Big Daddy: Big Baby is just a bully


Former WBA (regular) heavyweight champion and current WBA #9-rated Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne (31-3, 27 KOs) talks about his clash with WBA #10-rated Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller this Saturday at Agenda arena in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

On Training Camp for This Fight:
Everything has been going well! I haven’t worried about my weight for this one because Jarrell is a big boy. So as long as I am fit, that was the main concern. I’ve been in Brisbane doing sparring and pads the last couple of weeks and now we are here.

I trained the same for this fight as I did for the Junior Fa fight, with two things in mind: start faster, because I have always started very slow! And focus on my punching. I know I have power in my right hand; I just have to let it go. I’m not going to be trying to impress people with footwork or movement. F*** it, just punch (laughs).

What He Sees in Jarrell Miller:
He’s just a bully, he just comes forward. There is a constant come-forward! I don’t know if me having the power I have with my big jab if he will able to keep coming forward with me? Is he going to want to? The best thing about that is that I won’t have to go looking for it. This isn’t going to be a game of footwork. This is two silver-backed gorillas coming together to have a fight. I think it will be very entertaining.

How He Sees the Fight Unfolding:
I believe he will come out fast. I was expecting that, so I’m thinking I will do the same. He does lean to his right a lot, and coming from my right hand, he should be. So, it does mean I’m going to have to come up with my left a lot. So, we’ll see how that works out. The jab will be number one. I’m coming with a straight right and start lifting his head up and see where it goes. I’ve also been working a lot on the body, so I want to work his body if I get the chance and just bang, basically.

On the Perception His Career Was Over After a Loss:
I feel very good to be here! Unfortunately, in the Paul Gallen fight, the football player from Australia, I got hit the back of the head five times and I popped my ear drum. It’s not like I got chinned! I was fighting cross-eyed, so they called it off. Fair enough. But, (now) I’m the guy that lost to a footballer. So, in the next one I had a regional belt fight against a decent Australian fighter. I won that one and then it was onto the Junior Fa fight and I knocked him out, and here we are. You really are only as good as your last fight. Fortunately for me, my last fight was a good one!”

What Would a Win Over Miller Mean to Him?
If I win over Miller, it means I’m still here. There were talks about me fighting Daniel Dubois for the WBA Regular, which is great! But the British Boxing Board of Control rejected me because I was too old. This was after the Fa fight. So, I’m thinking ok, judge me off the Gallen loss, fair enough. But I’ve since had two good wins over quality guys.

On Fighting at 43:
My age shouldn’t mean anything. I didn’t start until I was 32 and I haven’t been getting hit in the head since I was 16. I’m in it for as long as I can go, and if people say, ‘you’re too old,’ just because they think I’m too old, that’s wrong. If I was getting hit around the head and getting beaten, 100%, I would get it.

Is His Career Over if He Loses?
No, it just means I’ll get another quick fight and get back on the board. If I do start losing regularly, I’ll give it up. I’m 43. I know this. I’m not stupid. I still want all my faculties in place and everything else. I know I’m on the back end of it (boxing). I know this, but I still want to go out with a bang.

On Life After Boxing:
I’m not sure (laughs). I did Australian Idol. I was on season two. I’ve always liked to go to church and sing. I’m definitely considering acting. I could be a really good bad guy (laughs). I’m always the villain.

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  • Browne started fighting at 32 and he became Champion. Now that’s impressive. Then he knocks out Fa easily. No matter what happens, applause for Browne…

    • Good for Browne still be around. Re Junior Fa – Browne talks about getting hit behind the head in the Gallen fight, he should look at the footage of how he took out Fa.

    • It’s in Dubai so they’re probably not even drug testing them!

      • Dubai wants to be big fight capital and boxers health be damned. UFC is even jucier then pro boxing…

  • Lucas Brown will seriously get hurt in this fight & everyone will was wrong to fight’re DONE LB.

  • Big Daddy seems like a down to earth guy, but I’m predicting Big Baby to win this by six or seven rounds. Maybe even earlier. These nicknames these days have me shaking my head. At least back in the day Riddick Bowe actually backed up his Big Daddy nickname.

    • Riddick was the biggest disappointment in boxing for dumping the belt in trash to avoid facing lennox again.

      He knew he was going to get knocked out again just like in the Olympics.

      Just sad, i have zero respect for him even though he was an incredibly gifted boxer in close for a man his size.

  • I would let these 2 juice through the gills and let them have at it.

  • Browne is actually a pretty cool guy and not some hot tempered meathead. You’ve got to give the guy credit as he started boxing when most people are considered too old for the sport, and he made it to at least the top 10 in his prime.

  • >