Garcia outscores Redkach, Pacquiao next?

Photos: Emily Harney

Former two-division world champion Danny “Swift” García (36-2, 21 KOs) scored a one-sided twelve round unanimous decision over Ivan “El Terrible” Redkach (23-5-1, 18 KOs) in a WBC welterweight title eliminator before 8,217 on Saturday night at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

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Garcia progressively broke down and busted up the Redkach, but the game Redkach hung in until the end. Scores were 118-110, 117-111, 117-111. Redkach got away with biting Garcia in round eight.

“I thought the referee was gonna stop it because I felt like I was punishing him,” said Garcia. “He’s a tough guy, he hung in there, I wanted to get the KO, but I didn’t get it. I feel like I boxed smart, and I feel like that’s what I needed after this layoff. I really wanted the knockout bad, but I’ll accept this.

“He bit me. He said ‘Mike Tyson’ when he bit me. I said ‘Ref, he bit me.’ I thought I needed stitches or something. That’s my first time ever getting bit in a fight. Things happen though. I’ve been in a street fight before, so I did it all.”

“I’m not gonna lie, I felt good, but I didn’t feel my best. I did lose a lot of weight for this fight, so maybe that played a factor. From a long layoff, and just losing so much weight. I lost about 25 pounds in eight weeks.

“I promised myself that I’m going to stay in the gym now and stay in shape. I felt regular, but then when I got on the scale a few weeks ago, I was like ‘Woah.’ So maybe that played a factor, maybe it didn’t. I make no excuses. I didn’t feel my best, but I felt good.

“Either or (Spence or Pacquiao) either of those fights I would like to have. My style looks great with both fighters.

* * *

Redkach stated, “This was very good experience for me. He never had me hurt and I was able to learn a lot. I’m thankful to be in this position that my team put me in and I’m going to keep growing from here.

“I’m going to get back in the gym and get stronger and better. I’m thankful for the experience against Danny Garcia. I’m going to be back and be much better.”

* * *

WBC #2 rated Garcia said he chose Redkach, who is rated #25 in the WBC ratings, because Redkach is a southpaw, as are WBA champion Manny Pacquiao and WBC champion Errol Spence, either of whom Danny wants to fight next.

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    • I know Danny had ring rust, but that lack luster performance gets him a big title shot with another champion? Did I miss something (being cynical)? Maybe make him earn his big title shot with another tune-up with even a bigger name?

      • I thought that performance was pretty solid. Garcia has really good fundamentals , but just seems to have a harsh ceiling. He wouldn’t have any other ideas against Pacquiao

      • Hard to stay awake for any of the fights on this card-none showed enough that you would be excited to see them again.

  • It is very likely Mr. Pacquiao,
    who is still youthful can overcome the one dimensional Mr. Garcia. These boxers today do not learn, refine and or particularly care to master the science of boxiana. Copyright 2019 Coach Hilario

    • I agree, Garcia is a one dimensional fighter no head movement or side to side. Easy target for paquiao speed.

    • Yeah that’s what they expected would be too much for him when he fought Khan. Pac isn’t the same fighter and I believe he wins but it’s more of a war of attrition than an easy victory. “Prime” Pac would’ve beaten Garcia down but not this version so much.

  • I remember when Crawford was at 140 and Danny was the 147 champ Danny pops said he will walk through Terrince but as Terrince moved up to 147 Garica and showtime never mentioned Crawford name, but good fight Danny.

    • I do take myself serious. My eBook Boxing University Spiritual Ascension is a published entity on Kindle. BUSA is a collective of mine factual in-ring experience and navigational paths to redeem Fistiana. A docuseries transcript and [ design development and construction administration ] to erect the first-ever Boxing University. Therefore, all my publications have a ©️ Copyright 2019 Coach Hilario (even comments because I humbly share what is mine that is applicable thereof and are N O T topical). Many are ‘sharing’ herein without an active campaign thereof. But politely, simple minds do not discern and or comprehend wisdom, originality, innovation and or publishing rights [ for ] what is yours needs such signature and descriptiveness.

      • I had to read your post twice to grasp your grammar and meaning. Sorry for the deciphering complexity on my part. I think it’s safe to say all of us are on here for fun, talking smack, sharing of ideas, and understanding limited digital knowledge. Yes, all of us come from different walks of life, have different opinions, and most of all, display vast emotions via posts. Kinda hard for all of us to meet in the middle on here since we have different priorities and views. All that being said, to each his own and hopefully we can all get along. Have a great day!

  • First at all, Danny Garcia shouldn’t get paid for such a dreadful performance. A fight against Pacquiao is no in my wishing list, because it’s going to be even more dreadful than this one in Pacquiao’s favor. A fight against Porter could be more entertaining and competitive for sure .

