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Lara destroys LaManna for WBA middle title

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Photo: Frank Micelotta/FOX Sports

By Miguel Maravilla

WBA super welterweight champion Erislandy “The American Dream” Lara (28-3-3, 16 KOs) won his third title in a second weight class when he knocked out Thomas “Cornflake” LaManna (30-5-1, 12 KOs) in the first round to claim the vacant WBA middleweight title on Saturday night at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. Lara, 38, shot an overhead left through LaManna’s guard to lay him out and he was done. The referee immediately stopped the fight. Lara needed just 80 seconds to end the fight.

“He said at the press conference that he was going to knock me out, but he ran right into that punch,” said Lara. “Maybe he was overthinking it all along.”

“I felt strong and sharp tonight at middleweight, but I still want all of the big fights at 154-pounds too. I want the winner of the Jermell Charlo-Brian Castaño unification fight. (WBC middleweight champion) Jermall Charlo is like family, we worked in the same gym for years, but this is a sport and I’d welcome the challenge.

“I feel great physically. I’m going to keep doing this until my body tells me I can’t do it anymore. I don’t feel like I’ve taken a lot of punishment in my career and I know I have at least another three years of my prime left.”


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  • Didn’t think it would be the first round, but I’m not surprised. Lamanna’s gone 2-2 in his last 4, lost 2 fights just last year, including once by ko to someone fighting on this same card….. but the WBA puts him in a title fight. Okie dokie.

  • If this guy could fight for a title without earning it i should go to the Olympics, or a world championships!!!

  • Let’s see a Charlo face this guy. Will not happen only Canelo takes shots like that. Charlos have faced nobody significant. Best fight big Charlo Fought was a GGG loser. They deserve nothing.

    • Has Lara face and beat anyone noteworthy?
      UH, NOPE!!!

      He had better kiss that strap goodbye!!!!

      • Lara beat Canelo out pointed him. His face was bloody. Canelo got out boxed that night. Canelo can’t lose to much money involved. Canelo has to be knocked out for him to lose. They wouldn’t let Lara Fu*k Canelo’s money making machine up.

  • Feel sorry for past fighters that never got a world title shot despite the quality opponents they have beaten or faced!!!

  • Been saying it all along, LaManna getting a title shot was an absolute disgrace to the sport. Worse than Mike Lee and that was really bad. Zero wins agains any good fighters and some bad losses to boot. Lara is a good JR MIDDLEWEIGHT not known for his power and he starched him in 1. There were 2 TITLE fights today where the underdog’s odds of winning were less than Logan Paul vs Mayweather. And he has no shot. Boxing needs an overhaul.

    • Thats the problem with the sport today its all about who you know!! And who can pad there record ,tight circle I m a ex pro my self would of love to have match making like some of these guys get . Then when they finally fight someone they get exposed

  • Lamanna was in over his head against the former champ Lara and extended his hands out and was wide open for Lara’s left on the chin and it was over. Lamanna is a well liked Jersey boxer but got hit once and it was over.

  • Put Lara in there against Murata and stop wasting time. Murata, in absence of any health issues and/or family issues, get in the ring against Lara and please stop holding the belt with inactivity.

  • Lara says his first defense is against Clay Collard, then he’s taking aim at “The Man” Anthony Mundine because he wants to fight the best.

  • I did say Lara in 2! but i knew it would be easy game come first round.
    This does nothing for Lara but give him a belt to leaver Charlo or GGG into a fight. Maybe he can fight Boo Boo in the most boring fight of the year.

  • Good grief on a Saturday evening when your competing against a ufc fight night and this is the main event? A terrible one sided blowout? The first fight was solid if short but we need boxing to do better than this. Even if the card is a lead in to the PPV, knowing we are competing against rival combat sports programs put on a solid main event not this farce. We grow our base with good matches!

  • Lara is the Jamie Moyer of Pro Boxing.Effective, Workmanlike, nothing fancy schmancy

  • Lama a is from my hometown of Millville NJ same town that Mike Trout hails from. That being said…. how the fuck did Cornflake even get a shot at a title? It’s absurd. And then to go out there and get blasted out in 80 seconds. The fact that he was even in this fight and on this card is what is ruining boxing. But somehow like crack cocaine… I keep coming back to watch more. Fucking Boxing dude.

  • Scary moment,glad Cornflake got up.This was poor matchmaking lucky he wasn’t killed,Lamanna was way in over his head.Thanks for giving ur best,but time to consider another career

  • hhhmm #6 ranked fighter fights a superwelterweight for a title that already has a champion? what am i missing here?

  • I’ve said it before. I’ve heard the “experts” tell me I’m wrong. I used to box; I know the game. I knew Holyfield would beat Tyson the day after I watched Hoyfield beat Dwight Braxton. You know that Dwight Qawi,who was rolling guys up like fruit wraps and I made money on both Holyfield/Tyson fights
    I’ve watched Erislandy Lara since the get go;he should be undefeated. He got robbed by Williams,Canelo and Hurd. Yes,Hurd even with the knockdown and he absolutely exposed Paul Williams.
    He’s one of the slickest smartest most adaptive boxers Ive ever seen.
    If anybody wants to watch a true champion,come off the mat twice and with pure heart and determination impose his will on another champion and win the fight,watch Lara vs Angelo. One of the best fights ever,IMO
    He is the only boxer that I think could have beaten FMJ when they were in their primes.
    Lara ain’t done. He ain’t done

    • Lara definitely took a terrible beat decision wise against Williams. That was ridiculous. But he also got a gift draw against Carlos Molina. I was at that fight. He was way off, maybe he was sick or something but he lost 7 rounds. The other fights you mentioned were close. Lara gets lackadaisical at times and it costs him. He should know he has to do more against the house fighter. As far as boxing abilities and talent he’s near the top of the heap for sure. Hope he has success at MW. I think he can beat anyone there if he’s on his game.

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