Hearn: Tszyu being moved too fast

By Ray Wheatley – World of Boxing

UK promoter Eddie Hearn doesn’t think Tim Tszyu is ready to challenge undisputed 154 pound champion Jermell Charlo which has been ordered by the WBO.

“Tim Tszyu is a good talent, I just feel the problem in boxing sometimes is some people can believe in their guy so much they can move them too fast and put them in the wrong fights,” Hearn told Wide World of Sports. “I’ve been guilty of it before. But I don’t like the Charlo fight for Tim Tszyu. I actually think he’s not quite there yet. I think there’s some more development to do. He went to America for his American debut, got dropped but it was a good win. I would actually bring him back here for one or two more but it’s got nothing to do with me. That’s the fan’s perspective.

“But Matt Rose (Tszyu’s promoter) and the Tszyu family, they clearly believe in him and they want to roll the dice but it’s another level against Charlo. But you have to take these opportunities when they present themselves, so good luck to him. I think he’s a very good fighter.”

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    • I agree. Tim’s defense needs some work. Charlo’s counter punching will get the best of Tim. Yep, it’s too soon.

    • He’s almost 28 years old. That’s the absolute physical prime for most fighters. Give him the shot, if he loses he loses. He’s been in the gym his whole life, time to sink or swim. His dad was a champ at 26.

  • Hopefully Charlo won’t do to him what Trinidad did to David Reid and Fernando Vargas @54!

    • Reid was his eye and Vargas was his ghetto punk self. Discipline. Vargas never had any.

    • What?!?!?! Since she. Is Charlo this devastating puncher that ruins careers? The guy has to fight average fighters twice just to get a win. Tony Harrison? Imagine someone like Harrison fighting Trinidad ahahaha he’d get laid out before round 5.

      • By no means would I EVER compare him to Trinidad! But with that being said, Charlo is no joke!!

    • Reid and Vargas were far more talented than Tim Tszyu. I’m baffled as to what people see in him. Maybe above average but definitely no special talent in any facet. Not particularly quick, doesn’t seem to be a devastating puncher, his footwork is a bit lagging etc.. decent looking fighter but not on and will never be on Charlo’s level.

  • I agree with Eddie Hearn and I actually heard that another one of Charlo’s mandatories, Bakhram Murtazaliev had a contract to get his shot first. If I were Tszyu’s people, I’d let him do that and fight on the undercard against a good opponent (PBC has a few of them at that weight, Hurd, Harrison, Perella, Clark etc.) and then fight Charlo early next year. But I also heard that they were talking about paying Murta a step-aside, so it looks like Tszyu is taking his shot.

    • I love how boxing “fans” would rather play match maker and applaud garbage fights instead of wanting to see the best fight the best. Are all the comments from bots?

      Where are the actual fans that want to see top 10 guys fight each other? Instead of watching tune up after tune up with zero payoff as if that’s what fans want to see?

      • I don’t even understand what you’re saying Jay. Are you THAT high on Tszyu that you’re thinking him vs Charlo is an example of best fighting the best? I’m not. So for me, if you’re talking about best vs best and Charlo is in the discussion right now, you’re talking about him fighting someone from 147 or 160 and I see no reason to whine and complain about him not doing that just yet.

    • I agree with you, Lucie. The Gaushe fight showed Tszu’s deficiencies, especially his defense. He should be fighting lower ranked fighters to correct the deficiencies.

      After reading a number of your comments, I think you have a boxing IQ like Rosie Perez, which is. Very good.

      • Thank you Tex and I’ve heard Rosie Perez talk about boxing, so I take that as a compliment.

        Tszyu is 27, if Charlo has something else to do anyway and you can take another fight or two against a top 15ish kind of guy, why not take it and maximize your opportunity? Because if gets caught against Charlo like he did against Gausha, that’s a one round fight.

        • Tim is smart enough to not get caught Like that against Charlo. It was his 1st fight in the states and he looked too relaxed, that won’t happen against Charlo. You guys are talking about Charlo like he’s a God or something. He’s lost a fight so he isn’t unbeatable. Yes he has quick hands and power in both but if he underestimated Tim, it will be Kambosos vs Lopez all over again.

      • @Lucie’s comments are always on-point, factual, and typically include a Box Rec check or two.

  • pfft..I pick pedigree over punk any day. Tszyu easy. Charlo is a human disgrace. Zero discipline. Tszyu is Kostya’s son. Nuff said.

    • Boxing isn’t dog breeding.. your pedigree is rooted in amateur experience, gym lessons, exposure through sparring more accomplished fighters.. your last name means nothing.. I guess no one can beat Shane Mosley Jr and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr then?? How simple of you.

  • Maybe Hearn is right or maybe he isn’t, but the truth lies beneath a desire to prove himself by facing the best man at 154. Let the kid fight Charlo, and if he losses in a great battle is an achievement, better yet a win wight convert him instantly in a megastar, so is a win win situation, I don’t think he will crumble in the first round like Erik Lubin, rather I see Tszyu putting a fierce effort against Charlo, a memorable fight.

    • Exactly ! If he doesn’t take the fight and charlo moves up, misses out on this fight and then Tim would be called out for avoiding Charlo. What hearn is saying is I’d get the max $$$ out of Tszyu before putting him in with a champ – kind of typical of a promoter.

  • Yeah, wait until you’re 30-0 and 33 years old before you fight anyone with a pulse. That’s how interesting fights get made!!!

    Remember how great JuanMa vs Gamboa was after all that “marinating”? Or Mayweather vs Pacquiao? That fight was so much better when both guys were clearly passed their best.

    I mean really, who want to watch two fighters in their primes fight each other? No one!!!! We want fighters to fight bums and tune ups until they lose a step and then fight the big fight everyone wants to see!!!!

    Why do none of these young fighters have an dignity or pride? They rather make money that they are gonna spend on jewelry and cars and be broke by 30 years old than take chance against actual good opposition.

  • I said it before Tim is not ready ,he got dropped by a guy not known for power and Tim makes alot of mistakes needs to tighten up considerably to beat Charlo…easy defence for Charlo.

  • Go ahead and put Tszyu in there with Charlo (Jermell) because I strongly suspect Jermell is going to 160 real soon; however, win/lose/draw, Tszyu must display a solid/good performance.

    If Tszyu displays a solid performance in defeat, I believe his performance and name will keep him in the ranking mix for another title shot in the near future. Meanwhile, a solid performance against Jermell will allow Tszyu to get a good pay day; maintain a solid ranking; gain a larger USA fan base; and stay in contention for another title opportunity in the near future (probably against “The Fundora Code”).

    I believe it is worth the risk because Tszyu will at least display a solid performance against Jermell (win/lose/draw).

  • Tsyzu was sick all week before and during the fight against Gausha and still won after being dropped.
    Make no mistake if Charlo thinks he can walk through Tsyzu he is in for a big surprise!

  • Flat footed, no head movement, open to counter hooks. This cat isnt ready and will be schooled by Charlo in 2!

    • If he’s not ready at 27/28, he’s never gonna be ready. Get him out of the way and move on to the real interesting and exciting opponent which is Fundora. Never seen anything like it. A 6’6 jr middleweight who would rather slug it out on the inside than box. That would be in the top 10 fights that I’d like to see this year.

  • Too soon Charlo is going to stop him in the later rounds.. Tzyu has a lot of work to do in the defense area before taking on a power counter puncher like Charlo..

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