Lomachenko ready to resume career

Loma La
Photo: Mikey Williams/Top Rank
ESPN, the network Lomachenko’s promoter Top Rank is aligned with, has announced that Loma’s comeback fight will likely be in October against Jamaine Ortiz (16-0-1, 8 KOs), who is best known for defeating Jamel Herring in May.

Former three-division world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko (16-2, 11 KOs) arrived at Los Angeles International Airport earlier this afternoon. After spending several months serving with the Belgorod-Dnestrovsky Territorial Defense Battalion in his native Ukraine, Loma is ready to resume his boxing career and will return to the ring later this year against a to-be-determined opponent.

“I pray every day for Ukraine, for the people…. and stop the war. When I came back to Ukraine, I believe it was the second day of war. Your mind changes because you see a different life. It’s a different life. Nobody knows what happened on this day. It’s very bad. It’s very bad for the world,” Lomachenko said. “I’ve prepared for this moment, and I need this chance. I need this fight… undisputed. Undisputed world champion.”

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  • Welcome home CHAMP! The world and specifically your country is a better place because of people like yourself!!!!! Americans take note; Country before political parties

    • Don’t understand what is it that you mean? If I take it literally, it sounds like you’re disregarding what our men and women in the service are doing for this country.

  • Mad respect to you Loma, and the Klitschko brothers etc. for standing up for your country. Welcome back to the ring much success to you brother

    • Zelensky is a fraud, Ukraine is racist; Google the Azov legion they are pro nazi & hate non white people. Lomachenko is scared to fight Gervonta Davis because he doesn’t want to get KTFO by a black man!

  • Sounds logical; a tune-up first, then a fight against Haney for all the belts. Should be a good one!

    • Right, and now after years of the fans asking what has Haney done to deserve a fight. The same fans want a guy that sat out supposedly playing “Saving Private Ryan” to now should jump to the top. This is blatant bias if I ever seen it. He gave up his title and hid behind a fake franchise title but you want him to fight for undisputed?.

  • I always felt that he was overrated, I always believe an elite boxer will hand it to him and hand it to him very well, so we will see who he chooses to fight for tune up. But hopefully he fights someone in the top three or for belt very quickly. And find someone with the belt not a paper belt.

    • It’s because he’s white, he jumps the queue. Bob arum even said he’s a better boxer than Ali after like 4 fights.

      • Racism is everywhere! It’s under every rock and around every corner! Blah blah blah! Maybe he’s taken seriously because he was the best amateur ever and tied the record for how fast he won a professional title and broke the record for how fast he won three titles.

      • Bob said that? Where? I gots to read me some of that. All lies. You misquote Bob, by a mile. Bod did say something about Ali but not what you’re saying. You can’t get that right, means you know nothing about Loma.

      • Bob is saying that because Lomachenko doesn’t sale out arenas. He’s trying to hype him up. If Arum said pigs can fly would you believe him. Does anyone REALLY believe Lomachenko is better than Ali? Hell no. He’s not even better than Orlando Saliado apparently. Arum is a salesman he’s suppose to say what he is saying.

      • He did fight for a professional world title in his 2nd fight. Beat Gary Russell Jr, made Rigo quit, beat Linares, Pedraza. Oh yeah, it’s because he is white? Sounds like BLM thinking.

      • Brother, you need to give it up. Turn off the TV and enjoy life. Contrary to your tell-a-vision, the world does NOT revolve around racial issues. What century have you reverted to? If a man cannot think and act without external influence, he is then a slave.

        We come to enjoy fights and conversations about fights, which at times include dumping on promotores. There are hundreds of outlets where you can address these issues with like-minded people/robots.

        I, and I’m sure sure the vast majority feels the same, do not care to propigate hatred of any kind here.

    • An elite boxer? Like who? Haney, Tank, Shakur? Which one? Are they elite enough for you? Was the Ax Man elite enough for you? Was Rigo? Just wondering who he needs to beat where you’ll get off your racist high horse and start giving him some cred.

    • Please do not allow political agendas cloud the efforts of our mean and women in our military. They’ve proven in numerous occasions how much they care for this country and its borders.

  • Lomachenko’s return will help to rejuvenate the fading 135 division, that no longer has Ryan Garcia and Teofimo Lopez. A tune up fight against a credible opponent and upon success, the mega fight against Haney or Gervonta Davis, also we can include Isaac Cruz and Shakur Stevenson

    • How? His return will do nothing for the division unless he’s fighting Haney whom he dodged when Haney was his mandatory. (I’m not making it up, that actually happened). Davis is 28 and associated with Floyd so discard concerning fighting a top guy. Stevenson is in another division so he doesn’t count. Issac Cruz vs Lomachenko would be interesting. The only one who wants the smoke is Haney. He’s the one guy who is calling everyone out and willing to take paycuts. If Lomachenko isn’t calling him out than he’s just another elite boxer filling up the division fighting dudes nobody cares about. We’ll see.

  • Lomachenko is too overhyped. He’s a ‘great white hope’ of this era. Promoters are scared to match him up with tank Davis because they know he will get f*cked up & disprove the theory of the Aryan master race.

    • Wow the racists are out today!

      Loma is one of the best boxers on the planet. He went up beyond his natural weight and still won titles.

      If you choose not to see skill because you hate his white color then that is a you problem.

      You sound exactly like the floyd haters. Reverse racism at its finest.

    • Peace and love from your white brother up in Canada. Ps lomachenco is a very good fighter. It’s his promoters job to hype him up.

    • Loma is the great white hope because you can’t handle it. He asked for Tank since Tank was at 130. Tank ran. Didn’t jog. Didn’t walk. Ran. The great white hope. You wouldn’t know talent if it hit you on the nose.

  • box boxer. the “war” is obama and nazis proxy war. stop with the ukraine shit and fight.

  • The UKraine war is a Hollywood production.
    Zelensky is a fraud, He a member of Klaus Schwab’s WEF.

    • Dan.. people here are COMPLETELY braindead. They don’t want to hear anything but “muh boxing”. the watch the news and are happy to see their tax dollars fund Ukraine(which is literally ground zero for the most corrupt places in the world).

  • The stupidity on this board knows no bounds today!

    Lomachenko is a fantastic boxer.

    And If I’m Loma’s camp I would accept a fight against tank no problem. Loma will box circles around tank. Easy money.

  • This is perfect timing to have Haney and Loma both fight in October. After Haney beats Kam and if Loma beats this guy, they can meet up in December of 2022 or early 2023.

  • I’m just happy Loma will be fighting again. Can’t wait for his first fight back!

  • Loma should stay out of boxing. They played into the political hype box. Be a soldier now Loma… Go fight the war against the country you still belong to(Russia).

  • >