Haney: I wasn’t hurt

Photo: Melina Pizano/Matchroom

WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney successfully retained his world title against Jorge Linares, but after building up a lead he got wobbled at the bell of the tenth round and largely clinched for the rest of the fight.

“The fans want to see that,” said Haney. “They want to see if I can go in there and walk my opponent down. Hit him with big shots. I showed I can do it all, I can box, I can bang, I can take a shot and face adversity and get the job done.

“It was a good shot, but I wasn’t hurt, sometimes when you get hit by a good shot, you have to be smart, continue the game plan, and I did that and got the win.

“I knew he was going to come here and give it everything, it was a huge opportunity for him, he would be willing to get knocked out to go for the win, take my biggest shots to get this title.

“I just kept smart, used the jabs, feinted and landed shots in the 12th round. You are going to get hit with big shots in boxing. I didn’t get dropped. I didn’t get hurt. You see fighters get dropped and get up from big shots and people praise them, I didn’t get dropped, I stayed on my feet, kept throwing shots and closed it out.

“I want to fight the best, I stayed focused on Jorge this week, I knew he was a tough competitor, and I got the job done with the game plan. If Teofimo Lopez wants to do it next, let’s do it for all the belts, the real undisputed.”

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  • GTFOH! He was clearly shaken at the end of the 10th and he held on for dear life in the 11th and 12th and multiple times.

    Haney is an overrated clown who runs around with a fake bogus trinket!

    • Yup. Most overrated fighter this generation. Slap slap hug, over and over.

    • Well your favorite lightweight souldnt have an issue snatching his coveted WBC belt. Lomo was scared to get in the ring with him and surrendered the belt. Dont blame Haney for putting himself in position. He’s willing to fight the best. SMH

  • Haney was hurt. That’s not for nothing that he did a Mayweather special like he did vs Mosley when he got hurt. Getting NEAR the opponent to gain time and prevent the opponent to throw full power punches is what happens when you stay that close. Nice trick, but it also says that you were hurt. I am not fooled that easily. I know my boxing. 😉

    • You’re supposed to clinch when you get hurt. That’s not a Mayweather special. My question to you is what happened to Mosley after the 3rd round? Any good boxer will get hit eventually and if he’s smart he’ll clinch. I’m not saying hug the entire fight. In boxing you’re supposed to hit and not get hit. Haney got caught and he was hurt.

    • You say you know boxing. When someone is hurt by a shot, what should they do?

  • Linares claimed in the pre-fight conference that Haney would be running from him during the fight. In reality, Haney stayed in front of Linares for the majority of the fight. Haney’s youth and athleticism made the biggest differences in this fight. A prime Linares would have beat Haney in this fight since Haney is still in the learning process got rather repetitive with his punches. Haney’s left hook is a nice touch to his arsenal. However, he needs more work to improve on his game. Time will tell.

    • I agree to an extent. Haney hasn’t reached his ceiling. Unfortunately I think that ceiling is visible. I’ve always enjoyed watching Linares fight. He has mastered his art, but there always seemed to be a missing ingredient. First his durability. Then they questioned Linares heart at the elite level. Then his scar tissue…etc. I feel the same about Haney. Hell of a fighter. Tough, skilled. But the elite, the truly great fighters would not have been holding on with death clutch the final rounds. I thought the kid would be too much for Garcia. I now hope to see this fight when both are of sound mind and body. Just because I don’t think he’s the best sure don’t mean I’m not going to enjoy the hell out of watching him try.

      • “But the elite, the truly great fighters would not have been holding on with death clutch the final rounds. ” They likely would have if they’d been hit. But they probably wouldn’t have been hit. I think Haney is open to be hit and will get hit like this vs. the elites.

        • You made my point sir. With a better fighter, Linares would not have been there nor would he had still had the pop in his punches. Haney won, but it was a much stiffer test and closer than it should have been, if Haney was to step into the very best of the weight class. He still has plenty of room to improve, and will be successful . But what does he possess that shines brighter than the others ?

          • “But what does he possess that shines brighter than the others.” Probably nothing. However, we shall see. The answer might be that he possesses a better ability to stick and move (aka to “run”). I think last night he put pressure on himself to put on a show and that contributed to him getting hit in this instance. I think he might have to double down on the stick and move/stink it out and win approach and if he does, perhaps that is the think that will carry him to victory over some of the other top guys. Of course, hard to land the big fights sometimes when you take this approach.

