Jake Paul: Why can’t I beat Canelo?

“They’re going to find something to say,” proclaimed YouTube boxer Jake Paul after defeating 47-year-old MMA legend Anderson Silva on Saturday night in Phoenix. “‘Fight a real boxer.’ I tried. If I were walking on water, people would say that I can’t swim. There’s always going to be haters. There’s always going to be critics. It’s an everyday part of life if you’re doing something and being successful. I don’t worry about it.

“This is just the start. I want Nate Diaz. Canelo, you too. You guys said, ‘You can’t beat a striker, you can’t beat a legend like Anderson Silva.’ I just did it. So why can’t I beat Canelo?”

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  • “You can’t beat a striker, you can’t beat a legend like Anderson Silva.’ I just did it. So why can’t I beat Canelo?”


    • I’ve seen videos of Silva sparring at the wild card gym and he wasn’t that impressive. His striking is good for mma but that’s it. Even John Wayne parr said that Anderson’s Thai technique was amateurish.

        • Chaves Jr was/is awful. many of his fights were set ups. Watch his fight with midwest fighter Paul Vanda. Chaves lost but the judges were rigged. The WBC loves anyone named Chavev

  • Because Canelo will spank you and KYO in 1 round. that’s why, circus show boy. Fighting a P4P is not the same as beating a nonboxing, retired, 47 yo grandpa. Ay, chihuahua!

  • I think we all know Jake wants nothing to do with a Canelo fight right now. If it was offered he might say yes, but he doesnt really think he is ready for that. During the press conference somebody asked what if Bivol needed somebody to face, would you take it. He was very real about it and said Bivol would have to wait because I’m nowhere near ready. I think thats the quote, but its close if Im wrong. A lot of boxers will call out top fighters way above their levels and thats all this was… I think.

  • It’s not about why i can’t beat Canelo, it’s about why you can’t fight Canelo. Beating youtubers and old MMA fighters dosen’t make you qualified!

  • Like I say, Paul can sell mops to people with carpet floors. He is so full of himself putting on a great act. It’s over now. Now, can we continue on in the real world of boxing?

  • Because you’re an internet clown admired by low attention spanned manchildren. You just beat a washed up MMA fighter at boxing and you’ve never beaten a boxer. In a sane world without social media you’d be a minimum wage worker hated by all his colleagues for being so self-absorbed. Enough reasons?

    • You checked all of the boxes quite nicely. In the real world of professional boxing with real boxers, he can’t be viewed with any kind of respect. Without the protected bubble of his Youtube world and his followers….yep, you said it all. Grazie.

  • Jake Paul beat a boxer who beat Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. For a pedestrian that is pretty damn impressive. Put Jake in with a legitimate cruiserweight on Showbox and see what happens.

    • Although Chavez jr did win a championship, the Chavez that lost to Anderson is one who isn’t taking the sport seriously anymore.

  • Am i the only one who thought silva actually won that fight? Apart from the knockdown silva dominated

  • This is a novelty act to attract attn and receive money for a MMA union and that’s all. This clown is only making himself a bigger clown by acting like he is some badass boxer. Nobody gives big money fights or championship fights to some delusional self proclaimed pro that’s nothing more than a spoiled E-tarded man-child. That’s your first reason why it’ll never happen. Only retired fighters looking for a easy check will associate with this. Let him and his homoerotic following have their fantasy land fun. Real world understands and doesn’t take this clown serious at all.

  • A few things:

    a) Paul is actually not a bad fighter for limited experience, but fighting old washed up MMA fighters in boxing, and retired 5’9 NBA players who never had a boxing match is not the stuff of legends. He obviously makes way too much money for his level, but because of this youtube craze, he’s benefitting.
    b) He represents the present day society of insanity ruling the day, but hopefully it is just blip on the radar and not the norm moving forward. I was a middle school and high school teacher for 22 years and the insanity just became overwhelming. I had a student that thought he was a wolf and we had to treat him as such. Several students thought they were cats and this behavior was excepted. Not going to comment on the gender thing.
    c) Put him in there with someone like Joe Smith or Sullivan Barrera and see what he’s got. I don’t think he’ll take those fights and he shouldn’t if he enjoys his health.

    • DMV, I still think he should fight Darnell Boone if fighting old fighters is his strategy.

  • In this insane society, more Americans are familiar with Jake Paul than know who Terence Crawford is.

      • Agree. Jake proves what modern marketing can do. Unfortunately hard to implement when your promoter is a 90-year old man who probably has barely ever used social media.

