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Lara crushes Canelo’s brother to regain WBA title

Former world champion Erislandy “The American Dream” Lara (26-3-3, 15 KOs) regained the vacant WBA super welterweight title with a second round demolition of Ramon “Inocente” Alvarez (28-8-3, 16 KOs) on Saturday night at The Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In round two, Lara blasted Alvarez into the ropes and Alvarez was given a count. The bout was waved off moments later on Lara’s follow-up barrage. Time was 2:03.

Lara Alvarez
Photo: Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

Only Lara was eligible to win the title after Alvarez weighed 4.6 pounds over the weight limit. Alvarez came into the ring tonight at 177 lbs., Lara at 169.

Lara gained a measure of revenge against the Alvarez family, as Alvarez’ younger brother “Canelo” Alvarez scored a controversial split decision over him in 2014.

Lr Tgb Fight Night Erislandy Lara Wins Trappfotos August312019 2928
Photo: Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

“Having this belt back on my shoulder feels great,” said Lara. “It means the world to be champion again. I felt like in my past fights I didn’t lose, and that stings a bit, but to come back and win the title feels great. I’m back.”

Lr Tgb Fight Night Lara Vs Alvarez Trappfotos August312019 2837
Photo: Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

“Once I had him against the ropes, I knew I had it won and I didn’t want to give him another power punch to hurt him,” continued Lara. “We expected him to be a little more durable. I thought it was a good stoppage. I hurt him with a lot of shots before I put him down the first time. I hit him real flush with one and I would have gone in for the kill. It was a great job by the referee.”

Lr Tgb Fight Night Lara Vs Alvarez Trappfotos August312019 2781
Photo: Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

Alvarez didn’t disagree with the timing of the stoppage saying, “I respect the referee’s decision. I’m going to keep working. It is what it is. I fell down, but I will get up again.”

Lara went on to say, “I’ll fight anyone in the division. I do want to fight the best boxers out there in the division, or go up or down a division to fight Errol Spence Jr. or rematch Canelo Alvarez.”

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  • ha ha canelo will want a fight again with lara for sure i think lara beat him the first fight so this would be an epic fight cause canelo will come to take lara head off

    • Please canelo lost that fight and will lose again after floyd and losing to lara canelo like ggg wont fight athletic smart black boxers so you will be waiting how long has canelo and ggg ran from charlo and boo boo? For years !

      • Canelo beat Lara close. STFU with your smart, athletic, black guy comments. Canelo and GGG will eat up and demolish Charlo like they both did to Jacobs. I see Boo Boo giving them a tough match because he is a great boxer.

    • I actually had Lara beating Canelo in their fight, then I saw the fight the second time and I saw Lara running and could see Canelo winning by being the aggressor

    • Fox and PBC tried to bamboozle the casuals by selling it as Lara vs. The right Alvarez for a title. Then delusional Lara took it to another level by claiming this would avenge his loss to Canelo. This showcase was a terrible idea. Alvarez was never more than a journeyman.

  • seriously, the one and only reason to match Ramon, a journeyman, in against a world class fighter like Lara ( let alone make it a televised main event ), would be to goad Canelo into possibly accepting a rematch with Lara ~ which would be a compelling fight given how close the first fight was.

    • Canelo lost and wont ever fight lara or any slick black fighter floyd lara boo boo even charlo he avoids them allat any cost

      • Canelo is the highest paid athlete in sports. He doesnt need to fight Lara. The harsh reality is that leeches like Lara’s claim of fame is loosing to Canelo. He claimed he got robbed and has been crying ever since. The Charlos are a joke who have never beaten any one. Now that Canelo moved up to 168 Charlo can fight Andre boboo or whatever his name is. About time they loosers fight each other and stop cherry picking.

        • I agree, why can’t these guy s fight each other then the Canelo fight has more meaning.

  • Laura definitely beat Cinnamon hands down but Canelo is protected and has an iron chin
    His brother is a scum bag just like Oscar and Cinnamon
    I’m glad he got knocked the fuck out Laura is not a knockout puncher but he is a very good professional boxer who makes weight

  • The Fundora-Clark bout saved a dreadful show, although I believe that Clark won by 2 points because he outlanded Fundora regularly. Fundora did not have effective aggression and clearly needs massive work on his lack of head movement…Tonight, boxing was competing against many channels offering top-flight collegiate athletes on football fields. To serve up recent garbage like Lara-Alvarez and Plant-Lee truly insults those boxing fans that remain loyal.

  • Alvarez came into the ring tonight at 177 lbs., Lara at 169.
    Super welterweight?!?!?!

  • If Canelo Alvarez fights Lara at 160 lbs .. good night Lara, Canelo wins by destructive KO and sends chicken crap Lara into retirement!!! I hope it happens

    • You sound crazy he lost the first time and didnt have the balls for a rematch lara beat him easy just like floyd he will run from lara and ever slick athletic black fighter like boo boo even charlo?? He avoids undefeated champs at 160 to face the styles he can beat wake up he he could have he would have dont hold your breath ..he isnt floyd as we know canelo wont rematch and win decisively just pick a easier fight

  • The heavyweight division is a joke. The era of great heavyweights has been over. Lewis, Holyfield and Tyson were the last. Wilder can only hold and punch. I think Ortiz threw that fight. The ref let Wilder hold so long, it seemed that he had to let him get it together. Thank goodness for the lower weight classes.

  • alvarez got what he deserved for coming in overweight, it was just a payday for him, a very disappointing and short fight- match up

  • Ramon Alvarez looked like a bloated mummy. Just absolutely pathetic. Lara will not go down as an all-time great. This was a mismatch with a predictable result.

  • Lara lost to Canelo because he run away from the fight to much, but last night Lara was another fighter a real fighter, when he fought Canelo all he did was run and run and he couldn’t win that way, so, I agree he lost to Canelo.

  • Erislandy Lara did a great thing for the boxing world by pounding on little brother! THANK YOU, LARA!

  • How was Alvarez ranked? Isn’t he the one that was demolished by the other little Chavez a few years ago? Hasn’t beaten any top contender since, and he was ranked?

  • >