          • When I say “put on a show” I mean “close the show” despite the apparent lack of KO power.

  • I blame Bill Haney for making his son soft. Bill & his wife were too soft on their son, and that is why Devin is just that. SOFT.

    Cross apply this to Devin’s friend, Ryan Garcia.

    This is why parents need the belt. These 2 spoiled kids are just too damn soft.

    • He didn’t strike me as soft if you define that word to mean unwilling to mix it up or as lack of physical durability. Seems that he proved he has both of those things yetserday.

  • Earth to Haney,

    Either Tank or Lopez will beat your ass.

  • The only fight that matters right now is Tank vs Lopez.

    • Tank isn’t fighting any top tier champ. Ellerbe and Floyd will make sure of it.

      • well you mean elite champion because Tank has still fought and KOd way better competition than both superhype and handfed Haney have put together

        • Pedraza especially with the wrong strategy against Tank is equivalent to Linares, and Campbell. That was Tank’s only big ko victory and that was 4 years ago. Santa Cruz had most of his wins at super bantemweight and had seen his power fade at 126 and was on par with good champs in Frampton and Mares. SantaCruz had no business at 130 other than to chase a big money fight against a natural lightweight
          Being that Tanks been in the game 3-4 years longer as a an officially licensed boxer here he has an abysmal resume for such a star. It’s no fault of his own as I believe he would’ve faced Farmer, Russell, Berchelt, and many others if it were up to him. However his career has been managed by Floyd and he has no plans on giving the sport fans the fights we want and has said many times they’ll move him the way they feel necessary.

  • The kid is 22 years old ! Give him a break ! Lol as long as he wins , that’s all that matters . Styles make fights and Linares is no walk in the park … haney out of this bunch is the most talented but like Floyd , if he can make an easy money why not ?!? Lol

    Lopez is great and made me a fan after loma but imo I don’t think he can stay in control with someone moving and jabbing like this kid Haney ..

    Tank , too little!

    Garcia … is hard to like him and dislike him lol .. he looks very with his speed but needs a bit more experience

    Good day y’all!!

    • Ang, the kid is soft. Tank will fk him up. Lopez too. Sht. Ryan Garcia might beat his ass.

    • why give the kid a break? he talks shit so let him back it up or go play golf hell he is supposedly a champion isnt he?

      • BH. Agreed. At this level, young or old, makes no difference. He is the champ and needs to back it up. Haney runs his mouth alot but last night wasnt able to deliver. Ye, he won most rounds BUT failed from 10 on. He showed weakness in his sparring. Yes, i said sparring. Jenn is right. He needs harder sparring to take extremely hard hits to learn HOW to recover. If Linares still had that killer instinct of old, he wld have hurt haney coming in with both arms out lunging for a hug to hold on… Disgusted. TBH..

        • Better is to avoid taking hard hits like the one from last night, especially if they are avoidable in the first place.

        • Wasn’t able to deliver? So defending your title at 22 years old and winning at least 9 rounds out of a 12 round fight against a solid proven vet isn’t able to deliver? Omg you dudes are so full of hate and biased nothing is good enough. Winning isn’t good enough you dudes are comical you’re not real boxing fans and definitely don’t call things for what they is. You speak with biased and will discredit any guy you don’t favor smh

  • How come the Weekend was on Haney’s corner Haney ran and held for the last 4 rounds! Jorge almost had him!!!

    • Haney is soft & protected.

      Devin Huggies is not man enough to wear big boy pants. Hanes? Go back to Huggies. He is too soft. Huggies Diapers.

      • Devin Haney is definitely not being protected. He asked for the Lomachenko fight two years ago. When
        Lopez beat Loma, he asked for that fight.
        It seems to me that top lightweights have been ducking Haney. Now with Haney two subpar efforts against Gamboa and
        Linares, the other top lightweights are
        salivating to get at Haney. Mark my word,
        they are making a big mistake. Haney
        is going to beat them all. Haney hits hard
        enough to keep them honest.
        Canelo had to respect Mayweather’s power. He just could not recklessly walked Mayweather down. Devin Haney
        is a similar fighter. All the top lightweights have flaws in their game. In the second half of the Teofimo Lopez-Lomachenko fight, Lopez was tired. He bit down in the 12th round and showed the heart of a champion. Garcia was knock down by Luke Campbell and Davis
        was tested by Leo Santa Cruz.

