movement is great but he can be solved.

  • Great fight! I see fans say Loma waited to long to start fighting, that if he started off faster he would’ve won easily. People don’t understand that his game plan was to take him in the later rounds where teofimo lacked experience and untested stamina. Had he opened up early he would’ve left himself open to Teo’s power shots when Teófimo was still fresh and strong, risking getting dropped or knocked out. Loma seriously underestimated Teofimo Lopez.

    • Rob, you’re right, his game plan was to take him to the later rounds but the later rounds came and he didn’t pick it up as planned. He waited pretty much until the last 3 rounds. Same thing Bernard Hopkins Did against hermano Taylor. Bernard beat up Taylor the last 3 rounds but the fight is scored per rounds not per beating.

  • Lopez stuck to his game plan well and I’m happy for this kid. I found the fight one sided to be honest Lomachenko just didnt do much and looked old.

  • Anorther black eye for boxing. For one judge to score it 119 lopez thats EVERT rd but 1

    That means they were asleep for rounds 7-11, paid off or incompetent. I’m going to be respectfull and state the latter. With that said their license should be revoked. Incompetent to say the least.

    In the hey day of Boxing you had to TAKE the fight away from the champ, this was not done. I scored it exaclty as Andre Ward did a draw


  • Judges went for sole aggression in their scoring early rds. Loma started defense 1st so he should have at least peppered with numerous jabs to score more rds until 2nd half of the fight when he really did pick it up. His output helped him win the 2nd half rds (not on cards).You NEVER know if judges will go for defensive “ring generalship” over high punch output. Lopez in this case had solid punch output albeit mostly blocks/misses. No argument he was the “aggressor” in 1st half, not “effective” but he was the aggressor, so that equates to rounds won for these judges. Close fight, bad early gameplan- I like both fighters and Lopez is a exceptional fighter for his age. So if he defends outside of Loma rematch he will rack up a lot of wins. I thought Andre W’s card of a “DRAW” was fair/within reason.

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