Don King inks Adrien Broner

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Four-time former world champion Adrien Broner has teamed up with “Hall of Famer” promoter Don King. Currently campaigning at super lightweight/welterweight (140/147 pounds), Broner has been out of the ring since he fought on February 20, 2021, and won a unanimous decision against Jovanie Santiago at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

“Fantastic boxing excitement is already permeating the boxing atmosphere,” said King.“This phenomenal team-up of superstar exciting bad boy of boxing Adrien Broner and the world’s greatest boxing promoter, will give the people what they want–the best of boxing, and the best boxing excitement… capturing the imagination, the heart, and the mind, stimulating the boxing imagination’s begging the all-important question, when is the next event?

“Adrien is ready and excited to show his championship skills once again for the delight of the great boxing fans. As his proud promoter drops the gauntlet to all the other promoters and challenges them to bring forth their best fighters to (meet) fight super star bad boy of boxing Adrien Broner. Bob Arum, Frank Warren, Al Haymon, Eddie Hearn, and any other promoter with a hot commodity champion, we welcome them all.”

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  • No wonder I am the first to comment! I think we are all speechless!! LOL! If Broner keep eating perhaps he can fight Stiverne too!

    • WTF! Now who does DK put him in with Pete??? Seems fitting doesn’t it: Broner virtually never fights and Don King virtually never promotes a show. He can go ahead and enjoy his one fight once every 18 months.

      • All I know is that if I am Mayorga and I am broke I might go for a jog today!

        • You mean after you put down the bottle and the blunt? I looked it up, there’s a welterweight named Tresean Wiggins who’s last three fights have been on DKP cards, he’s 15-5-3, from New York. I’m going to go ahead and assume that’s Broner’s next fight…. probably around Halloween or so??

          • Maybe he can sign Chavez Jr. while he is at it! Back in the day he (King) was the guy who could take a dead body and make it dance. Remember when Golota had that disaster against Tyson? Yet King managed to get him 3 title shots after that! Heck most people thought he should have gotten the decision over Byrd. But everything has an expiry date and sadly I think the best before date has long past for Broner and King. But maybe that makes them a good fit! LOL!

          • He deserved the decision vs John Ruiz also. He dropped him twice and outboxed Ruiz as Ruiz did his usual “jab, jab grab” for 12 rounds.

      • Don promoted three shows in 10 months including three world title fights. He may not have big stars anymore but he’s not as done as you think.

        • That’s fair and he has been more active recently, but I think it says a lot that, at least as far as I can tell, DKP have done 6 cards over the last five years – including the last three that you mention. You can correct me if I’m wrong, I’m sure you will, but that doesn’t strike me as being particularly consistent anymore, but over that same period of time, Broner has only has 3 fights.

  • Just when you think you’ve seen/heard it all!! I guess there’s a trap door in the rock bottom barrel!!

  • No Shame Promotions in production with DKP presents a special attempt at a money making attraction! AB will compete in a “non specified” # of rounds and weight bout via a opponent to be fleeced and signed at a later date.

  • Its crazy Broner has to go through so much. What a roller coaster career. Hopes he stays in shape and keep motivated

  • This is embarrassing. AB needs to take his money, and get some form of an education. Don King? Really? What a joke.

  • I had thought that AB had signed with another promoter months ago and was awaiting upcoming fights. With this clown his entire career and life has been nothing but a joke. He hasn’t won a fight in quite some time and the fights he had with Pacquio, Porter and Maidana had taken the fight out of him. The dude is gun-shy, loves to holds on and looks pathetic in the process. If this, in fact is true, I hope that King is ready to have a loser in his stable and for AB, he should hope and pray that King pays him when he loses OR WINS.. When 2 BOZOS team up together what can we expect but pure chaos.. I love the game but some characters in it, are a disgrace to the game.

  • It’s just great fun having Don ‘Only In America’ King still on the boxing scene and hearing his superlatively, objectively brilliant adjectives spilling forth!!
    Ok, he is not the force he once was but, for those spoilt by the 80’s and 90’s, BOXING IS DYING, LONG LIVE THE KING!!

  • If Don gave him a sign in bonus as shown in the picture, and “if” then Broner will pay that back in fees.
    Also, I wonder why AB wants to be promoted by DK, if most of the top promoters are avoiding him.

    • I remember a few weeks ago hearing Broner literally bragging that BLK Prime was paying him great money to fight not so great opposition and how PBC/Showtime told him that in order to make that much, he would have to fight “King Kong”. If Don can’t work with anyone else and feeds him nothing but cans, that’s just fine with Adrien Broner.

      • I read the same thing, I was wondering what happened with that…
        Recently I saw a DK boxing card, it was nothing like the old days in terms of quality, I found the event awful and amateurish…

  • Broner is all done and over! He’ll be 34 when he gets back after a 2 plus year layoff. #overanddone

  • That makes sense. The world’s most shadiest promoter and the world’s most dipshit boxer.

  • I’ve been to several Don King shows over the years. I miss his stacked cards. Neither Top Rank nor PBC have ever had stacked cards like a Don King production!

  • Let’s all be real. Everyone on this site commenting is taking that money on that table regardless hoe crooked we may think Don King is. Lol

  • Some people don’t even get a second chance but there are some like my self who happens to be blessed to get a third or fourth . I hope he gets the picture name .

  • Don is going to finish off Broner. He’ll get him one or two safe fights to build his stock and them BAM, mugs 80% of the purse on the third.

  • how any commenter can support Don King is difficult to understand. Anyone who knows how he used ignorant, not stupid, Mike Tyson and what he did to Tim Witherspoon, knows King is a common criminal. If you don’t know about this and what he did and how hs used other fighters you should not comment

  • To get inked by King is a sure sign of desperation. Was there no one else to go to?

  • I think its a good move. They can help one another make some money. Treshawn Wiggins signed with Don and got an NABA WBA belt and is now in the top 10. Its worked out well for him. Why not Broner?

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