Ruiz-Joshua 2 Press Tour Ends

WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz and former champ Anthony Joshua were in London today wrapping up their three city international press tour to announce their December 7 rematch that will take place in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

Anthony Joshua: ”Right now, in my opinion, Andy Ruiz is the best heavyweight out there…I will get the titles back and be respected as the top heavyweight in the division.”

Andy Ruiz Jr: “I know AJ wants to get these belts back. They’re MINE…I still have the hunger. I just got these belts, you think I wanna lose them right away?”

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  • AJ this is a big task now and different ball game ensure that this guy Andy Ruiz you to his fullest so that next time he knows how reciprocate kind gesture of anyone that show favor to him thank you

  • Let Andy Ruiz lean how to show respect with all those mouth his been bombarded beaten AJ up his not the only one who got family or children

  • AJ needs to believe Ruiz is the best HW in order to psych himself in preparation but in reality the best is Fury. I think AJ breaks down Ruiz. Ruiz is trying to build his popularity by selling himself to the Mexican fanbase because in the states he’s just another Buster Douglas post Tyson.

      • Wilder has been down too; did you score that fight to his opponent? Learn how to score a boxing match; it’s done round by round, a couple of knockdowns don’t score a win when you lost the other 10 rounds. Hell, I even think Fury won the remainder of the 12 th after the knockdown. Don’t be dumb.

        • Joe, that is your opinion, luckily the judges didn’t look to you when they made their decision. LOL – You heard it here first, Fury will NOT fight Wilder again. He wants no part of the punching power.

          • Al: I watched the fight twice, and I had it 10 rounds to 2 in favor of Fury. I would say Joe’s comment is spot on.

      • Doc Quan, 10 other rounds fury put on a COMPLETE boxing clinic. AND he got up from both of those knock downs. Wilder’s power is completely overrated and he has absolutely no boxing skills at all.

      • Certainly was a great win. That version of Douglas cleans out Ruiz and Joshua in decisive fashion.

    • For me AJ has to be a boxer in the rematch, I don’t think he should go toe to toe with ruiz jr, sure AJ could get him but what happens if he gets caught himself?

    • AJ looks focused. It hasnt hurt him being the challenger. He will be quicker and just as powerful.

  • After beating AJ the first time why should it be hard to imagine AR Jr beating him again on the rematch. AR Jr is proud to be a Mexican American – as we all should be proud of our heritage also. Go win again Andy and make America proud!

  • AR has to many dimensions tools for the stand up style of AJ Parker warned him about AR who just has his number# round nine Andy Ruiz.

  • I think that AJ probably underestimated Ruiz last time and I wonder if Ruiz might underestimate AJ this time?
    My worry for AJ is that he overcompensates on caution and becomes a little gun shy?
    Having said that I favour AJ to win. He will now realise that there is no rematch safety net and while he could come back from a second defeat on ability , boxing politics (as we’ve seen with Wilder/Whyte) will make it a hard ask.

    • @ John: I like that comment – its a very plausible explanation of what goes on in the minds of these two boxers.

  • British Heavy weights are so over rated, that’s why time and time again we seen them get slapped out like a bitch.
    Ruiz Jr in 2!

    • You’re American heavyweights get slapped like bitches, just like Wilder did against Fury. Brezeale, Molina, Martin and so will Ruiz in the rematch.

      • @paul, wilder got painted for 20 rounds AT LEAST by fury! Thats a fact! Molina had wilder on queer street, Ortiz is 45+ and had wilder on queer street also… And brazeale gets pegged by anyone with a pulse. He never fought “Ruiz”. Get facts and come back with them.

          • @Rob, are you on queer street? Lmao! He didn’t lost but I can tell you a draw vs fury was a GIFT to Wilder! And to be honest, getting smacked and buzzed by Molina, etc
            .. And seeing how long his recovery time is gives pause for concern. THANK GOD if you are Wilder that Fury can’t ice people… What happens when someone with serious pop gets in there and knows how to finish the dea!?!? He get’s “JOSHUA’D.. THATS WHAT!

        • Yes, agreed on some of your points.
          Wilder did get owned by Fury and was rocked by Molina, but Molina barely landed a jab on AJ and was demolished in 3 rounds by AJ and Martin and Brezeale suffered the same consequences, Facts!!

      • @Paul, funny, cause the boxing match I saw was Fury getting slapped like a bitch to the floor over and over again. The more he felt the power, the faster he ran. LOL. NOTE: You heard it here first. FURY will NOT fight WILDER again. He wants no part of that punching power again.

        • You sure about that???
          More like Wilder wants no part of Fury, that’s why he is fighting old man Ortiz again.

  • Close decision loss to Parker was a clear indication that Ruiz was world class fighter, not only a chubby guy with a padded record, underestimating this was one of the mistakes of AJ . This for sure doesn’t exist no more, but could be something bigger than that now, and is the fact that maybe AJ will have to face an improved version of Ruiz and also highly motivated. Now the question: Who will step in the ring with more fear? the one that was badly trashed in the first fight or the one more motivated who didn’t show any fear previously? I believe AJ will melt at soon Ruiz staggers him and could happen in any round

  • AJ is going to get seriously hurt in there with Ruiz, he needs to back out of this fight and fight David Price.

  • This time the difference will be that AJ will stick and move…If Ruiz tries to overwhelm him, he will just ty Ruiz up. As soon as that fat mexican boy tires he will be KO’d with the big right.

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