Undercard Results from Minneapolis

Unbeaten 6’7 super welterweight Sebastian “The Towering Inferno” Fundora (13-0-1, 9 KOs) and Jamontay “The Quiet Assassin” Clark (14-1-1, 7 KOs) battled to a ten round draw Saturday night on the Lara-Alvarez undercard at The Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Close and competitive fight ending with scores of 98-92 Fundora, 96-94 Clark, 95-95.

Lr Tgb Fight Night Fundora Vs Clark Split Draw Trappfotos August312019 2652
Photo: Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

Unbeaten heavyweight Frank Sanchez (13-0, 11 KOs) was victorious when former Olympian Victor Bisbal (23-4, 17 KOs) didn’t come out for round five. Giving up 55 pounds, the 220lb Sanchez was in command all the way. The 39-year-old Bisbal wasn’t in good condition.
Lr Tgb Fight Night Sanchez Vs Bisbal Trappfotos August312019 1656
Photo: Stephanie Trapp/TGB Promotions

Former WBA interim bantamweight champion Raymart Gaballo (22-0, 19 KOs) scored a third round TKO over Yeison Vargas (17-2, 12 KOs). Gaballo dropped Vargas once in the second stanza and twice in the third en route to the stoppage victory.

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  • I thought Fundora was lucky to escape with a draw, I felt Clark won 6 maybe 7 rounds. 98-92 Fundora was ridiculous. In my opinion

    • I thought Clark had a slight edge, but I don’t smell anything foul with the 98 to 92 card for Fundora.

      This is me playing Devil’s advocate: two factors could justify the wide margin for Fundora:

      1) almost every round was close.

      2) With that in mind I usually lean toward the fighter pressing the action which was indisputably Fundora.

      However, while I usually lean toward the aggressor, I felt Clark landed the cleaner shots in 6 of the rounds. 96 to 94, but the Draw wasn’t criminal. I can’t remember punch stat numbers being so close. I wouldn’t mind a rematch just to see if one can make adjustments. I thought both needed more body work.

  • Fundora is a good prospect, he needs to learn to keep his hands up, his defense is bad.
    once he learns is he will be a potential star.

  • This was a real test for Fundora because Clark is a good fighter, is relatively tall for a super welter (nothing like Fundora’s height however), and is a southpaw.

    Fundora really needs to learn how to go to the body. He very rarely punched to Clark’s body, even when he had him trapped on the ropes. He kept head-hunting but was not connecting solidly with his left hand. His right hook was effective, but he didn’t resort to it much. He also has a bad habit of standing still and dropping his hands after throwing punches, which left him open to clean shots to the head.

    Fundora forced the fight and had Clark hurt at least once. However, his aggression was not always effective against a mobile Clark. In addition, his punch output dropped drastically as the rounds went on and Clark was outpunching him in the second half of the fight. His best weapon was the left jab, but he sometimes forgot to use it.

    He’s got a lot of potential because of his physical advantages and durability, but he needs a lot of work to eliminate or at least minimize his flaws. He gets hit too cleanly and drops his hands at times. A harder puncher than Clark would have caused him some serious problems. Clark probably should have gotten the decision, but I don’t mind the draw and would like to see a rematch. Let’s hope Fundora learned something from this fight and would do better in a rematch.

  • I thought Clark did enough to pull out the win. He imposed his will on the taller robotic Fundora. Fundora doesn’t impress me.

  • Blubbery Bisbal had no business in the boxing ring. Was he a late sub? Also, there is absolutely nothing impressive about Frank Sanchez as a fighter. While watching this fight, it dawned on me that we are still struggling through a pathetic heavyweight division, full of little talent, but great hype. In earlier, more talented heavyweight eras, these two mediocre fighters wouldn’t even rank in the top 100. Just pathetic.

    • Sanchez looked professional in dispatching an out of shape challenger who had some skills. He was in great shape and put his punches together well. He shouldn’t be considered a serious contender yet, but he’s worthy of the ” prospect” label.

      The sad part is you’re not wrong about the state of the Division. Sanchez is just a prospect right now, but he’d give most of the top 10 a tough night. After the top 3 or 4 the drop off is dramatic.

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