Joyce, 35, says he doesn’t feel old

Age is just a number for “Juggernaut” Joe Joyce, who doesn’t go along with the thinking that says his battle with Daniel Dubois on November 28 is a make or break fight for him. Now 35, Joyce accepts that having launched his professional career just three years ago, every fight has represented a crossroads for him, where time would not be on his side in the event of having to rebuild.

However, the 2016 Olympic silver medallist insists he remains a sprightly 30-something with plenty of miles to go on his clock.

“I don’t feel that old because I only started in the game at the age he is now, which is 23,” countered the Putney-based heavy. “I feel like I haven’t been in the sport that long and that I have quite a few years ahead of me.

“But, yeah, this is a big fight and it is a big ladder to the top or a snake where I would have to rebuild. So the loser will have to rebuild a little bit and Daniel has got time more on his side because he is a young pup who would definitely be able to come back.

“I’d be able to come back too, but I don’t plan to do that. This is my chance to show what I am made of and to progress to the next stage and get a shot to become heavyweight champion.

“That is the route I am going. My aim before was to get to the Olympics and win a medal, so I completed that, although it was meant to be the gold medal and that didn’t happen. As a professional I want to be world champion and this is the route I need to go down and Dubois is standing in my way right now.”

According to Joyce, the pressure going into the fight rests on the shoulders of the younger man.

“I am not under any pressure because, according to the bookies, Daniel has already won. He has made a big name for himself and he has got the pressure to deliver.

“I don’t know why, but it is okay because it will be better when I beat him because I will take his scalp, how he has been built and take it further.”

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  • As long as being 35 does not slow down Joyce any further. Somehow he is effective in landing those lumbering heavy punches. Will see at the level of Dubois if he can still do this. Very interesting fight.

    • Roy, I see you are sticking with the Juggernaut in all your predictions. Interesting.

  • This is going to be the biggest fight of Joyce’s career. After Dubois completely embarrasses him and annihilates him he will pretty much be done. I could drive from the west coast to the east coast in the amount of time it takes Joyce to throw and land a punch, I’ve never seen anything so ridiculous in my life. Don’t get me started on his hilariously porous “defense”. He’s going to eat some very heavy punches in this fight.

    • Yes I think Dubois’ speed is going to be a huge issue. Joyce will get peppered, battered, and overwhelmed with punches and it will add up if he does not develop a good fight plan. Keep in mind they can stop the fight just for taking punishment.

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