Justin Juuko charged with “treachery”

Former world title challenger Justin “The Destroyer” Juuko has been arrested in his native Uganda and charged with “treachery.” According to Ugandan press, the 48-year-old Juuko is being accused of possessing illegal firearms and allegedly training and mobilizing youth groups to create unrest after an upcoming election.

Juuko last fought in 2013. He compiled a record of 45-12-1 with 30 KOs and fought the likes of Floyd Mayweather, Diego Corrales, Miguel Cotto, and Carlos “Famoso” Hernandez among others.

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  • “After an upcoming election”
    My brain hurts now. How can it be after if it’s upcoming?

    • I think they mean that he was allegedly preparing them to do things after the election had taken place. Google says that Uganda’s general election takes place on the 14th of January.

    • The election is “upcoming” ,meaning about to happen, and they planned the uprising AFTER the election.

      Ahh, the state of our public school system ‍♂️

    • What part of “after the upcoming election” that you don’t understand? The election is coming up soon. The would be unrest was being planned right after the election. Pretty simple that shouldn’t cause any brain cramps.

  • I knew Jukko very well in the 90s in Vegas. Super classy guy and always a gentleman. Good fighter. Huge right hand. Hope he’s ok but it sounds real bad for him.

  • Sounds totally weird. I wouldn’t doubt he may be framed. Juuko may have gotten on the wrong side of a powerful but a corrupt politician. Things like that happen frequently in countries that are not yet fully democratic.

    • Absolutely right. Justin is completely punch drunk and famous in Uganda. He definitely got bamboozled by someone. He really doesn’t have a bad bone in his body and sadly his mental capacity is severely diminished. Definitely seems like a case of someone taking advantage of his status in his homeland to use for their own gain.

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