Jeff Horn: I fought like crap

By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

“I’m shattered,” said former WBO welterweight champion Jeff Horn after his KO loss to Michael Zerafa on Saturday night. “I have had some ups and downs, this is definitely a down. I just felt really sluggish, it is really annoying using that as an excuse but I just felt like crap going into it. Well done to Michael, he outboxed me, landed those beautiful shots, but I don’t feel like it was the best me in there tonight. I felt a little bit off, heavy, sluggish, I don’t know if it was something I did, something I ate, just wasn’t the right me. I fought like crap just then, but well done to Michael because he fought brilliantly.”

Zerafa stated, “I knew 10 weeks ago I could win this fight. I knew I could beat Jeff Horn.” He also pooh-poohed a fight against unbeaten prospect Tim Tszyu, saying “Tim Tzsyu…please.”

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  • It is amazing what can happen in 3 days, August 28th Jeff states, “The timing and power at this middleweight limit has been extraordinary, I really, really like sitting at this weight…I should fight better and harder for the whole fight”. August 26th he said, ” “Michael Zerafa has talked me down, Mundine did the same. Look what happened to him.” The only 2 things he got correct were, “the way he (Zerafa) says I can’t box and he’s going to knock me out” and “I normally have a bad round…round nine hasn’t been great. I have to push through that little lull in my fights, hopefully at the higher weight it won’t happen. Zerafa was correct and so were you, sort of. Stick to teaching kids before your corner puts you in an early grave. I understand wanting to provide a better life for your family, but what good is all the extra $$$ if it all gets spent on your care from pugilistic damage? The elite 147/154/160 will destroy you worse than the contender from Oz.

  • You are not an elite fighter. A dirty fighter who attacks head and elbow first before the punch. You just bullied Pacman that is why you nearly beat him. But still he truly beat you.

  • What’s with these Aussie fighters talking up the hype and falling apart. First Mundine saying he’s not worried about Horns power. Mundine suffers ko defeat and now Horn talking about how great he feels at 160 and gets smashed.

  • I didn’t see the replay, haven’t found one yet. Saw some crap from the bleachers video of the stoppage part. Horn isn’t that dirty. He kind of leads with his face/head (and he often ends up the one cut, but Pacquiao got cut from Horn’s face first approach), and if he gets close and the other guy tries to tie him up, he’ll hit you with 3 or 4 little punches with his free hand. That is kind of the worse stuff I’ve seen from in past fights. To me, Horn needs 4 months for that cut to heal (that is the same cut he had against Viktor Plotnikov, and maybe was cut in the same spot more than once since that fight). It would be after Christmas before the cut is pretty much healed up, he could do some light training starting in early December.

  • Told everyone how way overrated horn was because he didn’t beat Manny the fight was given to him.

  • The dude still needs to get a new trainer, train at a new place. If he’s got two fights left, do it with a different trainer. The trainer has seen Horn look bad in 2 of his last 3 fights now, so maybe he doesn’t expect great things from Jeff Horn in fights that go past 8 rounds. Horn is an 8 round fighter; and he is a bleeder. Maybe dripping blood out of cuts from early round cuts is what does him bad with stamina. I remember V. Klitschko after the L. Lewis fight and that bad cut, he had some kind of plastic surgery after that fight around his eyes, and he never got cut again around his eyes in fights. Horn should forget the rematch. Horn should let Michael Zerafa vs Mikael Zewski (#8 WBO, #13 IBF, #14 WBC) happen, and Horn can think about Tim Tszyu at 154 for Feb or March 2020, with one tune up 8 round fight. Heck, maybe Horn can think about going to Canada to fight Mikael Zewski, and then come back for Tim Tszyu. Zerafa with starch Horn at 160 or 154, because Horn doesn’t have his mind right with the trainer he’s had going with him since the amateur days. It’s time for Horn to get a new training center, maybe at Vegas with Kevin Barry and go do a Canada fight with Zewski at 154. Horn is around a #8 to #14 guy that may be able to rebuild in 2020, but he’ll be 32, and some say he is 3-3 in his past five, with wins over Ancient Funeka, Corcoran, and Ancient Mundine as his true wins since December 2016.