  • I was really good at alot if different sports growing up. My favorite though was street football. Who the hell says I’m not the best qb in football? Better than Brady and to prove it I’d like to have a football throwing contest with Michael Phelps. Phelps I’m gonna fuck you up! What the hell is all of this really guys????

  • He’s hustling and making a great living at it. Minimal exposure, why fight young lions when you can fight old serval cats that’s been declawed and has lost its teeth. Next hustle, I mean fight.

  • I thought Anderson Silva won even with the knockdown. I thought he landed better punches in all rounds. I thought JP won the first round based on activity and the last round with the knockdown, I thought AS swept round 2 to round 7. Not bad at all for a near 50 years old.

  • You can’t beat canelo and you can’t beat mcgreggor. You might be able to beat Michael Phelps though, but not Michael Moorer. Stay in your lane chump

  • Hell maybe I can beat canelo! You can beat canelo! We all can beat canelo? Why not. Why the hell not

  • You haven’t been in the ring with a real boxer. you will never be a champ.Nobody is hating on you YouTuber

  • I just would like to see Paul fight a peer in the cruiserweight division. Someone with similiar professional experience, a no name with an 8-3 record or something. Not the brother or son of heavyweight champions, not aged UFC fighters or former professional basketball players, but a boxer. Let’s not talk about Canelo, Chris Eubank Jr, Mairis Briedis or any of the other legions of world class boxers clamoring to fight Paul. In no way should finding a suitable boxer opponent for be as difficult as it has been. The boxing world is teeming with them.

  • Jake Paul is a very good boxer. He has the money to hire the best trainers and he is dedicated to the sport. You guys better get used to him. He isn’t going anywhere any time soon. I would love to see him take on some cagey old pros. I think his career will parallel Sean O’Grady’s. He will cherry pick opponents to make the most money with the least risk. He will win a title against a weak champ and then probably get stripped rather than face the mandatory. Eventually he will get sparked a couple times and retire. He will then be a commentator or promoter and he will be great at either of those. Embrace this journey and wish him well. He is bringing the next generation of fans with him.

  • Canelo would knock your Internet crap out of you don’t dream ! Jake is a good fighter with decent power but he’s completly delusional if he thinks he can beat Canelo or any top 10 in his weight class !

  • Jake Paul is what is wrong with boxing. Another loudmouth who picks and chooses and takes more than his share of the limelight.

    • But is it really his fault, though, that people are willing to pay to see him fight? Dammit, I’m starting to sound like joe rogan now: “yes and noooo”.

    • Maybe if Crawford and Spence would fight or maybe Ryan Garcia vs Tank or Canelo and Benavidez……then maybe Jake Paul wouldn’t be be the most interesting boxer.

  • Somebody get this guy a fight with Canelo so he can get his 15 minutes of fame while getting KO’d in two rounds. For his level of experience, beating Silva was fairly impressive but if Paul thinks he can do that to Canelo he is delusional.

    • Jody, problem is canelo won’t do it. Maybe a past his prime canelo would, but not the current one.

      • Why not? Canelo is a businessman. Fighting Paul for a massive payday and little risk is smart business

  • So you beat a man who is 23 years older than you and by the way I thought he won the fight including the brief dropping -totally against the state of play -You are not even a good amateur standard -you drop your right hand to your knees every time you throw a left -pathetic-yes you run a successful circus but a boxer you are not-Fight someone your age !!!

  • Jake Paul has a nice hustle. It is evident he “fights” former UFC fighters who were underpaid and offers them a good payday to “lose.” Look at the comments on this page. Jake Paul gets more attention than 90% of professional boxers. The day Jake Paul fights Canelo is seeking to cash out from his hustle.

  • I said this is a very long post, but last night Jake Paul looked like a pro boxer. Its hard to believe how good he looked considering he has only had six fights in total. I wonder what would have happened if he was him who beat Chavez Jr and Not Silva. We can keep saying Silva was old and blah blah, but he is an elite combat fighter. We tent to only call out age when it suites our side of the story. Just because you are old it doesn’t mean you cannot win. How many times did Hopkins show us this? Like or dislike Jake Paul its hard to say last nights show exposed anything. He took some clean shots, but looked far better than most new boxers. I think most of the hate is now because some of us boxing fans feel its boxing or nothing and do not consider MMA on the same level. On the other side how can you not get behind a guy who wants fighters to get better pay and medical? Over the years promotors and everybody are making far more money than the fighters themselves. Even trainers and corner men are coming out ahead and non of these guys are risking their lives. I want to see retired fighters having a comfortable live and tired of reading about them being broke and homeless. Or beat up and not able to afford the medical resources.

