Kambosos triggers rematch clause

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

As was expected, former undisputed lightweight champion George Kambosos has activated the rematch clause in his contract to force a return fight with undisputed IBF, WBC, WBA, WBO champion Devin Haney again in Australia.

“Yes, the rematch is happening, 100 percent. I have activated the rematch clause,” Kambosos told Newscorp. “We haven’t finalized a venue. There are options for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. It will be in Australia which is great. I know I can win a rematch. I will make some changes and this is my destiny to show how great I am and get those belts back. The Emperor is dead, but Ferocious is still alive and I will be back.”

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  • Make some changes? C’mon buddy…you gotta make maximum changes hehehe IF the fight happens

  • Unless he’s struggling at the weight, then I guess this is the best route for him. Losing to Haney again won’t be much worse than losing just once. But I can’t see how Kambosos wins this fight outside of landing a big shot, but maybe he could start by throwing actual combinations next time and doing something about that jab.

    • Like Kambosos said ” make some changes” and he will leave no stone unturned to try and achieve victory

  • No way kambo beats Haney no matter how many times they fight. The styles are in Haney’s favor and Kambo couldn’t hurt Haney with any of his big shots.

    • Yep, I agree. Kambosis blew more smoke with his mouth than his actions in the ring. Time to realize his style will not beat Haney’s style.

  • For the money, definitely. As far as making major changes, I don’t think so. Fight a boxer, box a fighter. Does Kambosos have the stamina, willpower, heart and drive to turn this into a straight up fight?

    If he goes in with the same safety first approach, it will be a carbon copy of the first.

    Hayne is too smoooooth to be gone at tactically. He’s also not small for his division, so trying to walk through him will NOT be an easy task.

    Take the fight, but actually FIGHT this time.

    • Kambosos make amends go back his original trainer he had in his first 12 pro fights at tzysu gym igor and Kambosos sort their differents out only chance he has to beat haney in the rematch

  • George really built up the first match and did nothing, I wonder what he can say this time to sell it as big as last time. Throw some fukin punches this time, will ya?

  • Meanwhile, Lomachenko is only getting older. The Ukrainian beats both of them if he’s healthy.

    • Delusional. “The Ukrainian” lost twice in his prime. Lomachenko barely fights so it’s not like he has a ton of wear and tear. Sounds like you’re making excuses for when Haney beat him. You do realize Haney wanted to fight him 3 years ago when he was Lomachenko’s mandatory , not “older” and “healthy”. Lomachenko said no.

  • Has to just be about another nice payday, I don’t see anyway he can. Another boring fight ahead

  • We have saying in OZ when someone is all talk and no walk, in that “… they are all full of p1ss and wind”. That’s how we down here view GK after the pathetic effort V Haney. What can he do different next time around? Maybe have more of a go perhaps. Likely to be the same outcome though but at least go out on your shield George. Anyway, other fighters down here in OZ to focus on such as Tszyu brothers and Justis Huni. GK had his time in the sun, albeit very briefly, and we’ve moved on from him. Nil interest in this in OZ. Good luck selling it George. Won’t be making the ten million and drawing 40,000 fans this time around.

  • This fight should happen next month to get rid of this delusional and make some other interesting fights. This is similar to have BJ Saunders rematching David Lemieux

    • Cut off the ring? Nor even if he gets a STIHL MS 881 Petrol Chainsaw he would be able to do it Arturo

    • Kambosos’ got some power (Lopez fight) and he’ got great boxing. But his boxing skill + physicality is not on Haney’s level. Haney’s size advantage is too much to overcome. In fact, Haney should’ve moved up in weight already.

    • Can he “learn” to cut off the ring against Haney? I’m sure he knows how, but he just can’t do it. For example, I know how to dunk a basketball on a ten foot rim, but I just can’t do it without a ladder. I think the reason Kambosos didn’t throw more right hands is because he was getting tired of whiffing and hitting air.

      I respect Kambosos for taking care of his business against López and for having the stones to take on a real fighter for his first defense (Loma or Haney), but I just don’t see him as being capable of beating Haney.

  • I will again be rooting for Haney, and I hope his win is even more decisive the second time around. Maybe Kambosos can keep his mouth shut, and focus instead on being better prepared.

    • I highly doubt it mate. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. He can’t beat Haney full stop. Waste of time.

  • nah it will be a rerun of the first fight haney will win again this is all for the money for kamboses

  • “The Emperor is dead, but Ferocious is still alive”, the kid for sure knows how to sell tickets. Can’t take away that from him.

    To beat Haney is another small matter. Well, two losses might not be that bad if it turns out that way. There are still fights to come for Kambosos.

  • Kambosos has to watch how Jose Luis Castillo pressured Mayweather in the first fight, learn the dirty tactics of Bernard Hopkins against faster fighters, as well as learn to throw the quick straight right like Kostya Tszyu. Not sure if he can make some changes, but he can’t try to box with a better boxer. He has to force the issue and beat on the body, or whatever is available to hit, even Haney’s hips.

    • So all he has to do is learn to fight like three different actual or boarder line hall of fame fighters? Seems like an impossible task.

        • He needs to take the jab out of the equation. When it fires hit his arm or shoulder or anything close that’s gonna hurt that arm. Rights to the left chest or bicep area. Bang it up and he can neutralise the only punch that landed for 12 rounds.

          • While Haney just stands there and takes it!!! Not likely, more likely another slow beat down for gk. Honestly. Well Aussies really pay to see this??

  • all this is a last ditch money grab for the aussie he will lose again Haney will duck Tank and hope Loma does get cleared to fight soon i bet he jumps to 140

    • Haney has proven that he isn’t going to duck anyone. If Tank signs again with PBC, then he and Haney are not likely to fight anytime soon.

  • Who is going to pay for it? Seriously. Is there enough is an appetite for the rematch for a TV network in Australia to put on the event? TR can route it to ESPN+ in the United States. They won’t bump Saturday night college football from their main cable platforms. It does Haney no good to agree to a prime time Australia fight that airs in the USA in the odd hours of the morning. Haney will want and deserve more money than he took in the last fight.

  • This is bulldip lol. Kambosos & his team know there is nothing they can do to beat Haney. As a fan, I have NO INTEREST in seeing this again but I understand Kam is just setting himself up financially so I can’t be mad at that.

  • Can’t see there being much interest in the fight. Kambosis was able to hype it last time, but had his pants pulled down on home turf. Because of this, if he gets mouthy he’ll look daft, if he stays quiet there’ll be no hype or promotion worth paying attention to. Haney is too slick, too savvy and if it goes ahead is likely to do another shut out. Hope i’m wrong

  • When you get totally outclassed even before a home crowd, why do you want a rematch unless it is ONLY for the $$$$$$$$$$, because Haney will easily dominate you again. A rematch nobody seriously wants to see. 100x rather see Haney against Lomachenko.

  • It’s a waste of time George, styles makes fights and Haney will beat you 9 times out of 10 easy..

  • Kambosos, don’t let him do all that tying up and grabbing. You need an impartial referee that will start taking point the mome start to be a wrestler. This is a boxing match.

  • I`m so glad a rematch is happening! The first fight was the greatest boxing match that ever happened! If the rematch delivers what the first fight did I will fall asleep even quicker this time and get the greatest nights sleep I ever had!

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