    • Whose corner was the “Weekday” in?
      I must have missed that part.
      Not good 🙁

  • He spent the necxt two rounds hugging for dear life. Hegot hurt real bad. Linares could had knock him out if he’d tried harder to keep him off of him.

    • Linares has a lot of experience to let his opponent clinch him for an entire round knowing he was hurt. He let the win slip that round

  • Fighters are often hit hard or even knocked down and are not hurt. What happens is, the brain is separated from the lower body and it takes the lower body time to get the message from the brain. The mind can be very sharp, but the legs are not. Case in point. Ali said he was hurt badly by Smokin Joe in round 11 of their first fight, in round 15 Joe drops The Greatest and Ali said he was fine, that’s why he got up so fast. Floyd against Sugar Shane. Floyd said I wasn’t hurt but the room started spinning. He said I knew everything that was happening. Holmes got dropped by Shavers and said it actually cleared his head.

      • Bob: exactly!!!
        Just because the mind is fine doesnt mean ur not hurt. You jus dont realize it because of the adrenaline. Haney needs better sparring to recover from shell shock better AND faster. That kind of experience only comes from sparring above ur weight class.

      • Yup, that is the question. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what “hurt” means though. What we can say for sure is that that punch almost took Haney out and he had better find a way to avoid them in the future.

    • You can’t change the definition of being hurt in boxing ,if your legs are wobbly after a punch ,you are hurt .

    • i understand what your trying to say but this is incorrect info thats NOT how it works

  • Haney is young and learning and I get it, but what’s with all these guys fighting smaller guys and claiming to be champ. You wont get respect until you defend against a puncher in your weight class or another champ in your weight class or bigger. Managers aren’t fooling anyone but the casual boxing fans. They are all claiming to be all that but fighting small dudes or the weakest champ around. That’s why 80’s had real fighters who got respect.

  • I’m stating facts of people who have actually been hit in the ring. It’s a known fact that a fighter can have his equilibrium effected and still not be hurt in other words his sense of balance is gone but his mind is still sharp.What happened in Tyson vs Berbick? It was an equilibrium shot.Berbick’s mind said get up, the rest of his body did not get that message until later. Have you ever heard of the term flash knock down? Fighters not seeing a punch, getting dropped, jumping right up and going on sometimes to win the round.

    • Let’s keep it simple, Haney wouldn’t have been grabbing and hugging Linares if he wasn’t hurt. Devin was expected to have a convincing win with a knock out, the fight didn’t go as planned, give a moral victory for the old man Linares. If both fighters were fighting in their prime there would be no doubt who would have won .

    • Coach T: with all do respect, ur talking two different types of knockdowns. Ive had both and ur exactly right when it comes to a flash knock down. U get right back up like nothing ever happened so u are NOT HURT. As for a disrupted equilibrium, at that point, ur body is hurt thus locking up And NOT letting u get up or u get up and go right back down. Ur body is in “protection mode”. In that case VERY HURT.

  • For someone such as myself who has boxed in the amateur’s and won a regional Golden Gloves title in 1997, I’ve been hit quite a few times. I’ve never gone down, but I’ve been out on my feet once, and never felt the punch. I just knew instinctively to hold on to make sure I didn’t get knocked out with any follow up punches. The crazy thing is I fought at 165 lbs and have sparred with amateur’s and pro guys as light as 126 pounds to heavyweights and the hardest I have ever been hit was by Jermaine Fields (130 lb pro) and Gary “Tiger” Balletto (135 lb pro). Oh, and a liver shot by Brian “Bull” Barbosa (160 lb pro USBA Middleweight champ) which froze my body. It seemed as though the smaller guys had more snap and speed and the punches sting more, but the larger guys I really didn’t feel the punches. So, as far as Haney is concerned, only he knows if he was hurt, from many people’s viewpoint, a wobble constitutes a fighter being hurt.

    • I remember Brian “The Bull” Barbosa.
      He fought a lot on USA’s Tuesday Night Fights.

  • Let’s get this straight.

