Joyce stops Takam in six

Photo 24 07 2021, 23 15 24

Unbeaten heavyweight Joe Joyce (13-0, 12 KOs) scored a sixth round TKO over Carlos Takam (39-6-1, 28 KOs) in a bout for the WBC Silver, WBO International, and Commonwealth titles on Saturday night at the SSE Arena in London. Takam gave Joyce problems early. Joyce opened up with a non-stop barrage of punches in round six to get a referee’s stoppage. Time was :49. Takam wasn’t happy about the stoppage.

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  • I knew Takam wasn’t gonna go easy and he proved how much of a warrior he is. Joyce stayed cool and calm and got the job done.

    • Takam is like the French Chisora. Always game, makes great fights, but ends up on the losing end against every good opponent.

      • He looked slow but landed a lot and we know he can take a good shot so far. He’s a big strong heavyweight so I’d say B plus or so. You?

        • Arturo, I didn’t see the fight, but I did watch Joyce mix it up with Dubois! Which I thought was a first rate performance…by both fighters, really.

    • But he did go kind of easy and got hurt too quick?..Kinda of early stoppage but he was getting hit and not throwing punches..dissapointing for Takam…

    • It is easy to stay cool when your promoter pays off the ref to screw over the opponent. Don’t give me this Joyce was cool & calm bullshit. Takam was winning the fight and would have won if the ref did not screw him over.

      • Takam was staggered and hurt by a combo of two punches at the beginning of the 6th. Then he was clearly a punching bag till the ref stopped it.

  • No surprise in the outcome. Takam made himself somewhat marketable with his vociferous comments but in the end, it was just that. Takam struggled to keep up with Joshua in their matchup and history repeated itself today. Time for Joyce to move up the ladder.

  • Maybe this win finally qualifies Joyce for a title shot at world champion Daniel Dubois!

    • Didn’t Dubois get stopped by Joyce 9 months ago? Dubois needs to develop a little more.

  • Joyce is Like ,Jameel Mcline and Lance Whitaker had a kid…Decent solid tough fighter though….

  • Bullcrap stoppage, I had Takam up by a few rds. Where do they find these idiot refs???

  • Told you all Joyce in 2! but he did it in 6!
    Joyce is the truth! Bring on Fury

  • Bad bad bad stoppage!

    Guess Joyce’s handlers didn’t like what they saw and had the referee stop the fight anytime Takan got in trouble. I had taken Qi no f the fight.

    • Joyce was probably just about punched out. The ref had to end it because Takam was about to unleash a vicious counterattack. Same crooked ref practically let British fighter Ritson get killed and even threw the towel out of the ring when the corner threw it in. But anytime a British fighter puts a flurry together, he’s quick to stop it. So predictable. That’s the M.O. over there.

  • From what I can see on the youtube feed this was a quick stoppage. I had Takam up 4 rounds to 1. My gut told me Joyce would win because he is the guy on the way up. I doubt had the situation would have been in reverse that the ref would have stopped the fight. Big fights will be made with Joyce that could not have been made with Takham. I saw Takham fight Mike Perez in Montreal live back in 2014. He was the b side in that one and got a raw deal with a draw. I think he got a bad deal here. Who knows maybe Joyce would have finished him…but we will never know.

  • Let’s cut the bullshit. Takam was winning the fight, and the ref got nervous & stopped it after a simple combination that Takam clearly blocked and deflected.

    Crooked refs get paid a little extra to help “PROTECT” the ticket seller.

    Some refs might even put an underdog in a headlock. Once, an underdog knocked out the favorite, and the ref called it a TKO win for the knocked-out fighter. This really happened. August 5, 1988. Mohammed Kawoya knocked out John Wesley Meekins in the 3rd round, and the ref gave it to Meekins on a 3rd round TKO. This might be, to this day, the WORST decision by a ref in boxing history.

    This bullshit happens all the time in the sport.

    If the underdog knocks out the favorite, he gets disqualified. A stomach punch is called a low blow. A headshot is called an illegal headshot. If that fails, contaminate the blood tests. Make ridiculous calls. Fake Breaks.

    There are TONS of ways for a ref to “RIG” a fight.

    • Mort,
      Your account of the Meekins is dubious. Meekins stopped the kid on the ropes and got nailed with a shot after the ref jumped in and he relaxed. The punch that hurt Meekins was thrown after the fight was over. It was pretty clear what happened.

  • Takam was a difficult can to open for Joyce. He had problems to find the can-opener, looked at times hesitant when he tried to figure out how to open it, and even a bit confused when the can started to bite back.

    Interesting to watch.

    I agree with the stoppage. Takam took too many shots on the head and he looked as if he was going to be badly KO’d any time soon. To claim that he was holding up his arms and using his experience to tire Joyce at that moment is a big no-you-did-not. But I understand Takams frustration. He felt confident, looked fine and was giving Joyce a fight.

    I still think Joyce is a nightmare to face. He would give Joshua hell I believe if they faced each other, but on the other hand, to stay upright with no head-moments is not a good idea against Wilder.

    Joyce team has to do some cherry picking when choosing opponents. The problem might be they are not in a position to choose.

  • I knew Joe would win, but now is his biggest problem, for either AJ or Fury to agree to face him….they won’t, or if they do they will hope it will happen when Joe has lost interest and on his way down thru his age.

  • I watched the fight and thought Joyce was very poor.
    Fury would box his ears off then ko him, Joshua/whyte would ko him and chisora prob ko him as well, Hes slow and cumbersome, lucky Takam not a big hitter.
    If he took same amount of shots from Joshua he would of been sleeping, and I am no big Joshua fan but hes a different class to Joyce

  • Why no standing eight count ?

    Poor refereeing ( this ref has mad a few poor stoppages in the past ) is one of the many reasons boxing is simply losing traction.

    Also, the massively biased commentating here was a sight / sound to behold.

    Takam was ahead also

    If it smells iffy ? It usually is iffy

    Oh well. Yet more boxing fans will slowly migrate to MMA

    • Ian: Boxing really needs to bring the standing eight count back. Gives the ref a better change at checking the fighter’s condition.

    • You need to investigate the MMA fan base.. the vast majority of them were never boxing aficionados… MMA draws the new breed of combat sports viewers, generally it doesn’t siphon fans away from boxing.. many boxing fans have adopted MMA as an auxiliary sport, but very few have abandoned boxing for MMA.

  • Bad stoppage for sure but Takam does not come back from that many headshots. If Takam has the heart to survive another round or two his career would be over. Takam will get another payday. Joyce is NOT a front runner and he does take a lot of shots but he is a special fighter IMHO. I like Joyce at HW better them Usyk even though Usyk is far more skilled and better technical fighter.

  • Thought ref could have let go longer, Joyce is slow and gets hit by to big punches

  • I agree, Takam was winning but the Ref was right in stopping the fight. Joyce has a lot to learn and takes far too many shots, but he is young enough to improve. Nobody mentioned Takam’s fight with Parker a few years back that I thought Takam won but Parker got the nod.

  • Takam was beaten flat out. He threw no punches while being pummeled by Joyce necessitating the stoppage. He complained of early stoppage when AJ stopped him equally. He needs to prove to the referee that he is still in the fight. Put simply,he was beaten by a more superior boxer.

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