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  • Ok. Let’s be honest folks. That verdict was butt fucking bullshit. Jemaine Ortis was robbed.

  • So, whoever scored it 117-111, only gave Ortiz 2 rounds from rounds 2 to 12? (cause he clearly won round 1)

  • Ortiz looked great early. His length and high output early frustrated Loma. But he slowed significantly in second half and Loma came on strong.

    A couple of observations from this fight.

    These young kids at 135 are just too tall and long for loma now at his age because he isn’t the same fighter he was just 2 years ago.

    ortiz is a very good fighter. He should have some great fights ahead and eventually will win a belt when Haney has to move to 140 because he can no longer make weight at 135.

    At 35yrs old Loma needs to retire soon. He’s outsized in this division – 8 straight opponents now have had height/reach advantage.

    • If Haney does not extend his contract with Top Rank, the fight won’t happen. Instead, we might get Stevenson vs Haney, which will force Haney to move up to 140.

      • He doesn’t need Lomachenko. When he wins, he won’t get credit. People will say he was old but conveniently forget Lomachenko turned down a fight with Haney 3 years ago. I’d rather see Stevenson vs Haney.

        • You would have turned down a right with Haney as well. What in the world was Haney doing 3 years ago besides smiling after buildimg up his resume. No belts, no significant fights. It’s easy to say that in retrospect, but it made no sense whatsoever. Considering that Loma started at an advanced age in boxing and how he has been chasing belts only since the very beginning without fluffing up his record, this would have been a waste of time and an easy win 3 years ago.

          • That’s not the point, Haney was his mandatory. Lomachenko fought mandataries who were less significant. If it was an “easy win 3 years ago” he would have taken the easy W. Haney was calling him out so why not get the “easy” win. You said Lomachenko is a belt chaser because he started at an “advanced aged” so why didn’t he show up to Haney vs Kambosos and call him out? According to you Lomachenko should be more than willing to fight Haney next instead of running from the challenge like he did 3 years ago. Haney is undisputed so what will be the excuse now? I know when Haney beats him you’ll say Lomachenko was old even though Haney wanted to fight him 3 years ago. You’re making excuses for a dodge move.

    • It has nothing to do with age. He knew his limitations 3 years ago. He turned down a fight with a 20-year-old Devin Haney who was his mandatory.

    • Got to remember that Loma joined the Ukraine army when the war began so thinking that may have cut his training short. Mad respect to Loma!

  • Loma should just move down again unless he doesnt want the big fights at 135. These young guys are just bigger and better. Loma wont be able to ko them and will not be able to win a dec unless he gets gift scoring.

  • For 2023, there are several possible events.

    If a Haney vs. Loma fight does not occur, then it is time for Loma vs. Cruz – the winner fights Haney. Unfortunately, I have a feeling Cruz will get left out of an immediate title chance because Cruz is an extremely hard out.

    I strongly prefer to see Haney vs. Davis. Stevenson needs a couple of fights to get physically settled at 135.

    Folks, do not count out Ryan Garcia because he has the style, size, height, power and range to create major problems for Haney, Loma, Davis, Stevenson and Cruz. I will keep a closer eye on Garcia for his next 2 fights…we will see. If Garcia really wants to make a BOLD statement, he should try to fight Cruz.

    Let’s not forget about Zepeda, Rivera and Corrales. Maybe one of these fighters can give it a scrap against Cruz and/or fight each other. They will need to create a brighter light for themselves.

    At 135, tree shaking eliminations will occur in 2023. My biggest concern is whether Cruz will receive an immediate chance at 135 (2023).

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