Kingry demolishes Fonseca in 80 seconds

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside
Photos: Sumio Yamada

Lightweight Ryan “Kingry” Garcia (20-0, 17 KOs) of Victorville, California returned Friday night and made quick work of Nicaragua’s Francisco Fonseca (25-3-2, 19 KOs) scoring a first round knockout at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California, headlining on Valentines Day on DAZN.

Kingry Fonseca

It didn’t take long as a lead left hook by Garcia knocked Fonseca out cold. Referee Raul Caíz Sr. immediately waved off the fight at 1:20 of the first.

“I was hoping that it would last a little bit longer,” said Ryan Garcia. “When I saw Fonseca move to the side, it gave me the opportunity to hit him with that left hook. I saw the left hook. It was there. I just needed to let him to commit to a shot, so I let him get comfortable, and I caught him between the shot. It’s a perfect left hook.”

Next up: Kingry vs. Linares this summer.

Garcia and Linares expected to clash in July
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  • Ryan Garcia is a sharpshooter with power. Should beat Linares easily and no, Floyd won’t allow Tank to fight Garcia anytime soon.

    • that’s a EASY KO or Tank the 3x world champion GBP just keeps feeding super hype a steady diet if dead bait Fonseca was dry and looked like he was ready to fall when he entered the ring

    • It’d make more sense for Haney. Right now Tank should be in line to fight Loma after they get past their next opponents. Tank wants to be big PPV he will fight this kid in 2021 probably.

      • I think Loma is going to be much more difficult than Garcia to fight should Tank meet them in the ring. Loma’s awkward stance and barrage of punches at all angles with precision accuracy will confuse Tank. Garcia is more flat-footed in stance and utilizes his counters as a weapon, but he is not as polished as Loma.

        • Yes but Haney and Kingry are both WBC. Plus Davis and Loma are destined with WBA. Not saying Tank will have an easier task but that’s the way the roads are going. And Tank isn’t ducking anyone.

        • True, but Garcia’s got the innate enthusiasm and durability of youth. It seems like he continues to improve with each fight, plus he may be a little stronger then Loma. But need to see him against a higher ranked contender in a LONGER fight to really tell how good he is at this point.

    • That’s funny seeing how their team announced fighting 2 other opponents before even talking about a Tank fight. Haters gonna hate.

  • Nice move by Garcia not celebrating whilst Fonseca was out on the canvas. He hit his head pretty hard. Crazy ko though

  • Fonseca the smaller guy,GBP specialize in Canelo style fites.GBP boys MUST have weight advantage.

  • super hype ryan will be KOd by Devin Haney, Lomachenko, Teaflimo(the east coast version of super hype) and KO monster they call Tank

  • Linares will destroy garcia… only way he loses to Ryan is if GBP wants the fight fixed

  • Haney beat Garcia 6 times in the amateurs??? So when is Garcia going to fight a real fighter?

  • Give credit where credit is due-Garcia crushed it last night! A very impressive KO against a credible opponent! A couple years ago Foneseca put forth a solid efforst against Tank Davis on the Mayweather- McGregor undercard. It was a fight meant to introduce and showcase Davis to a mainstream audience, but he looked bad and resorted to dirty tactics all throughought, before scoring a questionable KO in the later rounds. Now Garcia crushes Fonseca in one!!! I wouldn’t say this means Garcia is ready to conquer the world, but it sends notice that he is a legit force and not just a pretty boy instagram model who looks great on the Cobra Bag!

  • Is that the singer from old school announcing the fights “Ryan Garcia hit him with a mother fu%#ing left hook”

  • Great shot, when fighting against an opponent who:
    – is immobile
    – uses no jab
    – doesn’t have the power to earn your respect
    – stands there like a mummy
    – is inexperienced
    – uses no lateral movement
    – is easy to time
    – has a weak chin

  • OMG, that was impressive. However, if Linares can get through the early rounds with Garcia – admittedly a big if – it could be an interesting test for Garcia.

  • Ryan fought a small, unproven fighter with a sketchy record, time to step up, these fights are for small club shows not PPV (DAZN).

    • True, Fonseca had a lot of wins but mostly against regional ranked fighters from around his home region of Central America. Need to see Garcia vs Tank, Loma, Lopez, or even Haney if he doesn’t move up in weight.

  • Seems like Garcia may be improving with each fight. But need to see him against a more highly ranked opponent, and in a longer fight, to really tell.

  • Congrats for Ryan very well executed. I know he wants tank, but I think he should wait at least till the end of the year.

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