Hurd dominates Santana over ten

Photos: Emily Harney

Former unified WBA/IBF super welterweight champion “Swift” Jarrett Hurd (25-1, 16 KOs) won a ten round unanimous decision over Francisco “Chia” Santana (25-9-1, 12 KOs) on Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

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In his first fight since losing his title last May, Hurd had said he wanted get away from “wars.” He largely did that against the smaller Santana in a bout that often drew boos from those in attendance. Hurd finally dropped Santana in the final seconds to punctuate a 97-92, 99-90, 99-90 win.

“We came out here and did what we wanted to do,” said Hurd. “The crowd didn’t love it, but you gotta understand, I got the unanimous decision and I did what I wanted to do.”

“There was definitely no frustration. We didn’t want to go toe to toe and we didn’t want to make this a risky fight. We’ve moved on from the Julian Williams fight. We came out here, we had a long lay-off and we got the job done.”

“We want the belts. We want the best. I’m not exactly sure what’s going to be the next move, but we want the belts.”

Santana commented, “In the last round I wanted to come forward and close it hard, but I got a little bit careless for a second. In boxing you have to stay focused for every second of every round. He caught me with a good shot.

“I just wanted to keep coming forward and give it my all. I know I was frustrating him at times, but it was a tall task and I don’t make any excuses.”

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  • Hurd had no snap on his punches! Did not throw a punch with bad intention Until the last round, but still not snappy. We’ll see next fight but no 154 pounders are quaking in the boots!

    • Eric, I agree. Hurd had his moments in the past. Hurd does not seem to carry that same amount of “fire” in his arsenal since he was defeated. I may be wrong, but Hurd needs to ramp up his output and fight like he is in control of the ring. Hurd is a large fighter for his weight class, but lacks in that “big size” drama. He needs to consult a new regimen of training to get it all back if wants the belt.

  • He wanted to box his game plan wasn’t to knock him out he wanted to get the round in to developed his new style. If he wanted he could of put him away but he really just wanted to box tonight.

    • I understand your point, but surely Hurd should have been fighting against a genuine 154 gatekeeper type opponent instead of Santana, who’s a 147 gatekeeper. I’m from the UK and am surprised Showtime approved the fight – if that was on Sky Sports or BT Sport I’d have been very disappointed in the matchmaking.

  • A snorefest for insomniacs, these guys are following the Floyd show. Lets box, run, pitty pat and get out of the arena with my check. In essence do as little as i can. The WWE/Boxing/MMA has really got all this down to a science now. When Connor fights Floyd or Pacman and makes it the largest multi billion dollar gate ever, the fighters will then figure fighting once every 2 or 3 years is the only way to go. Perhaps in between fights they can BOX ORANGES, which would be more exciting then watching most of this B.S

    • Steve, I will admit with honesty, it’s a shame they have turned some aspects of boxing into a circus show for one thing; money. The raw talent and hard work is so lacking in some fighters. The promotors have tangled dollars bills in front of fighters so they are hypnotized by a big paycheck rather than a big fight legacy with blood, sweat, and tears. Times are changing and I am not so sure it’s the best way to go, but what do I know. I make a decent living in another avenue of work.

      • Scooby, I will never say a fighter is not supposed to earn. I am saying that the only way a fighter will learn his trade is by fighting. And with all these multi orgs, titles, networks,1000 promoters, Delaho, Macgregor, Canela, PHONY DECISIONS. There is no way for any fan to watch this game and not get ill from all the corruption continually. Do you think we will ever see another Robinson again?A Hagler again? A Chavez ? Holyfield? HELL we would be lucky to get a Tony TUBBS again. LOL. We cannot even get 3 judges that score a fight fairly. Sorry I forgot about Loma and Crawford, my bad. 🙂

  • Ehat next for the prime gu at 154? Temarches with Lara Trout? Lets see how really good Jamell Charlo really is? Collazzo? Pacquiao? Howz about Jiimie Kirkland’ s comeback? We never did see Canelo cleaning house there.

  • One of the commentators said it, Hurd seemed to be “caught between two styles”. He looked very uncomfortable attempting to use a safer, more fluid style against a very predictable opponent. I’m not sure he can ever embrace this style to the point where it can be effective enough.

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