Jermall Charlo Interview

WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo talks about his defense his title against Dennis Hogan on Saturday televised live on Showtime from Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Charlo is a 19:1 favorite.

On whether the fight will be a KO or a decision:

I don’t know. I guess that that‘s a question for Dennis Hogan. Do you want to stand in there and try to fight with a Jermall Charlo or do you want to try to box and survive? I’m here to deliver the most explosive shots that I have. I’m going to be at my fastest. I’m going to be on my feet.

Me and my team have done a great job in camp to exploit the mistakes that Hogan makes. If you can take the shots then I’m here for 12 rounds and if you can’t, you know I’m one of the best finishers in boxing and I will get the job done and I will get him out of there.

On looking ahead to other fights after Hogan:

I don’t want you all to think that I’m overlooking Dennis Hogan. He has been on the calendar for a while now. I haven’t looked at any other fighter outside of Dennis Hogan. My job is to break Dennis Hogan down completely and take him out completely…he is not going to be a different fighter than he was in his last fight. He could be the A side, B side it doesn’t matter. I can fight on any side. It’s my ability that will not let him win and will not let me get touched in that ring and make sure that I do what I’m best at.

On a potential fight with Chris Eubank Jr., who is in the co-feature:

Yes. I see him talking and saying everything that he was saying. It doesn’t matter. He wanted to talk himself into a fight with me or someone bigger because he is running out of time. Like he ran out of gas, he is going to run out of time and before you know it, I’m going to be right there in his face.

When I get in his face they don’t ever say any of that. They all talk over the Internet and they say these things but they know what’s really up. It’s Jermall Charlo. I’m not one of those fighters who’s going to do the bumping and grabbing and stuff like that. We are going to fight. So let him talk. I’m not from the U.K. I’m from Houston, Texas. You have got to do your research.

They can say whatever they want to say but when it’s time to fight I want to see them talk that same game. Everybody that’s been saying this and that about Jermall Charlo, they have got to live up to it.

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  • I like how Charlo says he is not looking past Hogan….Really? Come now! The way we know the Charlo brothers, they all look past opponents they feel pose no threat to their arsenal. The cockiness right along with their flamboyant pride simply reinforces my point. The Charlo brothers are the type of guys who can never resist being in the spotlight of any given situation. Once they are around other fighters/promoters, they sniff and scratch their fence post, mark their territory, and puff their chests out like you in my space. I have never seen two fighters in the same camp act so immature at times when they are considered professionals.

    • True, but I sense a new maturity setting upon the Charlos, they know it’s their time and opportunities await them. There is money to be made and they seem knowledgable about boxing as a business.

      • Carlos, I have confidence in your statement it will be true. It’s fair to say that the Charlos need to have a chance to pursue their endeavors like all other fighters and hopefully become mature in life.

    • Lol, Your exactly what Charlo was talking about:
      “They all talk over the Internet and they say these things ” “When I get in his face they don’t ever say any of that.”

        • The point is all everybody do is hate on the Charlo bros its the same old conversation. Porb why all the thumbs down. Most of it is justifying why Canelo shouldnt fight him. We know he cocky/confident, we know they flamboyant. That convo is done. But who beats them in the ring? And dont name anybody not willing to get in the ring with him

          • It’s known that both Charlos refused to fight Andrade. He called both them out before he was contracted with any network when they were all at 154. He’s holding out for GGG or Canelo and his handlers will find the easiest fights possible for him until then.

          • Yep, it’s sad when promotors and managers cherry pick fights and avoid dangerous adversaries since it’s all about money rather than the fans. Yes, the Charlos are dangerous in some ways in the ring. If you see Carlos’ comment above, I actually reinforce his positive comment(s). As for the thumbs down, LOL, some people click up or down on the votes out of seriousness, being goofy, always being negative, being an oddity, and being in agreeance. That being said, I don’t count on accuracy all the time in the voting.

          • NJ, hate to say is but the charlo twins are frauds with a huge mouth and not the elite level skills needed to back it up. Both lost (one official and one unofficial) to non elite fighters. Sorry it hurts your feelings but I’m not a fan and if they ever get an opponent in top5, they would be embarrassed.

  • Is this dude ever going to fight the better fighters at his weight class? PBC is wasting this dude’s time. Canelo, GGG, are the fights to get. Stop wasting his prime.

    • Just the way it is right now. ESPN is holding Crawford back from being a legend as well. These boxers need to be able to sign fights and the networks and promoters should be forced by law to just deal with it.

  • you may be a champion at the moment mate,,,power in your punches and a fast mouth,but your defence is woeful just like your brother and didnt he get found out!!

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