Showtime reveals Charlo PPV price: $74.95

Showtime Sports announced today the price and programming lineup for its pay-per-view doubleheader on September 26 featuring two separate fight cards each headlined by one of the world champion Charlo twins. The Showtime PPV event includes six fights, five of which are world championship bouts, at a suggested retail price $74.95.

The first part of the telecast will be headlined by undefeated WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo defending his title against Sergiy Derevyanchenko. WBA super bantamweight champion Brandon Figueroa will defend his title against Damien Vázquez in the co-featured bout, while WBO bantamweight world champion John Riel Casimero faces off against Duke Micah in the pay-per-view opener.

After a 30-minute intermission, WBC super welterweight world champion Jermell Charlo faces unified WBA/IBF 154-pound world champion Jeison Rosario, Luis Nery will battle Aaron Alameda for the vacant WBC super bantamweight world championship and former unified champion Danny Román faces former champion Juan Carlos Payano in a WBC super bantamweight title eliminator.

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  • Good luck getting $75 a pop. I bet if you went to any city and asked the first 10 people you met if they knew any of the participants, you would get a blank look. That is reality, unfortunately.

  • Wow, 75 bucks for a Charlo fight. Yea, thats not happening from me. This is their breakout fights to finally show their worth. They havent proced anything yet. Looks like ill be catching the replay a week later

  • $74.95

    Showtime can’t be that stupid!

    The only fans intellectually compromised enough to pay that amount for a PPV fight is the Mexican-“American” fanbase and only if there’s a 100% Mexican fighter in the main event.

    • Stop being racist. If the superbowl was on ppv Americans would pay for that no matter who the teams were. Maybe I dont care about your football culture. Maybe I believe people that get in fights over their football team is ridiculous. There is nothing like a major boxing fight. Tyson Spinks, De La Hoya Chavez, Mayweather Pacquiao. I’ll watch that any day over a superbowl.

  • I can’t wait for this event to flop. $74.95 in the middle of a pandemic with people out of jobs and I’m supposed to get excited about the “title” fights. Keep your secondary titlist and I’ll keep my hard earned money.

  • Lmao soooo desperate for $$$. All sports are dead in the New World Order. Here’s an charge $10 and see how many people will buy it…..

  • A great quality CARD by Showtime at a BAD price for the times. You can’t make up for understandable limited programming in 2020 by loading up a card and charging $75 “the new normal PPV price” when you haven’t given SHO subscribers a recent diet of events first. At least Bob A. has led the way with weekly ESPN cards. For PPV pricing shouldn’t exceed $25 in 2020 to get fans back. Or I’ll pay up to $25 at the theatre. That works for many events. Or no go.

  • LOL!!!! Not a chance! I’ll be streaming for free on firestick. Anyone who pays this price is a SUCKER!!

  • Way overpriced, especially considering the (lack of) quality of bouts being offered and the state of the US economy.

  • Not from me, they are not. $75?

    Showtime must be trippin on Joe Biden & Mattress Harris’s crack stash.

    • Paulie talk too much, he’s jealous of other fighters, and he looks like a T-girl that couldnt afford the rest of her hormone pills. Good riddance!

      • Paulie Rules !!

        Racism, KKK, BLM, ISIS, Biden, Mattress, And All Other Terrorists Suck !!

        Fuck Showtime & Netflix.
        CNN sucks too.

  • I was going to buy it, but not at this steep price. I was thinking it was going to be like 40 or 50. I get that the alphabets are saying everything is for a world title, but real boxing fans know that is bull crap. There is but one lineal champ per division, and the alphabets aren’t needed. I mean you promoters understand how to set a market price to get the most money overall right? It doesn’t seem like it, this is way to steep. If you get 200K (if you’re lucky) to buy at 75, that is a total of that is 15 mil. If you had priced it more reasonably and cheaper, you would get an over all higher price. Say sell it at 40 you might get 500K buys which is 20 mil. Sell it so high and everyone will just find another way to watch it or they won’t watch it at all. Its a good card, don’t get me wrong, but it isn’t a 75 dollar card in value. Charlo Vs Deverenchenko is a battle of top 10 contenders. Canelo is the true champion at 160 for now, although he might not ever return there. Nery is in a mismatch as is Figueroa. Roman and Payano is a battle of contenders in a lineal sense. I don’t care what the corrupt alphabets say about it. Now Rosario Vs Charlo, that is a legit world championship fight, but STILL not 75 in value. Its a 40-50 card in value. You guys realize because of COVID not as many people have money. You all getting greedy on price, is actually going to get you less in the long run because it will tank.

