Edwards keeps WBC flyweight title on foul

WBC flyweight champion Charlie Edwards (15-1, 6 KOs) was lucky to retain his title against #1 rated Julio Cesar Martinez (14-1, 11 KOs) on Saturday night at the O2 Arena in London.

Martinez Edwards
Photo: Matchroom Boxing

Martinez took the fight to Edwards and put him on the canvas in round three. Martinez then hit Edwards with a shot to the liver while he had a knee on the ground. Edwards couldn’t beat the count and Martinez was announced as the new champion. However, due to the foul, the WBC immediately ruled the bout a no contest. A direct rematch will be ordered.

Photos: Sumio Yamada

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  • When I have watched the marciano Walcott, fight, I have often wondered if people have noticed it kind of appears that Marciano hits Walcott when he has a glove on the canvas. Also, for a 20 year period, between the 30’s and early 50’s, British fighters dominated the flyweight division, but since then only some three to four years has a British Isle fighter been a champion, three English, one Scottish, and one Northern Irish fighter. Certainly makes me think those fighters from Britain back in the day were not as good as they have been often proclaimed, but probably better than today. For me the flyweight reached its height in the early 70’s, but with less people around the world weight so little, and also with the two weight classes below, and the multitude of organization champions, it is not what it might once have been.

    • The reason why the flyweights were good back in the 20s is that they were probably brought up on mining coal since 8 years old. They would have an edge in functional strength.

  • This guy got a lucky one by a foul. The Mexican will beat him to bits in a rematch(as he did this time). He merely won on a technicality was the Mexican was beating him handily. The Brit doesnt want a rematch.

  • Either DQ win or a KO loss. Edwards was finished before the last punch landed. A no contest decision is WBC’s way to please the hand who feed them.

    • Martinez claim that Edwards was not down when he landed the hook to the liver is just “bull”, he should have been disqualified.

    • Again your lack of knowledge lets you down.
      There was nothing political the rules were in place.
      Yes edwards was getting beat, will he fight him again ?
      Def not he had already said the weight killed him before he got the NC.
      Was edwards hit way late, def and was a def foul.
      Nothing left but a NC.

  • When you hit a man when he’s down…That’s a FOUL..Why did they have so much trouble accepting that?

  • That Mexican is a dirty cheat for hitting Edwards in the liver when he was down, he should of been DQd period. Edwards will beat his arse next time.

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