Hearn: Usyk-Chisora is close

Promoter Eddie Hearn says a heavyweight clash between Oleksandr Usyk and Derek Chisora can still happen. “We’re close,” Hearn told Sky Sports. “I mean both guys understand that without a gate at The O2, there’s significantly less revenue driven to that show, but both guys fancy that fight. We’re trying to get the math right. We’re trying to get the numbers right to get these guys over the line. I have to say, fair play to both of them, they are trying to find a way.” Usyk-Chisora was originally set for May 23.

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  • Exactly what does this do for Oleksandr Usyk’s career? He beat a guy that lost to all the others top contenders… 10 years ago! Did they really believe Usyk was ready for a title shot?

    • He’s a tough gate keeper.. It’s not an easy test for Usyk and he needs to beat this type of opposition before taking on fighters like AJ or Fury..

  • Usyk by late stoppage…
    Let’s have a little fun. Who wins between a prime Usyk and a prime Holyfield at Cruiserweight and Heavyweight?

      • I agree. Holyfield was battle tested in many facets of boxing and still managed to beat some legit heavyweights with some “crack” in their right hands. Still remains to be seen if Usyk can bang with a big puncher (i.e., Wilder, Joshua) and manage to get thru that battle without being taken out. The punch density from a legit heavyweight is much more remarkable than a cruiserweight. I wish Usyk luck, but let’s see what happens when he truly steps up.

        One bad habit I have noticed with Usyk is as a fight progresses, he tends to come down the middle, straight up with his head, and throws some arm punches which reflects his high punch volume. Not sure that tactic will suffice with a big puncher in the heavyweight division. That bad habit is nothing more than target practice for a big puncher when it is timed correctly. He may need to move at angles and rack points up as soon as someone can take his best punch and not be hurt. Possible? Yup……

  • Put all those top heavyweights in the heavyweight treasure pot and let’s see which heavyweight will proudly emerge with the “Ultimate Heavyweight Crown.”

    • Oh E-Man, that’s a huge and impossible dream.A dream similar to have just one sanctioning body formed by fair and honest people

      • Could happen if fighters refused to pay sanctioning fees for their meaningless titles. Their was a time when a heavyweight championship fight was a major sporting event.

  • Definitely a good fight to be made, which Usyk should win and legitimately position himself for a heavyweight title shot. That way nobody can bitch about Usyk just stepping up and undeservedly fighting for the crown.

  • Usyk should win easy, but Chisora experience and level of competition (despite he had fell short against top notch guys) must be a good measure stick to have an idea of Usyk’s chanches against better guys. Honestly, I don’t see Usyk beating Joshua or Fury. Joshua would walk through and Fury toying until he decides to end the contest.

  • All Usyk is going to do at Heavyweight is spoil a unification matchup Between Fury and AJ. I hope Chisora beats him to get him out of the way otherwise some belt will be stripped from AJ before he can fight Fury.

  • Usyk pretty much cleared the CW in just 16 fights. Impressive! How he performed vs Glowacki and Gassiev was outstanding.
    Still I’m not sure about his new career in HW. He had problems with strong Briedis, didn’t look comfortable at all at the beginning with Bellew. He has less KO’s against top-contenders in CW. He seems to lack strength and power, technically top scores, but is open sometimes to hit anyway.
    Think power and strenght might be a problem to Usyk in HW. He must be tested thoroughly if serious about getting a belt, if his team just don’t go for a titleshot and the money.
    Chisora is a warrior, I guess he still is, a good precautionary test, maybe just to see if Usyk has it in the HW or not. Like holding up a finger in the wind just to check the direction.

  • Usyk fan, but don’t see him as a proper heavyweight in this era of bigger heavyweights. His speed and dare I say it, running, will make him win some top fights, even possibly the title by following his game plan, but that will include a lot of running.

  • Probably the ideal benchmark for Usyk. DC is probably lower 2nd tier behind guys like Povetkin , Whyte , Parker , Ortiz , Ruiz , Hunter etc.
    He says that he won’t step aside for Fury/AJ – but that may change depending on how he does with Chisora.
    Hearn is now hinting that AJ may be willing to drop a belt to make the Fury fight

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