  • Naoufel Ben Rabah 36 when he fought Horn, Randall Bailey 41 when he fought Horn, Ali Funeka almost 39 when he fought Horn, Pacquiao almost 39 when he fought Horn, Anthony Mundine 43 when he fought Horn. So Horn has feasted on some aged veterans for name career wins. Most of the other fighters he has fought and beat, the names are not that well known, mediocre fighters. And Rico Mueller, one of Horn’s better wins (over a guy still rated by the IBF), that guy is moving back down to 140 to fight an Argentine named Jeremias Nicolas Ponce for the vacant International Boxing Organization World Super Lightweight title. Horn must be thinking he can’t hang at 160 since he bled out and was clearly not going to be able to get out of round 9 vs Zerafa.

  • Let us also not forget that after Crawford beat horn there was this elevation of him to the number one pound-for-pound spot over lomachenko. Let that sink in and tell me boxing is not racist towards white fighters. Horn is an Australian club fighter but he is one of Crawford’s best wins. Lomachenko has defeated elite fighters such as Gary Russell Jr, Nicholas Walters, Guillermo rigondeaux, Jorge Linares and now budding Luke Campbell. Only two of those fights went the distance and Lomachenko nearly pitched a shutout in those two fights. I can’t think of a single reason why lomachenko is not the undisputed pound-for-pound number one king of boxing except, that he’s white. As far as Jeff Horn goes, I’ve never rated him as even a Titleist level fighter. Lomachenko’s pro debut was a fighter at the very least on Jeff horns level.

    • Rigo was old and way smaller in their fight, not fair to name him. Walters, ive never seen why he was so special, definately not a great, good, but not great. Not HoF material. The only one loma fought that was HoF’ish was rigo, and like i said, he was small/old. Canelo for example has a better resumé with more fights too. Tbh i rate Pacman higher than loma even at this point. With him beating a prime much bigger Thurman. Since the Mayweather fight he really hasn’t lost yet. And still i don’t rate Pacman p4p number 1. Maybe 2 or 3. I think you are too biased and the reason for that is quite clear.

    • You keep calling others racists but it’s you who is obsessed by race and even blinded by it. Step back and think it over. It’s not worth living your life in this constant stress.

  • Horn’s greatest admirer is himself, Never thought he was great as others thought.. he is a devline and eventually with fade away or become a stepping stoine for other up and coming fighters….

  • He’s a little bit like Broner – has grand illusions on how great he is, when in reality, he’s not an elite level fighter. He lost against Pacquiao and Crawford destroyed him. Like Broner, when Horn steps in the ring with the elite, he loses. I respect any man or woman that steps through the ropes and risk their lives for my entertainment. As a hardcore, PAYING, Boxing fan, I am also entitled to my opinion. Horn capitalized on his gift decision against Pacquiao and I don’t blame him. But, it appears as though the ride is over. Looking forward to Spence vs Porter, and hopefully, Spence vs Crawford, at some point.

  • Horn isn’t going to make it with the same trainer. The trainer doesn’t believe in him anymore. If the trainer knows you are feasting on pizza, coke, beer, and he says you are soft coming into a fight with Zerafa in Zerafa’s home turf, what makes you think the trainer is going to rebuild you at this stage? Next fight, Horn would be 32. Horn has to go with a new trainer. And get himself down to 148 or 149 lbs, for a couple of catchweight fights (like the shape he was in for the Crawford fight. Horn was in shape for Crawford, but his feet were all messed up messing around with some new shoes). If Horn folds fighting in his next 2 fights, once he weighed in at 148 or 149, then he knows his career is over. Horn didn’t look drained of think for the initial weigh in for Crawford, that was 148 lbs with just underwear. I can’t see how Horn thinks he can compete at 160. It is either 154, or get down close to 147 for a couple of fights and see if something big is offered with the IBF or WBC at 147.

  • why does the media focus on “Horn lost the fight” ?? .. bulllllshit .. Zerafa beat him fair & square .. Zerafa WON the fight .. Zerafa dominated .. geez give credit where it’s due

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