Kambosos: I’m going to take you out worse than ever

Lightweight challenger George Kambosos Jr. said via social media that he will make undisputed champion Teofimo Lopez pay for postponing the fight after testing positive for Covid.

“Absolutely devastated! I’ve been away from my kids for 13 weeks. I flew my pregnant wife over to be by my side, I put every bit of my life into this camp with my team. I would have been undisputed champion this weekend, I know it and you know it. Your actions and decisions have affected not only our fight but everyone involved in this fight! Pure irresponsibility on your whole side. Our time will come and I promise you and the world that I’m going to take you out worse than ever for everything. You can run but you can’t hide! As hard as it is to comprehend this right now, I remain focused on the end goal. I will be champion of the world. Thank you to everyone for the support worldwide.”

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  • So now you’ll be really stupid and reckless and get yourself knocked out in 3! Nice going Aussie!!!

  • Shit Happens, Covid doesn’t discriminate. Not Lopez’ fault. Just delays the brutal beating he is going to give Kambosos!

    • Wrong, he should taken the VAC. Lopez is an IDIOT. not professional. No excuses lopez is to blame!. Secondly the guy is over rated, he beat a smaller guy in Lomo.

      • You can still get the virus if you’re vaccinated. Also, if he was vaccinated and had side effects and had to postpone, would he still be an idiot?

  • Unless there is footage of Lopez out partying in a packed nightclub this buffoon can take his rage elsewhere, we all knew he had no chance against a healthy Lopez.

  • Lopez is looking to get out of that thriller garbage has he just signed again with Top Rank. That PPV wasn’t going to do well regardless.

    • Get out of that “triller garbage” inclusive of a huge (and career high) payday?

  • Kambosos comments is just telling that Teofimo Lopez is going to kick his butt worse than he already was going to.

  • shows what sort of person GK is, a scumbag , he should be hoping he recovers OK and I hope Lopez really punishes this loser

    • Not exactly. He is upset that Lopez did not get vaccinated. Also, from what it seems, Lopez is asymptomatic, so it appears there is nothing to “recover” from.

  • I would love to find out how many times Lopez used profanity after reading Kambosos, Jr.‘s statements.

    In the privacy of his residence, Lopez probably said, “I am gonna beat that MF until that MF begs for MF mercy, and I will give that MF additional MF beatings just for MF kicks; and I will laugh like a MF hyena!!”

  • If you’re gonna be champion your have to deal with these setbacks especially in boxing. I think you’re over your head against Lopez though

  • I call bullshit on Lopez having Covid. He was not going to make the weight and him and his team found a way out of the fight. Total unprofessional action from a so called World Champion.

  • You got to be a moron to get vaccinated especially since you can still test positive after getting your death jabs. Meaning the test is the virus Just fight dude anyways even if he tested positive. Btw the Inventor of the pcr test said the whole thing is a scam and Fauci should be in prison. Then he died right before the “pandemic” pretty convenient right?

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