Joyce KOs Parker for WBO interim heavy title

Joyce Ko Parker

Unbeaten heavyweight “Juggernaut” Joe Joyce (15-0, 14 KOs) knocked out former world champion Joseph Parker (30-3, 21 KOs) in round eleven to claim the WBO interim heavyweight title on Saturday night at the AO Arena in Manchester, England. Joyce pumped the jab repeatedly and quickly caused damage to Parker’s face. Joyce continued to outwork Parker in the middle rounds. Parker landed his share of shots, but they seemingly had little effect on Joyce. Joyce finally closed the show by dropping Parker with a crushing left hook in round eleven and Parker failed to beat the count. Time was 1:03.

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  • Slow Joyce beats Parker. Slow but has timing somehow. Joyce will be a danger to any heavyweight.

    • Joe Joyce is trash man, literally he’s just a giant dumb meat shield, Shrek. Can absorb punishment like a motherf*cker but unimpressive in any other attribute like power, footwork, head movement, defence, hand speed etc. He might have that 2x more than normal thick skull thing that Julio Cesar Chavez has.

    • He’s beyond slow…And his punches are not crisp-I wa very disappointed in his showing today

  • Joyce great chin and good work rate. Big big man. Can’t see him laying a glove on a good boxer however – way to straight in and out and one dimensional. Strong, great chin, good jab. No problem for Usyk or Fury. Got to think Wilder would test him as well. But good win for sure

  • Bid round of applause for Joyce finishing the lack luster performer Parker. I really did not see any improvements by Parker from Tyson Fury’s assistance in camp. Parker was desperate in some rounds throwing haymakers since fatigue plagued him most of the fight. Hopefully this is the end of the road for Parker since his health is more important than fighting. Parker’s style is tailor-made for many sharp punchers as he holds his hands down, walks around flat footed, and lacks creativity in offense. Joyce exposed the flaws in Parker and made his night. I got a kick out of the commentators being so boring and rather less creative in their comments.

    • The American DAZN commentators are diabolical! I used to fight and the crap they spout about the fighter they fancy is just annoying and I had started to turn the sound off for relief – and then I dumped DAZN ten months ago.

  • Full credit to Joyce, he got a very late start as a professional, but this is how you make the most of it. I can’t imagine Usyk is actually going to fight him, so I’m thinking, sometime next year, Joyce will be legit WBO heavyweight champion.

  • Joyce has a granite chin for now since he takes a good shot. Great knockout for Joyce and I’m sure his purses after this fight will triple easily.

    • He should change his nickname to Frankenstein, I mean that in a good way. He is relentless. He just beats you up with that jab. Look at Parker’s and Dubois’ faces after they fought him. Just breaks you down with an incredible work rate for a man that size. He seems like a really nice guy too. I hope he makes some money. Usyk is no lock to beat him. The only time Joshua gave Usyk trouble is when he put pressure on him. That’s all Joyce does. It could be interesting. Him vs Ruiz would be a fun fight too.

      • Ruiz is custom fit for Joyce. I think Joe would win that one easy. He’s aggressive, has a strong work rate, and doesn’t care about eating shots from time to time. Parker came out ready to fight and put in a lot of effort and had his moments. A lesser-chinned fighter might’ve crumbled from Parker’s big shot.

      • Usyk is no lock to beat him? Are you kidding? That’s the bet of a lifetime…I’m praying they fight__Its beyond a lock it’s a guarantee

  • ACES! Now that was a heavyweight fight! Joyce has a granite chin, serious power in both and hands, and great endurance. Until the coup de grace, Parker really took some hellacious shots. Anyway, with Joyce’s combination of skills, who in the heavyweight division has a chance to beat him?

    • Wilder, Fury and Usyk are the only ones I see with a good chance of beating Joyce in todays heavyweights. All will likely retire within their next 2-3 fights so maybe Joyce could clean up?

      • Truth, I’d remove Ruiz and put Dubois on the list. I still think Dubois might be the future despite their first fight.