    • Shouldn’t get paid? Are you serious? He fought and tried to get him out of there. How would you like to you know you worked on a project for several months and there were shortcomings that made it very complicated but you did your best which was good but not your best work and the customer decided not to pay you at all?

  • Garcia looked anything but dominate in this fight. He was slow and ponderous throughout, losing the last two rounds.

    • Isn’t it poetic – the last boxer with a truly old school record (70+ fights) will be the fighter that bridges WWE style match ups with boxing. Mayweathers fixed match went under the radar = happy days. Mctapouts fixed match against cowgirl went under the radar (except for Scooby he saw the fix)

    • Yeah you could be right, but Pacquiao can fight two times this year and McGregor won’t be a real fight after all, it would be just a sideshow.

  • I want PBC fighters to say Terrace Crawford even tho the fight ain’t going to happen say his name anyway

  • Redkach is a punk for biting Garcia. Too bad Danny didnt KO him. Hopefully filthy punk Redkach gets KOd in his next fight. I’ll root against him for being a punk.

    • I recall Mills Lane immediately disqualifying Tyson when Holyfield’s ear was chomped on. Apparently, Benji the ref must have forgotten the rules; no biting or he thought Garcia needed the rounds. Which is it?

      • RJJ lost for hitting a man while he was down. I see this happen more than ever. Either rules are changing or boxing is turning into UFC

  • It was a routine win by Garcia over an overmatched opponent. Redkach looked worn down even before the championship rounds and I thought Garcia had the perfect opportunity to stop him. Inexplicably, he didn’t jump on Redkach and actually took his foot off the gas in the last three rounds. It was an uninspired win by Garcia. I’d give Redkach one clear round (the 11th) and possibly one or two more.

    I don’t think Garcia is quick enough or throws enough punches to beat Pacquiao. He’s excellent with his counter hook but looks slow when he initiates the action and throws those looping punches. He really needs to keep his punches straight most of the time. He also looked flatfooted tonight and looks terrible when he squares up and throws those looping shots.

    Danny got a lot of good work tonight, but he’s got a long way to go to beat any of the top welterweights. He admitted he felt good but didn’t feel at his best. I wish him luck against Pacquiao. He will need it to be competitive.

  • Danny beats a punching bag. Now he due to fight Pac man. I think Pac Man is done. I think the last of his greatness left the ring towards the end of the Thurman fight. If I’m right, Garcia might be able to squeak by. If this was 5 years ago, Manny gives him a beating. Garcia is a great counter puncher with a solid chin. That is what gave Manny a problem when he fought Marquez. It’s a question of age, and style. Manny is older and slower, while Garcia does something that gives Manny a few problems. It will also be perfect for the PBC. The old guy passes the torch so the young guys can unify the belts.

  • This PBC mentality of fighting once a year is why PBC fighters want no part of anyone else. Look in reality Garcia has all the tools, fundamentals, ring intelligence, patience to beat anyone. But for whatever reason, he or PBC believes it’s always best to fight once a year or once every 2 years. So in essence we get fighters that figure it’s their business to get paid for basically having a walk in the park. Now i’m not getting down on Garcia, who in my opinion, really never lost those 2 B.S decisions against him, but he has gone along with this new school mentality of I want as much money as possible to do as little as possible. NEVER has any fighter been so side stepped as Crawford. The mere mention of his name makes PBC fighters look to get out of dodge. It’s like this, FIGHTERS MUST FIGHT, Baseball players, basketball players, hockey players must play their sports because this is the way you get better, BOXING cannot develop any real fighters that do not fight on a regular basis.GARCIA won probably every round, but when you’re in that ring and looking for multi ZILLION $$$$ fights, you need to bring the excitement and the heat with you. You’re not in their for a walk in the park.

  • Garcia is too predictable, nothing had changed in his style. Pacman knows how to deal and adjust to his style like Thurman’s style too predictable.

  • Good win but a UD is not enough for a title shot. Don’t think he’s done enough to separate himself from the rest of the pack.

  • I did not see the fight but I thought Redkach won the fight because he was less aggressive and took more punishment.

    • I recall Mills Lane immediately disqualifying Tyson when Holyfield’s ear was chomped on. Apparently, Benji the ref must have forgotten the rules; no biting or he thought Garcia needed the rounds. Which is it?

      I posted this same comment above…

      • Scooby, Mills didn’t disqualify Tyson until the second bite. I’d have to see the replay, but I’m pretty sure Benji was out of position for Redkach’s “bite”. I throw quotations around bite, because it was barely a nibble. In no way does it compare to Tyson’s CHOMPs.

        As for the fight….Garcia was fine. It’s not a bad shake the rust off fight, but he has to start fighting more. These layoffs don’t help him in any way.

  • you know, I thought garcia would dispose of redkach early? and he wants a fight with pac? manny will win by decision unless he can crack that hard head of garcias, then kO

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