    Devin”Mr. Soft & Protected” Huggies almost lost & almost got KTFO to a guy that lost by KO-1, to a trail horse named Pablo Cesar Cano. And Pablo got KTFO by Marcelino Nicolas Lopez in round 2.

    Devin is FUCKING SOFT. He is protected. His dad is protecting him. His promoters are protecting him. His promoters almost shit in their pants when Devin appeared to be on his way to a late round loss.

    This is a fucking joke. Devin is a fucking joke.

    This conversation is ridiculous.

    Just bring us Tank vs Lopez.

    Devin, go home and get your fucking diaper box.

    • The Lopez I am speaking of is Teofimo Lopez. Even though I am pretty sure Marcelino would fuck Devin Haney up if they ever fought. Marcelino is no joke. I saw that kid fight. He is sic.

  • Did Jennifer just call Pablo Cesar Cano a trail horse? What an idiot comment. this reminds me of Ricardo Mayorga getting ready to fight Oscar and saying “i beat the man who beat the man” right before he got KTFO. C’mon Jennifer. U needa study up more on ur boxing game. Its obvious u never faught like most of us in here but u can’t just spewww stupid remarks like that. Tighten up ur game girl.

  • Haney was hurt “BADLY”. As Linares stated; Haney’s punching power appeared suspect judging from the Clean Shots he connected.

  • Linares won that fight. The first 5 rounds were close and then Linares took over. Robbery.

  • Everyone’s talking like Lomachenko is no longer a factor. Does anyone really think that Haney could take an uninjured Loma?

  • The fight was good. I knew Linares was going to be tough.. just from his demeanor before the fight it seem like he was ready to go. Haney fought good he started fast, I think he wanted to finish the fight in the first half. I think that was his mistake.. instead of pacing himself he started strong and got caught by some punches after slowing down. He has a lot of work to do though.. I didn’t see a lot of traps. He abandoned the body after some good body shots early. I didn’t see him make adjustments after his plan A didn’t work.. just a bunch of repetitive punches and combinations.. then survival mode in the final rounds. That was smart to do though.. if he fought the same way he did like the beginning of the fight staying in the pocket and got knocked out people would have said that he should’ve held and that if he had more experience he would have known how to survive because he was leading on all scorecards. But he did hold.. he did survive. He did the smart thing for someone with no experience of getting hurt or fighting someone like Linares. I’m not sure if I like those chambers Haney was in.. during his training. It’s probably messing up his stamina.. just train normally. Just my opinion. Anyway, I saw a very good fighter.. who needs some more work. Also, We have to look at the way Haney chose to fight.. he could’ve boxed and made it a boring fight then won an easy decision.. not sure if he’s ready for The take over though.

  • not a haney fan but he was buzzed and he did the right thing to get his wits back, linares is a hard puncher at that weight

  • I think your good but you need to fight a power boxer to see if you got it good speed do far i like that.

  • “It was a good shot, but I wasn’t hurt”
    – You were rocked. Just admit it !!

  • Should change his name to “Hugging Haney” paper champ of chumps.

  • Didn’t get hurt my ass. Who’s Haney kidding? He fought a good fight against Linares and showed some mettle in getting the win but I don’t see him surviving if Teofimo Lopez drills him like that.

  • The punch in the tenth was a big shot but what about the 2 dozen check hooks Haney ate throughout the fight? Surprised to see him get caught with those…

  • Yeah he wasn’t hurt and his chicken dance at the end of the 10th round didn’t happen either.

  • Haney won almost every round. He out boxed and fought at mid and short range nearly the whole fight. This kid is something special. For anyone to question that is kinda interesting.

  • Cmon people its 2021. We need to stop saying he was hurt let’s call it “Marginally Compromised”

  • Clearly Haney was hurt, but was he hurt badly? I doubt there’d be much talk if he said he wasn’t hurt that badly. Personally, I thought he was more gassed in the last two rounds than hurt.

    Overall, he looked really good against a solid veteran. He lacks power at this point, but maybe that’ll come. He is only 22 years old. Getting caught with a shot is bound to happen and excepting post fight bravado he handled it well. I think the best thing that could happen for him is if the other young guns “avoid” him and fight each other instead. Lopez and Garcia almost have to move up to 140 soon just on frame, so bring on the naturally smaller guys like Davis, Herring and save Stevenson for last. Haney might be Undisputed at Lightweight someday, but he won’t be beating Lopez imo.

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