Joe Smith Jr. a heavy favorite

Not surprisingly, WBO light heavyweight champion Joe Smith Jr. is an overwhelming favorite against late sub Steve Geffrard on Saturday night at Turning Stone Resort Casino in Verona, NY. The “Common Man” is around a 12:1 pick at most sportsbooks.

Featherweight contender Abraham Nova is a 25:1 favorite over late sub William “El Gago” Encarnacion in the co-feature, while cruiserweight Lyubomyr “The Demolition Man” Pinchuk is a 10:1 pick against Mario “Bazooka” Flores.

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  • Bernard Hopkins is training the other fighter giving him special instructions on the proper technique to land on the floor outside the ring to avoid injury.

    • I must admit, when Smith did KO Hopkins clear out of the ring that was an exceptional performance. Hopkins may have been older, but Hopkins truly felt he could beat Smith and signed the fight contract knowing the risks. Well, it all backfired on Hopkins even after all the racist comments he made in the pre-fight buildup.

      • Most ethnic fighters think that, in the back of their minds, and talk like that in the gym/behind closed doors. Hopkins was the one willing to say it in public. He’s a veteran at getting under people skin and will throw your flag to the ground to get a rise.
        Father time caught up to Bhop. And Smith was simply not the one, he can actually fight.

        • Being ethnocentric is one thing, and being a racist is another thing altogether. While all of us have some degree or another of ethnic awareness and expression about us, only a small percentage of us are racists.

          So, you magically turned the Negro Hopkins’ public racist taunts against the Caucasians Joe Smith and Joe Calzaghe, (who incidentally both whipped him) into a sign of his superior character. But would you be that eager to use the same magic trick had Calzaghe or Smith insulted Hopkins publicly by referring to him as a “black BOY?” That racism is ubiquitously found in society, and not localized in one ethnic group is the theory behind my opinion.

  • I would buy a pay per view of mayweather vs Nicolai Valuev at a catch weight of 270 pounds. They could meet in the middle. Would be entertaining.

  • I think racist Bernard Hopkins should fight him again. He always spews racist crap about he never will be beaten by a WHITE fighter,,,not a Mexican or any other race. Just white guys. PUNK.

  • >