        I will say that Joyce won’t be easy for anyone. The chin and long jab are hard to argue with.

    • I think Frank Sanchez could give Joyce some problems. Fighter’s who’re going to move in different directions besides forwards and backwards and have good speed. And then Wilder, especially early.

    • The top 5 would clean his clock, potentially locking him out of hilding any of the belts. He won’t touch Usyk or Fury(both easy UD). Ruiz has the herky-jerky style to leave him searching(SPLIT). Joshua still has a few scraps left in him, and could stop Joyce as he is much easier to hit than Usyk(TKO 9). Wilder would drop Joyce like he did with Breazeale(KO3).

      • I won’t doubt Joyce again. I said there was no way he would beat Dubois… he was losing the fight when DDD took a knee, but the pressure and jab did the damage. I didn’t think he would hold up to Parker’s counters and speed. He controlled the fight and imposed his will on the Kiwi like no one has ever done. Is he the second coming of Foreman? No… but he has that same indomitable will that Big George had in his second career. He has a chance against anyone he faces. He is so big and strong that combined with a granite chin he has a shot against anyone. If you go back and watch his Boxing Super Series match against Usyk when they were amateurs, Usyk won but by the end of the fight Joyce was beginning to show signs of taking control. In a 12 round affair I don’t know if anyone currently fighting can beat him if they can’t knock him out. He will eventually pound them into submission – whether by destroying their will, or knocking them out.

        • Big George’s Orange Trunks: Agree with your points. Recon the Parker that fought Joyce Sat night would have given a very good performance against most top heavyweights. Joyce at this stage would give Usyk a tougher fight than the good fight they had in the BSS.

        • He actually reminds me of a young Foreman. They were both a bit robotic, but his speed is more old George and his power is no where near what Big George had.

    • Anyone with movement to throw off the plodding badass. I can’t see Joyce ever getting stopped but he’s too slow for Fury and Usyk. I do think a match against Wilder would be very interesting because Joe walks into a lot of punches and we all know what the Bomb Squad brings.

  • Really unique heavyweight. Unreal chin and really aggressive style for a tall heavyweight. Impressive stamina too. I think the Wilder fight would be great because you have push Wilder back to beat him which Joyce would do, but Wilder actually has the right hand to knock him out. That would sell out a stadium in England

    • Let’s see how much that last Fury fight took out of Wilder. Also, how much power does Wilder have in his right hand moving backwards? That said, I’d love to see Joyce and Wilder mix it up.

      • i don’t think wilder has been the same since the second fight with fury. we’ll see what he does against helenius in 3 weeks after a 1 year layoff.

    • You must not watch boxing much. Parker isn’t really a hard puncher. So Joyce taking his punches proves noting. Also you do realize Parker was knocked down by various other heavyweights right? So Joyce knocking out a fat tired Parker doe not prove anything.

      I should also add Joyce was knocked out when he was a 26 year old amateur. Your chin doesn’t get better with age.

  • In no particular order…
    (1) ESPN+’s airing of this card was the worst rebroadcast of someone else’s feed I’ve ever seen, of any event, anywhere, at any time.
    (2) Joseph Parker has no business being considered a championship-level heavyweight.
    (3) The WBO has no business sanctioning this as a championship bout. Not World, SuperDuper, Interim, or by any other designation.
    (4) Joe Joyce acquitted himself well, but I’m not sure he’s a top five heavyweight. I can see Usyk, Fury, Wilder and Joshua beating him pretty consistently, and I suspect Andy Ruiz could beat him as well.
    (5) We’re a few years away from it yet, but unless something changes, we’re going to see a mid-1980’s level drop in talent level throughout the heavyweight division (once the likes of Usyk, Fury, Wilder, et al. retire). It’s not going to be fun.

    • Fury and Usyk might be favored over Joyce. Wilder is a toss up, and I think Joshua would wilt under Joyce’s pressure but at least offers enough to have a chance. Putting Andy Ruiz into that group loses you any credibility.

