Luis Ortiz: It was either him or me

By Miguel Maravilla

Cuban heavyweight Luis “King Kong” Ortiz (31-2, 26 KOs) made his way to the post-fight press conference to speak about his knockout defeat to WBC champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder (42-0-1, 41 KOs) of Tuscaloosa, Alabama Saturday night in a rematch at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas headlining the PBC on FOX PPV.

“This is boxing. It was either him or me. The plan was to work, work, work. I stuck to the plan but then got caught. I was effective. Like Wilder says, all he needs is a second. Everyone saw physically and mentally I was ready, but one shot is all it takes,” Ortiz said.

Up on all three scorecards was Ortiz as the judges had it scored 59-55, 59-55, and 58-56 at the time of the stoppage.

“I got caught. I slipped the punch wrong. I’m in shock and disappointed,” the 40-year-old Ortiz stated. “Retirement is out of the picture. I’m going to take out my frustrations on the other heavyweights that want to challenge me,” Ortiz said. “Anyone that thinks I’m old, well step up,”

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  • Ortiz got KO’d as soon as he started loading up on right hands when he was slapping his jab Wilder was clueless.
    Wilder has the best straight right hand power I have ever seen but he should have lost to Fury and Ortiz if they just stuck to the winning plan…

    • Loading up on rights had absolutely nothing to do with it. What had everything to do with it was Ortiz losing concentration for a split second and getting stuck off to one side in a position that didn’t allow him to fluidly slip the punch like he had been doing all night. He was boxing beautifully until that happened and that was really the first time in the whole fight that he was out of position.

      “Loading up on right hands” had absolutely nothing to do with it. Getting out of position and getting stuck off to the side briefly did.

  • I bet a Tyson Fury was watching this fight and thinking Easyyy Moneyyy!!! Fury VS Wilder 2 Next and the winner will be Fury by far

    • You Fury fans are delusional. He will disappoint and make fools of you every time. Fury whole family scared of Wilder

  • Poor ortiz. Such a gallant respectful warrior, and to have been sooooo close. I pity the next 2 fools who fight him. He won’t be able to get a fight to save his life! He is too risky/dangerous.

    • Every knockout loss takes something off the fighter and the Ortiz you saw would not be the same Ortiz in future fights. Once an egg is broken, you can not put it together again. Also, don’t forget his age.

      • I’m 1000% sure Ortiz is older than he says he is, can’t be too hard to fabricate a Cuban birth certificate. He looks to be late 40s

  • Ortiz and Fury are two totally different fighters. Wilder stayed calm and careful with Ortiz because Ortiz has power. Wilder can be less cautious with Fury since he has very little power. The rematch if it happens will be interesting. Fury is going in this time knowing Wilder can hurt him and will react and work a lot different.

    • Derrick, your assessment of Wilder’s aggression with Ortiz is true in my opinion. I did admire Ortiz jumping in there and fighting like he knew this was the last chance he had to beat Wilder. Ortiz went to work and did what he had to do. I would like to see Wilder power up that jab and use it effectively instead of slapping with it as a mild deterrent. Wilder better get more aggressive with Fury in the rematch and win some early rounds to bank in the event Fury makes to the finish with hardly any knockdowns. Fury’s defense is no slouch and he can box very well for a big man.

  • Very very very few people in the history of life comprehend that Mr. Ortiz wrote his own demise in saying pre fight “it’s either him or me being knocked out.” Who speaks negative reaps negative. Mr. Wilder’s final punch was the dessert. Copyright 2019 Coach Hilario

    • Coach, I understood Ortiz’s statement as a show of respect that either guy has the ability to change a fight in seconds with raw power and each opponent knows it. Ortiz’s statement could also inferred that either fighter is willing to take risks to win the grand prize and a knockout is a huge risk with either opponent. Ortiz did what he had to do and I think he went right to work from round one knowing this is the last chance to beat Wilder. I had him winning the majority of the rounds on effective aggressiveness and being busier of the two til the right hand dropped him. Thank you.

    • your comments aren’t exactly poetry coach. Lol, doubt we see any Boxing writers ripping your comments anytime soon.

    • I still say wilder /fury two won’t happen. I don’t think fury wants any part of that howitzer right hand again

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