    • Derrick, yes Silva is an elite combat fighter but his boxing based on his sparring video(s) isn’t that good. His striking was phenomenal in mma where not everyone is boxing only but in boxing not so much. As I said in a previous post, John Wayne part said it himself that silvas technique was amateurish. And Silva was know for his Thai game as much as his ground game.

  • Didn’t watch the fight. Could afford it. Tough times. But did follow updates. Don’t know much about the bloke Jake Paul. However in my opinion Jake Paul it the GOAT of Social media. He’s got u bananas talking about him non stop. Keep doing what your doing JP. Guaranteed these keyboard warriors wouldn’t last a round with you.

  • Why does this site care at all about Jake Paul? He’s not a serious boxer. He doesn’t fight real boxers. He’s a gimmick. He shouldn’t even be mentioned on a site devoted to reporting on the Sweet Science.

  • C’mon, jake struggled against a 47 washout mma fighter in silva!!!! He won a very close fight because of the knockdown! At times silva held up for jake to catch up! Jake threw heavy blows and couldn’t move silva! Canelo is not going to fight or waste his time with this clown unless he gets $100 million or more! So jake, it ain’t happening!

  • You beat a 47 yr old man who reportedly got shaken at least twice in sparring.A good comedian you are though !

  • Because you are not good enough to beat an open class NY Golden Glover. Does this guy really believe what he is saying? I watched a repeat of him and Silva last night. Boxing wise, two bums.

  • Why you can’t beat Canelo? Because Canelo is a real boxer-slugger, young and currently still in his prime unlike the ones you beat who are either not a boxer or a has been or shall we say a fully depreciated machinery that’s just looking for a salvage value. In fact they were just using you as much as you’re using them.

  • Paul was saying that “Silva” was the toughest dude: does he even know that this “toughest” dude was beaten by Chris Weidman (KO/TKO) twice, michael bisping, daniel cormier, israel adesanya, jared cannonier (ko), and uriah hall (tko) and then upon realising he no longer has it Retired from the sport until Jake offered money to fight him. To which silva “cashed in”.

  • You can’t beat Canelo because you’re NOT a LEGIT fighter bruh!! I’ve come across so many white collar fighters that had a tiny bit of success like beating a golden gloves boxer and thinking they were ready for PAC or Floyd?! Like really???!!! Cmon man?!!!!!!

  • I’m going to go against the grain here… I’m starting to like this kid… Never knock success.. he’s making it big snd doing well for himself.. he’s beaten whoever he’s faced and while I don’t think for a second he beats Canelo, I want to see him try… why not? I’m behind this kid now because he has balls and he is actually trying and training.. inspiration

  • I would like to see Paul take the same approach Nico Ali Welsh has taken. As has been mentioned Paul has the ability to hire some of the best trainers out there and is able to commit to the sport. Start fighting, fighters of the same experience. Paul needs a competitive fight with the risk of losing.

  • This guys doesn’t even know his fights are fixed, he thinks he’s the GOAT, when is painfully evident his handlers are paying off fighters to take a beating, Silva was pulling his punches from the start.

  • Joke Paul needs to fight an old legit boxer like Sergei the crusher Kovalev. Or he should fight a legit up-and-coming prospect with the same record he has who is the same age.If not I hear that Geraldo Rivera boxes lol

  • You’ve beaten a basketball player, a 47 yo MMA retiree, a couple other MMA fighters that were smaller than you, a butcher, a baker and a candlestick maker and now you want to fight a 4 division, P4P rated champion in his prime who is almost as heavy as you??? Maybe you should try a professional top-ten boxer first, or maybe try Monster Inoue. You might be big enough to survive…but I doubt it. At least fight a boxer and maybe someone will take you seriously. Try Roy Jones Jr.

  • Dear Jake Paul,

    Because Canelo is a trained boxer who’s not past his prime.


  • I could see a Paul – Canelo fight when canelo is retired….. easy money and fight for canelo

  • I used to respect your ability to promote yourself, but beating Canelo?? Are you delusional??

  • Maybe when Canelo is about to finish his career he can have one last fight vs Paul if he is still fighting.
    Canelo/Paul can donate the money to charity.

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