Haney-Kingry collide April 20

Haney Kingry

WBC super lightweight champion Devin Haney (31-0, 15 KOs) will defend against Ryan Garcia (24-1, 20 KOs) on April 20 in Las Vegas. Both sides have confirmed the fight on social media. Fight now also confirmed by Golden Boy and Matchroom.

BetOnline (www.BetOnline.ag) set odds on the boxing match this morning, and Haney is a huge favorite.

Fight Odds
Devin Haney -500 (1/5)
Ryan Garcia +350 (7/2)

The above odds equate to an 83.3% implied probability that Haney will come out ahead in the fight.

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  • Yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss babyyyyy
    Oneof the fights I have been waiting for

    I will buy it now matter the price


    • Calm down lol its not official yet its just social medial talk. They’ve talked before on social media at 135 and nothing happened. They’ve talked a month or two ago and nothing happened. When its official then its party time.

      • Listen #HawnJay
        Look at Devin Haney & Ryan Garcia’s google statuses
        Make sure you look at both of their statuses on google, ‘kay?

      • In this day and age even if it’s announced you can’t be sure‍♂️

  • I just use my computer a great/big fights

    Ryan by Dec ……………25%
    Haney by Dec…………23%
    Ryan by ko/tko …….22%
    Haney ko/tko………6%

  • I don’t care who wins but of cour want Ryan to win
    I Wana see putazos
    Hopefully they don’t run like Jermaine ortiz

    • The guy is a nut case and the comments section of Fightnews has deteriorated since his arrival.

    • Watch you’re mouth this is not a shit hole kind of boxing site like bn24.actually it’s a legit boxing site which only write confirmed news and people don’t bark like that to each other.not writing article about every rumor and gossip .and definitely not a place for using f words etc. at least let this site remain clean.

    • At 135 nobody can beat tank
      If tank moves to 140 then things might change a little bit but tank still de do dangerous at 140 but not the monster he is at 135

      Ryan vs Haney
      Winner vs Teófimo
      Winner vs tank

      At 140

      • It’s a bunch of great talent @ 135 and Tank my dude, but let’s be honest he hasn’t fought many of the better ones. This is the deepest division in boxing but yet good fights not being made, why? The champion or a real champion could demand certain things no matter who you are signed with. Greed and fake champions not deserving of the title will take the latter.

  • Easy fight for Haney. He’s developed his skills to a further level than what garcia has to this point.

    Garcia couldn’t stay disciplined to fight tank at range, no way he fights smartly against someone as long as himself.

    Haney will stay back and outbox Ryan and take advantage of mistakes when Ryan gets frustrated and lunges.

    This will be an easy fight to score. Unanimous decision for Haney.

  • I don’t believe until its official. They’ve talked before on social medial at 135 and nothing happened. If Ryan takes this fight he’s getting another L and no title. I was hoping to see Ryan fight the winner of Rolly vs Cruz then fight Haney. I’d like to see him get a belt. Haney is going to box his ears off if this happens. However, if they’re fighting I won’t complain. I’ll be first row watching.

  • Good paper match up but Devin Haney wins this easily. Haney is just too quick and elusive, and Ryan Garcia yes he hits hard but his tall and lanky and will be taken to school on that night.
    Ryan reminds me of Oscar De La Hoya, Good fighter who fought the best fighters at the time and lost to ALL the best fighters.

    Haney by late stoppage or UD

    • Arturo – I disagree.

      Garcia seems to have more physical gifts than DLH, but he’s nowhere near as smart or disciplined enough to maximize his skills.

      At this point, Garcia cant even hold DLH’s sweaty gym socks.

      A better comparison might fernando vargas or someone like that. Someone with power, but not quite disciplined to train 100% or mature enough to stick to a game plan throughout the course of a fight.

      • Yeah but Vargas had way more balls than Garcia. When he lost he went down swinging. And he went down hard. I think a better comparison is Francisco Bojado.

    • by the time Oscar had 25 fights he was already a 3 division world champion and of course an Olympic Gold Medalist 25-0 20 kos but at a way different level so although there might be similarities Superhype is nothing like Oscar who by the way i wasnt a fan of lol

  • Haney is leagues ahead of Garcia.. easy win for Devin.. way better technique, smarter movement, good angles, can attack or wait and counter… all things that Garcia knows little about.. Haney TKO 9
    … Garcia is still fighting with his chin up in the air , body squared up, and is trying his hand, badly, at the sideways Philly shell.. he still looks like novice with freakish speed.

    • Hands – I Agree with everything except the ko. I just don’t see haney pressing for a knockout no matter what.

      • SteveG,
        I know it’s a stretch, but Haney looks filled out a bit more.. I think he will bring a little more pop than he had before.. Garcia looks like the type of guy that has no answer when his opponent dials in. In other words, I don’t believe he is versatile or has a plan B.. once Haney finds him, he’ll continue to find him. Garcia doesn’t do side to side movement, doesn’t pivot off his punches, doesn’t seek angles, doesn’t bob or weave, no in and out, has no game with back on the ropes… all things that Haney has in his arsenal… Haney has developed though work and loads of talent into a pretty complete young fighter.. Garcia is a speedster with holes galore in his game…

  • Loma, Prograis, and now Ryan Garcia in a 12 month period.

    Great to see Haney challenge himself.

  • Great. One fighter is a quitter the other fighter is a loud mouth race baiter. This would be the fight that I would want them both to knock each other out.

  • This fight will not end up happening! Either queenry injures himself, has a nervous breakdown or will claim the purse was not enough just to get off the hook! Haney will destroy this uffcker worst than he did kambosos! Queenry is not ready for major leaguers and another loss, he’ll probably end up retiring!

  • Ryan is not a quitter
    A liver hook cause the same effect to everybody if check them out they act the same way
    Like they can’t even walk is not like the quit they just could not move anymore
    And this can happen to anybody no matter how strong you are
    Kid azteca the Mexican very agressive warrior was specialist on liver hook

  • But also I have to accept that tank was submitting Ryan
    It was going to happen anyway
    The weight of Ryan is 140 lbs but tank request a rehydration til 137 lbs to kingry

  • very good fight . its good for boxing and it speaks highly of both fighters for taking the fight and not just talking and tweeting. hopefully tank davis fights the winner of this fight.
    the only concern for the haney- garcia fight is that it is being “promoted” by golden boy so haney will need a ko, tko, or win 10 out of 12 rounds convincingly to get the decision especially in las vegas. i am sure it will be the same old “judges”, weisfeld, cheetam , i forget the other “Judge”,and maybe even tony weeks as the referee. oh my god. ah, boxing. god help us. but it is a very good fight . hopefully everything is straight and even, and they let them fight for real.

  • How could anyone be excited about this fight?!!! Ryan can’t box!! Haney is going to box circles around him and frustrate him allll night. I’d love to see Ryan land a left hook that sends Haney into the fifth row, but it’s not happening. Garcia isn’t mentally tough enough to stay focused through an entire fight he’s losing every round in. After the 5th round he will be mentally defeated and there is no coming back. Every time he gets close to Haney he’ll be met with a hug and unable to work. Haney will outbox him on the outside rather easily. He’ll also see Ryan’s huge winging punches from a mile away just like Tank did. He should be lucky Haney has pillow fists or he’d be in store for another KO loss. This time he’ll just lose almost every single round and be embarrassed.

  • Lomachenko is the best, but has completely wrongly lost 3 times so he is for me still best pound for pound ever!!

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