Haney: An interim world title means everything

Undefeated lightweight contender Devin “The Dream” Haney (22-0, 14 KOs), has wrapped up training camp for his September 13 showdown with Zaur Abdullaev (11-0, 7 KOs) inside the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, live on DAZN. The bout was upgraded this week from a world title eliminator to a WBC interim world title fight.

Photo: Johnny Garcia/Devin Haney Promotions

“The WBC interim world championship means a lot to me,” said Haney. “Some people kept labeling me a prospect when I knew I was so much more. Being able to fight for an interim world title means everything. This not only makes me the WBC mandatory for Vasiliy Lomachenko, but I’m able to do interim title defenses until Loma is ready to fight.

“I believe the winner of Haney vs Abdullaev is in a really good position with the WBC.”

As for Abdullaev, Haney says, “I know Abdullaev is focused, he’s been at the top of the rankings for a while now, so I know he’s ready to fight. He’s an undefeated fighter, who has beaten some quality opposition, so I take him very seriously. I’m just very excited to face Abdullaev because it will show the world my skills and why I am the new face of the sport.”

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  • Part of the problem with boxing is so many fighters believe these worthless titles mean something other than sanctioning fees for these orgaanizations.

  • An “interim world title” is indeed a worthless concoction. Unfortunately, its as good as impossible for fans to stop the insanity surrounding the various sanctioning bodies.

    The good news is that Haney vs. Abdu should be a good fight. Haney is the favorite, but Abdu is not bad either. Its a great match up.

  • These sanctioning bodies take full advantages of the dreams of a fighter. Even the peel of an orange when is wrapped around their waist, means a lot, is something. I don’t blame Haney for being excited about this bogus, worthless interim title, but at the end, it could be right step in the right direction in order to elevate himself from just an untested prospect to a worthy opponent for the top guys at 135. Haney has all the traces of a mega star: speed, power, beautiful skills and foot work, just a bit small because he is too young to believe he will stay forever as a lightweight. If he is for real, a dream fight in 2020 could be against Lomachenko. Haney and Eddie Hearn want that fight if he defeats Zaur Abdullaev. I believe he is the man that will carry the torch from 135 to 147 for the next 5 to 7 years.

    • I think that Loma will prefer to fight real champions, not prospects who are on their way up. I am sure that Loma will do anything he can to keep having the best opposition possible.

  • interm titles are total BS in boxing history, totally worthless and simply a tool for TV to show silly “title ” fights and the networks encourage it.

  • The sanctioning bodies are successfully brainwashing and indoctrinating these fighters into accepting this because they will do anything to be a champion”….but they MUST KNOW that it is nonsense…their TRAINERS must know….I damn well would and do…you CANNOT be a world champion like this…

    • Its not about the fighters or trainers being brainwashed or indoctrinated. Its about commanding higher purses because your fighting in a 12 round championship fight. The announcer announces the championship with the same enthusiasm as a WBC division champion. Brings prestige to the event, makes the crowd more excited. Its the boxers job to talk it up and make it a big deal. Of course the boxers know, would you figure you know better than the boxers that are actually in the sport?

  • Bogus tittle. Haney should not call himself a champion if he wins.omachenko is the real champ.

  • It is somewhat sad to read that boxers actually think that sanctioning body interim titles mean something. These laughable titles are some of the reasons why most sports fans find pro boxing to be a complete joke. You could go to any major city and ask the first 10 people you meet who either of these boxers are and you would get 10 blank stares. That, unfortunately, is reality whether we like it or not.

    • Why do 99% of all boxing fans understand these obvious facts but nothing is done about it?

      The answer is simple: boxing has turned into a highly manipulated industry with the sole aim to generate profits for networks, promoters….and boxers who allow themselves to be manipulated by them.

      Haney is one corrupted kid with talent, and he will just get worse over time.

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