      • No, saying *John* Ruiz could beat him would cost me credibility. Andy could get lucky and beat Joyce once. Could he do it two out of three? Almost certainly not.

      • Joshua fought Joyce when both were amateurs and stopped him in 1 round with 3 counts. Joyce is too easy to hit, and i maintain anyone as easy to hit as Joyce would most likely get stopped by Joshua and Wilder. Fury was knocked down 4 times by Wilder, once by Cruiser non-puncher Cunningham, once by a a Eastern European bum, and was hurt in the last round by Wallin, i would not be surprise if Joshua shock everyone and knocks him out if the match is made.

    • Well, on the bright side, if history repeats itself by falling into the mid 80′ with the likes of Bonecrusher smith, Berbick, Dokes, Weaver and the rest, then we might get a Tyson type of machine that shows up and cleans house.

      • Tyson did not clean house. He refused to fight Lewis, Bowe, Morrison, Mercer, and even Foreman.

        • none of those guys were in the mix from 1986-1988. evander holyfield was the best guy he did not fight who was in the mix at that time. foreman may have been top 10ish in 1990 and tyson had been defeated by that time. foreman seemed to have better accuracy with his punches against shorter heavyweights. there’s no telling how many times mike saw his two fights with frazier, and he was well aware of what foreman was good at. he did eventually fight lewis 17 years later. it was a big pay day and he had a built in excuse for being washed up. it’s an excuse, but accurate.

      • berbick, james bc smith, p thomas, tony tucker, tony tubbs, tyrell biggs, a fairly old larry holmes, m spinks, frank bruno, carl williams, buster douglas.

        how much worse is this bunch of fighters compared to any other heavyweight era?

    • Yeah wtf was ESPN doing with the volume? It was like a chimp was let loose on the mixing board

  • Awesome! Congratulations to Joe Joyce! I want to joys to win, but was predicting a boring decision win for Joseph Parker. It sounds like it was a great fight, and happy that it ended with a KO or a TK02 decide to fight. It’s never a good thing to allow the a fight to go to the judges in top heavyweight fights. You never know how the judges are going to score of the fight.

  • I said all along Joyce would KO this cat, maybe not in 2 but it happened.
    Parker needs to retire now or go back to NZ and fight some bums for a payday.

  • Joyce is robotic and predictable as a fighter but what an incredible chin…Parker hit him with some good shots but he was never hurt or even tired while Parker was knocked out by exhaustion.

  • Casual fans get impressed by anything. Parker isn’t a huge puncher. So Joyce taking his punches proves what? Joyce was knocked out as a 26 year old Amateur with head gear. Joyce chin isn’t anything special. Joyce is slow as molasses. Joyce isn’t accurate with his punches. Joyce is nothing special. Parker is just even worse.

    • No. Parker is a good, world class heavyweight. Joyce is potentially an elite class heavyweight. Wlad Klitschko was about the same speed as Joyce, maybe quicker with the hands, and he dominated for a decade. Joyce would be a legit threat against anyone you put him in with, including Tyson Fury.

        • Chuckle …so you think Tyson would find Joyce easy, Until they fight, they have not fought. I’m for one am a little fed up of Tyson Fury is the best with out fighting either Uysk or AJ. Only 1 of top 3 as he defeated. Thats it.

    • It is refreshing to see that there is someone else who actually watch this event as a true boxing fan. I agree with everything you wrote here. It is funny how Joyce hurt Parker with clubbing shots sending him to the ropes and wailing away and the ref. never stopped the fight when Parker looked out on his feet, yet was quick to jump in against Takam, who was actually beating Joyce.

    • Ray Mercer had a much higher work rate than Joyce. Much more power as well. Better chin too. Mercer would’ve destroyed Joyce.

