Hearn calls for Fury-Joshua unification clash

“We’d be clowns, we’d be idiots if we didn’t make this fight,” Eddie Hearn, promoter of WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, told Sky Sports about a potential all-British unification showdown between Joshua and WBC champion Tyson Fury.

“I promise you this fight will happen. If we have to fight (Kubrat) Pulev, we’ve got to beat Pulev, and if he has to fight Wilder, he’s got to beat Wilder again. Both of those things will happen. Fury will beat Wilder again and Joshua will knock Pulev clean out, despite Bob Arum telling us very differently…you will get this fight. We will do everything that it takes to make this fight.”

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  • In a perfect world, AJ and Tyson Fury would unify the heavyweight championship this summer with the winner fighting Wilder. But first things first.

      • This past fight reminded of the old days of Jeff “Left Hook” Lacy fighting Joe Calzaghe. Lacy was a big puncher and a force early in his career. Calzaghe had a great record (as a boxer) at the time, but really not much a powerhouse puncher like Lacy. When the two met to fight, Calzaghe battered him up and really did a number on Lacy. Lacy struggled for a while to recover from that loss. Lacy reminded me of Wilder over the past weekend; alot of horsepower in the punch, but got out pointed, out gunned, and battered into a mental submission.

        • Other news sites reporting Wilder blames his ring costume weighing 45 pounds took a toll on his legs wearing into the ring. This is an excuse he is using right now. No kidding.

    • yeah i like that order of things. Wilder should take some extra time off. The problem is, it is probably his only opportunity to ever fight Fury again. Fury will likely stick to his word and face AJ, then Chisora at old trafford, then retire. One thing that has kind of bugged me about this trilogy situation is what happens if Wilder wins? It would resolve nothing. Surely there would have to be a 4th.

    • Arturo, I agree with your first point about Fury vs AJ, but the winner face Wilder, Really??
      After the beating Wilder took on Saturday, dont think he will recover or compete at elite level again, he should forget about Fury, AJ and Whyte. I think even Ortiz has his number now.
      He should fight Pulev or Miller first and see how he does against them.
      Fury will make his mandatory with Whyte and AJ has his 2 mandatories and then we can look forward to seeing Fury and AJ Duke it out early 2021.

  • With all of the negative muscle memory, Mr. Wilder hath incurred, it will be tough to incorporate [ in Mr. Wilder ] an array of Jabbing methodologies. Leveraging his strikes to complement his height and reach capacities, while he maintains a rhythmic defense and offense. These have to be demonstrated and supervised throughly. Although, it is very possible !! Willie Pep was rehearsing Jabbing variances in the 160 bouts demographics. Mr. Breland and Co., have not enhanced Mr. Wilder in the least and the films show a recycled [ experience ] Mr. Wilder throughout. Moreover, Mr. Wilder is on video getting a few tips from Lennox Lewis [ in a dark parking lot ] and never hired him full-time. All pugilists should have a brain—trust. No exceptions ! Boxing is an infinite science. Young fighters seek competing in 15 — 20 four, six, eight and ten rounders to heighten your fistic mastery in the professional combat temperatures. Stop chasing these acronym belts that mean nothing. #BoxingRingChess ©️ Coach Hilario 2019

  • If Mr. Joshua was that confident they would report any hour now to immediately cancel the bout with Mr. Pulev and give him a step aside money like Lennox received from Mike Tyson years ago to fight Mr. Holyfield because it was bigger at that time.

    • Pulev won’t be a problem. They will pay him what they need to step aside. The main hurdle is Wilder wanted 3rd fight

  • AJ is a much more balanced fighter than wilder and as such I expect him to present a much more difficult matchup.

  • The big hurdle for this fight happening is not Wilder, Pulev, Whyte or the other mandatory (Usyk or Parker)…..is a 80+ plus man named Bob Arum. Eddie Hearn is excited about the idea to stage this fight in UK, but Arum might have another toughts, along with Warren and Fury. A fight of this magnitude means billions (not millions) in revenue for the host city, in this case las vegas, and a chunk of that would have to go to Top Rank, Warren and maybe Fury. Thousands of European would come to the city for this fight, the vast majority from UK. Who wants this to let slide?
    Fury is a very well known fighter in USA and with his great win over Wilder his popularity is soaring in unimaginable proportions.
    When I see this, my conclusion is that this fight is very hard to get made.

  • I think it makes ZERO sense for either Fury or Wilder to want an immediate rematch with the other…. and it makes less sense from a business perspective than it does from a career trajectory standpoint. Wilder’s stock is down following the loss, but it’s still got value. Jumping right back into a rematch and losing would drive it into the basement. Fury, on the other hand, could sell tickets to any match with a legit heavyweight, so he’s covered for the time being. Why waste time on a less coveted rematch with Wilder straight away? If Wilder can pocket a couple of wins and raise his stock, it could then be a huge fight. I know the contracts allow for a rematch, but any contract can be changed. Change the dating to the Fall of 2021 and allow each fighter two interim matches and let the trilogy build some demand.

  • Geez, if Hearn thinks this fight is going to wait until after the third Wilder fight then that tells me it’s never going to happen. I thought AJ’s fight with Pulev was already signed, so him and Fury can get it on after that fights over. Any longer than that and Tyson might walk away from the sport, as his father suggested he do now.

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