Lomachenko, Kambosos make weight

Photos: Sumio Yamada

Vasyl Lomachenko 135 vs. George Kambosos 134.25
(IBF lightweight title)
Loma Kambososimg 7434

Andrew Moloney 114.5 vs. Pedro Guevara 115
(WBC interim super flyweight)
Loma Kambososimg 7217

Nina Hughes 117.5 vs. Cherneka Johnson 116.75
(WBA female bantamweight title)
Loma Kambososimg 7262

Lucas Browne 272.1 vs. Hemi Ahio 238.6
Joseph Goodall 240.8 vs. Faiga Opelu 232.6
Imam Khataev 177.2 vs. Ricards Bolotniks 177

Venue: RAC Arena, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Promoter: DiBella Entertainment


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    • Killa, I think we’re getting one. Loma by stoppage late. Lomachenko will make a statement.

      • I hope Loma doesn’t start slow like he did with lopez and Ortiz, Peter. I don’t think kambosos brings that type of fight because he tends to fight the same way. Forward and at times a bit wild. I believe Loma will pick him apart and score at least one knockdown. Kambosos is tough, so I want to see a knockout, but don’t think it happens. Loma cruises to a dominating unanimous decision. Final answer!

  • Always great to see fighters make weight (Loma & Kambosos). I used to believe making weight was an automatic process for professional boxers but nowadays…weeeeelll, I guess it depends on a fighter’s intention(s).

    • True statement. In any other occupation, well except maybe politicians, if you fail on something expected there are real consequences. Yes, he was fined, but he still got to fight.

  • Kambosos looked a tad bit parched. Lomachenko looks like he made weight a little too easy. I forget that he’s coming up from featherweight, which was his natural weight. If the weight drain doesn’t affect Kambosos, we should have a decent fight until Loma breaks down the data he pulled from that long @$$ stare-down.

    I had said easy UD for Lomachenko after a flash knockdown, but after the weigh-in and State down reaction from Kambosos, I’m going with Lomachenko tko either 10th or 11th round and keeping the early flash knockdown. George comes in the front door only and Vasily is way too wise for that. Side step, pop-pop, turn pop, jab, out the way all fight long.

    That’s my final answer. LOL!!

    Happy Friday and a happy early Mother’s Day to everyone here and your moms, sisters, wives etc.

    • Kambosos was struggling to speak when he was immediately interviewed after the weigh in . He was very dehydrated

    • Peter, great comments. I am picking Loma with a UD. Kambosos’ problem is he gets way too confident in himself and tends to get one-dimensional in his offense as the fight progresses. Loma’s skill level is on higher level.

      • Thanks Scoob. Well, you hit the nail on the head by calling out the one-dementionality(if that’s a word).

  • Kamboso’s attitude and aggressive demeanour don’t match what he brings to the table on fight night, and Lomachenko, a true professional, will never be intimidated or disturbed by that. I expect a very enthusiastic Kambosos the first 2 rounds to turn into a frustrated punching bag with the referee or his corner stopping the fight around the 10th or before if Lomachenko tries harder.

    • Yes, Kambosos is a better ticket seller with his trash talk than his overall boxing skills.

  • I initially figured a tko for Loma as well. But I’m changing my prediction to a split decision.

    Loma has lost some speed and stamina and Kambosos is the bigger younger guy fighting at home.

    I think it will be tough on Loma for the first 4 rds until he adjusts and then starts to pick kam apart but Loma will still be lucky to escape the hometown judging with a split decision! I would not be surprised if a draw gets announced either.

    I do think that Loma will realize it is time to walk away from the sport after a tougher than expected fight tho.

    It will probably take a few months for him to announce his official retirement, but he knows he’s maxed out and the younger guys are just too big as they pass thru 135 on their way to welterweight or more. .

    • Steve, I believe Lomachenko has in mind two things that will make him fight at his best: the bitter loss to Haney and the perspective of a mega fight with Tank or Shakur before hanging them out. So, why leave this fight in the judges hands in an even more hostile territory?

      • I’m not so sure that Loma is looking for fights against Tank or Shakur. Tank has passed on the Loma fight for more than 5 years so I think Loma has given up hope there. He’s already turned down a Shakur fight. He wasn’t interested in fighting Shakur for the vacant WBC title. Not mention that fight doesn’t get made if Shakur doesn’t re-up with TR for at least 3 fights.

  • Canelo whoops Benavides easily. Benavides does not have a chin. He hasn’t fought the quality opponents Canelo has.

    • This is kambosos vs lomachenko article you boofhead what this got to do with Canelo vs Benavidez at least these two fighters fight anybody put in front of them with no excuses regardless if you a supporting Lomachenko or Kambosos.

        • Canelo is a beef eater and he is on a farewell tour. Bivol kicked his ass and Canelo chickened out on a rematch. Canelo’s legacy: Never truly beat a real champ in their prime. Old Mayweather: lost. GGG 1 and 2: lost. Bivol: lost. Not even mentioning a close fight with Lara. Best wins: Old GGG, old Cotto, old Kovalev, Caleb Plant, BJS. C’mon. Canelo is a marketing hype job. He’s lucky he’s a white Mexican or he would be another Yori Boy Campas.

  • Kambosos by Dec
    Chernenka is hot
    60/40 moloney to win but I won’t be surprised if pedrin pull off a victory

    • No, Carlos. Loma wins easy peasy! How could you go against nomaschenko?

      • Yea loma is a great great fighter but he is not the same
        If loma would be 6 years younger loma would be sweep the ring with kamboso
        But I hope im wrong
        I like loma and matrix reloaded boxing Style
        He is inside/inner boxer

        One of the greatest all times
        And the best olímpic ever

  • Go Kamabosos hopefully prove the doubters wrong like against Lopez hopefully be a great fight or a 12 round war.

  • Kambosos to get schooled once again, minimal effort produces minimal results. Loma in 12 easy rounds.

  • George managed to rattle Teo Lopez but I don’t see him doing the same to Loma. I would like to see Loma fight with more urgency and get a KO if its there for the taking.

  • I hope and think Loma will take it, I see him as superiour when it comes to skill, that he will manage to get in close, while his fighting on the inside Kambosos will have a hard time with Lomas speed, footwork and angles.

    I agree with that Loma has lost in speed, because of his gain in weight, and with that some of his best qualities as a fighter.

    Loma is still brilliant but Kambosos mustn´t not be underrated.

    If Loma follow his rather bad habit with a slow start and that he gives away a couple of rounds, Kambosos confidence might soar, which can be a problem even for a fighter like Loma.

    I wish Loma goes out and make a positive statement of some sort.

  • I am not a fan of none of these 2, but o am 1000% certain that if by some miracle the Aussie wins, as usual the excuses would have a field day, be so certain.

    • The only excuse in this fight for Loma is if Australia judges steal it from him just like they did in Vegas with Haney. Bottom line. If kambosos goes out and takes the fight to him then he will be the better man. No excuses needed, we don’t live in your world.

  • loma the winner may need a stoppage this fight isin kabossas home land

  • Lona shouldn’t have a problem dispatching kambo within the first 6. If lona struggles baddly and or loses thmis fight, he will need to retire! Kambo is a weak fighter and it should not represent a threat to loma.

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