  • The only chance Joyce has to win a world title is Uysk vacating to fight canelo (if he can’t get the Tyson fury fight) and Joyce fights bodybuilder Anthony Joshua or jarrell miller for the vacant title. Because I give him a less than 1% chance of beating Tyson or uysk or even wilder or Ruiz. He’s criminally slow with despite weighing like 270 not a big puncher (remember it took him like 9 rounds to knock out post wilder brain damaged bermaine stiverne) his one saving grace is that is brain is tiny and skull incredibly thick. Reminds me of that Simpsons episode where homer becomes a boxer.

  • Slowwwww joe . Im surprised he caught Parker. Remember casuals…..Usyk already beat slo jo.

  • Joyce vs Wilder . Bring it. Would be a great match up now for where they are both at and what they need to prove.

  • Parker often looks like he’s finished then comes back strong before wilting again. I expected him to go the distance but he got caught by a left hook that took him out. The hook didn’t look particularly hard but he didn’t see it coming. Great victory by Joyce. Parker landed some solid shots but he never hurt Joyce during the fight. I had Joyce well ahead at the end.

    Joyce is slow and predictable, but he is relentless, can take a good punch, and has great stamina. It would be interesting to see him in against Wilder, Usyk and Fury. Wilder does have the punch to knock him out but will have to do it backing up. I see Usyk and Fury outboxing him for the win. He will be a handful against anyone in the heavyweight division.

  • I may be the odd one out here but I can see Joyce giving Fury some problems,he’s tough,he’s big and was in great shape for this fight….like Fury he’s no ” pop ” puncher but he’s very heavy handed and Fury won’t bully him . we’ll see !!!

    • Good points. I am not sure either about the outcome, especially not in the later rounds.

      But I think Fury would manage Joyce due to his speed, reach, experience, skills, feet and stamina.

      It would be a good and interesting fight for sure.

  • Parker thought he had a chance for the first ten seconds. Juggernaught Joe clobbered him. Ponderous? Like a telephone pole. The first jab he landed scared Parker. It was huge man against big man. Oh yeah , Juggy can take a punch too. Sweet hook. Clobbered…good word..

  • Parker seems weak, depleted, uninspired, disinterested. Maybe he should retire. I’d like to see Joyce face stiffer, more explosive opposition such as Wilder.

  • Joseph Parker reminds me of John Ruiz, boring as hell and not a big punch. Also, somehow manage to get the WBA belt. First time a saw him was when he fought Andy Ruiz and I think he clearly lost the fight, but being in New Zealand they gave it to him.

  • I understand that Joyce has talent, but I would have lost a bet. Parker has more than enough tools to best Joyce, but the main tool(between the ears), does not seem to work. Speaks heavily on the state of the heavyweight division. Maybe his punches are slow, yet hypnotizing.

    Good win for Joyce. Got a trinket for the win and raised his stock. This should net him at least 1 mil for his next fight.

  • He may be slow, predictable and have a poor defense, but his huge size, constant pressure, amazing chin and excellent stamina make him very hard to beat, other than Tyson Fury I can’t see anyone with the size and skills to beat him.

  • Joyce has long been underrated by boxing fans for some reason. At the same time, I think he has been one of the most avoided.

    Joyce is a living nightmare on the other side of the ring who takes punches without blinking, never stops moving forward, has the stamina to do it and delivers punches at the same time.

    Usyk beats him over 6 rounds. 12 is a completely different matter. Wilder always has the KO card but otherwise Joyce would grind him down. Ruiz Jr comes up short, Joshua would have been a solid opponent couple of years ago, someone mentioned forgotten Sanchez as a worthy opponent and I agree.

    Fury is another and different cup of tea. Joyce is 37? It is about time you stand here. Even if it is a little late.

    Otherwise, hats off and big congratulations.

  • So many experts on here – Joyce is too slow, anyone can hit him.
    So with only a handful of pro fights – how does he bash up a pro with +30 fights if he is so slow and so easily hit?
    Maybe a few us fans are salty that the UK have all the good heavyweights and are putting on all the big heavyweight fights ?

