Hearn: Russell Jr, Gamboa both targets for Haney

Promoter Eddie Hearn says Gary Russell Jr and Yuriorkis Gamboa are both targets for the return of WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney in November, live on DAZN. Haney (24-0 15 KOs) is raring to return to the ring and defend his crown for the second time after he was forced into surgery when injuring his shoulder in his first defense against Alfredo Santiago in Los Angeles last November.

The 21-year-old has fully recovered and November 7 is the date promoter Hearn has earmarked for ‘The Dream’ to display his talents for the first time in 2020, with Russell Jr and Gamboa the two men vying to take on the Las Vegas star.

Haney and long-reigning WBC featherweight champion Russell Jr (31-1 18 KOs) have become embroiled in a war of words on social media over the potential clash, while Gamboa (30-3 18 KOs) is aiming for a third shot at becoming a two-weight world champion – and Hearn expects to name Haney’s foe next week.

“Devin has been doing a great job in keeping his profile active during lockdown but now it’s almost time for get busy in the ring,” said Hearn. “November 7 is the targeted date for his return and the two main targets are Gary Russell Jr and Yuriorkis Gamboa.

“Devin is ready to defend his WBC titles against all comers and I can’t wait to see him back in the ring in November.”

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  • Gamboa? Are you fucking serious?

    Mr. BLM Waste would be a good stepping stone for Haney. I think Haney can knock Russell out.

  • Or… how about a ranked LIGHTWEIGHT?
    Russell is good, but he is a FEATHERWEIGHT.

    And even if Gamboa is a bit “shot” at least he fights at LW.

    I’m sure there’s plenty of LW’s that are ready to go!

  • Gamboa must need money or something to do; he’s bored. He needs to retire for his health’s sake.

  • Looks like Hearn is leveraging this deal his way because Jr. said he wants the rematch to be on his terms and his network. So far Hearn has refused this. He won’t back up his talk that he spews to other promoters under other networks.

  • Russell, Jr. has a little bark. Let’s see Haney work his way back by fighting a fellow 135 pounder, other than Gamboa.

  • I thought Gamboa was pretty spectacular in his day, but he’s just riding on his name at this point. Russell would be a pretty intriguing fight; a lot more realistic for him to fight Haney than calling out Terrence Crawford.

  • There are at least two better options IMO. Emmanuel Tagoe or Javier Fortuna. There must be a reason why they are not considered and instead an old, prone to injuries fighter like Gamboa or a dwarf featherweight like Russell Jr. are the selection. Really weird the way to promote a guy that is touted as the next big thing. Maybe if Hearn can’t reach an agreement will consider Roman Gonzalez or Kiko Martinez.

    • Yes, both are very odd choices, but both have name recognition and carry the status of being current and former champions. I guess Hearn and more importantly, Haney’s old man, feel Russell is a safe choice based on Haney’s size advantage. They really want to position Haney to make major moves in 2021!

  • BIG MOUTH Russell suffers from little man syndrome. He tries so hard to be cool when he talks it’s like dude get over yourself already Loma schooled your ass no problem no sweat all you’ve done since is bark non stop like the little chihuahua you are. It’s crazy that your calling out lightweights and welterweights pffft, reminds me of a runt chihuahua barking at big dogs and the big dogs doesn’t even know you exist. Anyone ever notice this guy has the skull of a heavyweight but the body of a featherweight? Just bazaar lol

  • Yes Gamboa is shot. Russell would be interesting. But I gotta say, boxing is in trouble right now if this is all boxing fans can look forward to.

  • Coming off that type of injury, why not. Yea, Devin is the next Superstar. Lets make sure we can give him a good fighters chance. Thise r bith two good opponents for a tune up for him. Fast n durable and a good measuring stick. Let him get past either one of the two and make a solid opponent decision in 2021.

  • Haneyshowing not only can he not, but doesn’t want to tangle with anybody dangerous at 135 without becoming a multi-millionaire first. So his choice is, an inactive featherweight or a shot to pieces Gervonta Davis left over?

  • Gamboa is small and shot, Russell is small and doesn’t punch hard enough, both outcomes are predictable. Why not “target” Stevenson, Loma-Lope winner, Tank, Ryan Garcia, so many less predictable options

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