    • Great Call Alan Showtime Bumped their Heads trying to make up for lost Revenue @ the Gates with No Fans!

  • I know they’re putting a lot of world champ matchups but this price is insane! I’d pay tops 30$

  • If this is for pay, I hate to imagine what showtime plans to offer on their regular overpriced premium platform.

  • How about i already pay for showtime. Are you telling me thats not good enough. Now you want 75..00 dollars From me. Originally tv was free. The commercials payed all the expenses for everything then a group of slicksters said hey lets charge people and call it cable. Then premium channels were invented by the crooks. Now pay per view by the crookeder crooks.

  • I will support the fighters and purchase the event….any fans want to watch it for free i will be showing it live on Facebook…

    • Thats very considerate of you. Nice of you to look out for the fighters. Wish the promoters and networks felt the same way.

  • $74.95 is crazy. These are fights that would ordinarily be on Showtime for free. Now the free fights are mismatches and anything decent appears to be headed to PPV. I cancelled Showtime and added HBO Max instead since neither has any top boxing and HBO has Raised by Wolves, the Last of Us, etc.

    I hate to wish ill on anyone’s business venture but if a 40+ year boxing fan such as myself is going to take a hard pass that isn’t a good sign. If this does work out for them then I will have to acknowledge that I won’t be seeing mid-range level fights like this.

  • Some big fights here – put on some MMA fights and add in a few You Tubers and I might think about it. I recently bought the fight circus from Thailand on PPV – 2 v 1, regular joes v professional boxer. Add in a professional female boxer v a street fighter or some guy recently released from prison. If Covid has thought us anything it’s to think outside the box

  • Really Showtime? With this pandemic and people struggling financially you want to charge and then so much? You are insane.

  • Sell the event to Communist China. That’s where the money and jobs are located. U.S.A is Cinderella Land.

  • When I saw the lineup, I thought it looked like a good, solid Showtime Championship Boxing Show. PPV? No way; especially in the current market where fans are now conditioned to paying a modest monthly fee for a month’s worth of boxing, and not an exorbitant fee for one show.

  • They have lost their collective minds on this one. $75 good luck with that. I’ll wait on the replay.

  • I am a hardcore Fan and the brothers are good but they do not have enough name recognition to carry A PPV at $75.00 Yet unless they are going against GGG and Canelo

  • They don’t seem to understand pricing elasticity. If they charged a reasonable $29.95, they would get 8 times more sales which equals more revenue. Price gouging during pandemic times. I don’t have a problem paying for the event (I’m a boxing fan and I like watching fights live), but it needs to be reasonable.

  • They’re TRIPPIN for that price.
    Loma & Lopez are fighting FOR FREE on Espn, cause they know that the fans wanna see a REAL fight, but due to issues we’re ALL facin 75.00 is dos muchos. So they’re given to to us for nada.
    Good luck on that tho.

  • Its almost as if they don’t want anyone to buy it. That way it can be said they have zero draw power if there ever is negotiations with GGG or Canelo.

  • I would never pay for such a fight. I remember the days when I would eat lunch, turn on the TV, then see “George Foreman vs Ron Lyle”. $75? No thanks.

  • When I was living in the US in 1990s most HBO and Showtime PPV’s were $30, and the De La Hoya PPVs were around 50 bucks. Tyson-Lewis was 100 bucks.

  • Great card but with current economic environment this is non sense. Rather invest the 74 bucks(+ difference) into a firestick that will pay dividends down the line with other shows. At least use the money for actual necessities man.

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