  • This was exciting, but a great “boxing” match it definitely was not. The only thing great about it was their ability (mostly Joyce) to take punishment. Firstly Parker is finish, that fight with his countryman proved that along with the Chisoro fight. He does not have the energy, stamina or the power to stop top rated fighters. He was actually throwing the more accurate punches when he is not running or grabbing and punching way below the belt. I said before that in the Chisora fight, that both him and Chisoro looked 1 good punch away from being knocked out. That left hook was one of the few accurate punches that Joyce landed. Joyce has a great chin, but while i can`t stand Wilder, Joyce will not be able to take full.blooded shots like that from him.

  • Joe Joyce is made of bricks but Fury’s quick hands and Usyk’s quick feets and movements would gave him some problems. Interesting fights though..

  • joyce should fight winner of wilder /helinuis fight i think helinuis could knock out joyce parker was outweighed by at least 20 pds i believe helinuis is strong and can take what joyce has joyce is slow and has no footwork

    • I think you are massively overvaluing Helenius. He’s a good fighter, but his ceiling is at the bottom of the top 10. He’s not championship caliber. His only chance to beat Wilder is to catch him early, which is doable, but quite unlikely.

  • Joyce seems to possess a descent chin, a strong will to win, and has descent stamina for a big strong HW, but I can’t see him beating Fury or USYK as both are far superior in skill who would simply outbox him, Usyk beat him in the amateurs. If Joyce could withstand the power of a Wilder or a Joshua he has a legit shot of beating them as Joyce’s defensive skill are sadly lacking.

  • Booooring! The only thing that matters in the heavyweight division is uzik vs fury! Everyone else, just trash unless fighting either champions!

  • I’m a Brit living in NZ and had $100 at 15-1 odds on Joe P to win with both fighters to be knocked down.
    I honestly thought there was something wrong with Joe P as soon as the fight started. He went to the ropes and stayed there, virtually throughout the fight as if his back was sewn to them, and his most disturbing, hesitant, stumbling foot shuffle was that of a man lost in a desert urgently needing water. He moved as if dehydrated and was at his heaviest. Also, by comparison, his usual, strong lightning jab was ponderous
    I have seen all of Joe’s fights and have NEVER seen him fight as badly!
    Okay, hand up, whose fight plan was it?

  • We all have our opinions and that’s cool. I had mine on Joyce before Dubois fight. It changed after that as I thought it would be a closer one . Second his forward intimidatory pressure with a busy changeable angle left Jab pumping constantly, and George Foreman like movement this makes him hard work even for the Uysk or Fury. Uysk squeaked past him at the Olympics I thought big Joe did enough. Uysk knows about big Joe, and he may not be high speed to the eye but his jab is clever. The Juggernaut ain’t stopping for passengers so you better run him over with bigger truck . A good Jab beats speed . Fury will be able to pick him off .. but can he keep him off ??. We have no absolutes now o see no Lennox Lewis’s around as much as I love fellow Brit Fury , he as only beaten a overrated puncher in Wilder 3 times and shop worn Dillian Whyte. Now Fury and Uysk aren’t supposed to on paper lose to the likes of J Joyce so until they beat him . I give him a hell of chance to bludgeon them both after his top performance against a good fighter in JP . How wonderful another fabulous British heavyweight ⭐️⭐️⭐️!

  • Power, steal and toughness can not be override by speed.Let us take Fury a bit out,he prooved himself.Two man that can outbox Usyk,is Wilder and Jaggernaut,come to hel or high water!

  • And….Fury as already stated,you proof that you are the best now,so I would suggest just do what your is busy with,”The Battle of Britian”,and fight Usyk for the unify belts,and then retire like the mighty Lennox Lewis,undisputed,not even Vladimar Klitsko’s tricks’s to rematch could made him returned,remember your season is your season,but it has an expire date Gypsy King,for now,your season,your timeslot,you are the best(simply the best)!

  • Joyce has the physical attributes of a young George Foreman with 25% of young George’s boxing skill. He’ll beat up “B” level fighters all day long but will be exposed vs “A” level competition…imho.

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