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  • Floyd should quit beating up these sideshow acts, thats the only thing I hope he quits.

    • Give him a break he’s 44 yers old and it’s an exhibition, people hate Floyd so much and never gave him the credit he deserved when he was an active fighter. If y’all not fans of the exhibitions don’t support it by not watching them and stop complaining. Funny how everyone complains about who Floyd fights but Canelo and Pacquiao both wanted to fight McGregor after Floyd beat him.

  • I wonder what is going on with mankind when I see / hear this sort of nonsense. I rarely follow boxing nowadays.

  • I will NOT pay to watch this, but I hope Paul falls to the ground and CRIES.

  • the trainer for the true side of this circus act
    I’m surprised he is not in a clowns costume with his commentary

  • Logan Paul’s trainer on a delusional kick to jump on the confidence train. Give it up! Wake me up when it’s over.

  • lolol. is Paul planning on biting his ear off?
    or worse? lol ridiculous
    its not a real fight. its an exhibition.
    paul is so great now, in one year lol
    this trainer lolol

  • I know Floyd is on another level and based on the weigh in he has trained hard, but there is a what if. Logan is 35 pounds heavier and thats not just fat. Hes taller, younger and has reach. In the HW division thats not an issue, but when Floyd is 155 pounds a 35 pound disadvantage can be huge. When I would spar with black belts who were a lot smaller nothing they did mattered. I would stay in the pocket and absorb the kicks and punches because I was so much larger. Logan has 8 rounds to land one solid shot that could change everything and hes not going to have to worry about a counter punch. Check hooks, uppercuts and straight punches do little when you are punching up at a larger target. This doesnt mean Floyd wont wait for him to gas out and then land something, but there is no risk for Logan. We all expect Floyd to win so anything he does will be a surprise and if he rushes him, smothers him and just punches away the odds are in Logans favor. For a side show the only thing that makes this interesting is that Floyd is fighting a guy so much larger than himself.

  • Well, the coach said Floyd would quit.
    People call themselves experts but they let their emotions take over. He was telling us what he wished would happen.

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