Gvozdyk a slight favorite over Beterbiev

The big fight this week features the much anticipated light heavyweight unification showdown between IBF champion Artur Beterbiev (14-0, 14 KOs) and WBC champion Oleksandr Gvozdyk (17-0, 14 KOs) on Friday night at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia. ESPN will televise.

The Teddy Atlas-trained Gvozdyk is a narrow -125 favorite, while Beterbiev backers can get +105.

“This could very well be the fight of the year,” says promoter Bob Arum. “These are two evenly matched, undefeated light heavyweight champions. There is nothing better in the sport of boxing.”

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  • If this fight was between two black american fighters everyone would been talking about it. But since it’s between two eastern european fighters you hardly hear anything about it. But hardcore fight fans know this is a real fight between two of the Best and toughest light heavyweights in the World and could well become fight of the year.

    • I think you are spot on.. If it were 2 Americans in general(I dont think it matters so much about race)it would be all over the place.. Boxing media tends to pick and choose which boxers from europe that they will hype and leave others completely in the dark. It’s sad for boxings devout followers and sad for the people in control as they fail to the restraints off of the sport and let it reach the pinnacle that both it and fighters from every ntion are deserving of! Shame on the ones controlling the sport!

      • Too many champions and weight divisions for the average sports fan to keep track of. All these greedy sanctioning organizations are to blame. not the boxing media.

    • The media has been kind of biased toward some fighters from the former Soviet Union. One of the worst cases ever seen in this regard is the victory of Dimitry Pirog over Daniel Jacob (touted as a megastar in process). Broadcasters from HBO, breaking the routine of interviewing the winner, denied this to Pirog in his great win. No explanation why or apology was submitted.

      • I very much agree with your assessment of Pirog’s shoddy treatment , Mikemiguel. And, with no slight intended towards Daniel Jacobs, who went on (from that defeat) to become one of the megastars of the sport, — Dimitry Pirog was, himself, a star in the making before a serious injury to his back ended his promising career. His boxing style was unique and difficult — just ask Daniel Jacobs, a competent judge in the matter.

  • These 2 fighters are not just fighting each other, they’re fighting for their respective countries Russia and the Ukraine. For many years now, since Kostya Zoo started this trend,eastern Europeans have been prominate for 20 years or so in this game. From Zoo, to the Klitschkos to GGG to Kovalev, they have basically taken a firm grip on the higher weight division. Now we get this fight between IBF champion Artur Beterbiev (14-0, 14 KOs) and WBC champion Oleksandr Gvozdyk (17-0, 14 KOs). Make no mistake about it, with what is going on between the 2 countries, this ought to turn out to be a Mexican/Puerto Rican high stakes shootout. Both men do not know how to take NO for answer, and both men want to make a statement of who is the rightful champion.Don’t blink, anybody that does will miss a devastating K.O. Who wins, I will have to consult a higher authority because for damn sure these men are going in for the kill.

    • You mean Kostya Tszyu, right Steve? Yeah, but Tszyu screwed up in his American debut by losing to Vince Phillips, and many people (mistakenly) thought he was just hype. My money on Beterbiev by KO in less than 7 in this fight.

  • Oleksandr Gvozdyk is the beter fighter in here, but Beterbiev is not that far behind. Both went through an extensive learning process in the amateur field. Even though Gvozdyk has very decent power, Beterbiev is a more powerful puncher, and in here is where the fight will be defined. I believe Beterbiev will win by KO before 7 rounds in a great and dramatic fight. The winner should fight Bivol to define supremacy at light heavyweight. The winner of Kovalev vs. Canelo with more than one reason will avoid any of these guys.

    • I agree, I like Beterbiev. This fight should be getting far more attention. It’s curious to me why they would bother making this fight in the US because they could have a huge gate in Eastern Europe while still making the same in American TV money. I’m shocked the promoters don’t see it the same way.

      • And LOL, no way in Hell the Canelo – Kovalev winner would want a piece of either of these two. Either guy runs over the Canelo-Kovelev winner like a bulldozer. It wouldn’t even go to the middle rounds. Beterbiev and Gvozdyk are just too strong for those smaller guys.

        • Likely true, although if Canelo wins, he might try dangling some money with some manipulative weight provisions. Certainly Kovalev has never shown any sign that he would like a piece of Beterbiev or Gvozdyk.

  • This is a great match up. Thankfully, they are willing to fight each other in their primes. So many awesome match-ups fail to materialize because of the “marinating” BS. I understand the fighters deserve every penny and should be allowed to make as much as they possibly can, but if boxing matches up the best against the best more often and at the right time, the fans will appreciate it more and more money should be coming in and available for the fighters. Pacman vs Mayweather happened way too late, as well as GGG vs Canelo.

    • To succeed in boxing, being a good boxer is not enough in most cases; the fighter also has to be smart and his management too.Floyd Mayweather combined both nicely, there is no secret the results. When Golovkin started to call Canelo (around 2013-2014) he was having his best moments, while Canelo was trying to rebound from his loss to Mayweather. Had this fight taken place then, surely could have been a mismatch between a seasoned full fledged middleweight and a still green 154 fighter. Golovkin, Tom Loeffler and Abel Sanchez were salivating with that idea.
      Knowing this, it could have been the most stupid decision to have made this fight, most likely a career ending KO loss for Alvarez.
      Fight was made at the right moment for the one in the driver seat, maybe not for the one starving for an easy fight with a good payday. Boxing is for the smartest first, quality comes in second place

      • Mayweather may very well be the smartest boxer/promoter of this era. Having made over 1/2 BILLION dollars in just two fights – vs Pacquiao, and vs. McGregor – is just brilliant!

  • This is really a 50/50 matchup. With Atlas as the trainer for Gvozdyk perhaps this might make it why he is a slight favorite over Beterbiev, or maybe they saw what he did to Adonis Stevenson and that KILLER INSTINCT in him is making him a slight favorite. Either way and whatever happens we might have on our hands the fight of the year, we’re looking at 2 men that are looking for supremacy in this division, and like I mentioned before this is a Russia/Ukraine throw down. We saw Bivol win in a technical fight, not exciting but a good win none the less. And once this is decided, the PROBLEM will arise when Canela takes his decision win over Kovalev because we ALREADY KNOW the FISHNET has already made it known he needs 2 judges he can reward with riches. Maybe just maybe Kov stops Canela in brutal fashion, and then we will have a proper undisputed lgt hwt champ. Perhaps i’m wishing for to much in this clown circus known as pro boxing. At least when there was HBO they always pushed the phony orgs to have champs fight other champs, and made the public AWARE of the phony alphabet crews. Funny I seem to remember the days of one champ, per division, it all seems like a dream now. 🙁

    • Exactly. If Kovalev doesn’t knock out Canelo, he loses a decision. I don’t know why Euro fighters would consider fighting a North American fighter on this continent. It’s the same every time it goes to the cards… no way the European fighter (or Asian, African, or South American) fighter gets a decision.

    • Steve, all you have to remember is that the Champion makes the BELT, NOT the other way around. The WBA, WBC, and the other alphabet sanctioning bodies are corrupt. I’ve been involved in boxing since I was 10 – I am 65 now – and let me tell you, these sanctioning bodies have caused tremendous damage to the sport.

  • The winner of this fight should be put in the P4P rankings instantly. The competition these guys have faced so early in their careers is outstanding and I’d love to see the winner face Bivol.

  • Gvozdyk should be thankful he landed a few good shots that derailed Adonis for the KO. Gvozdyk has basic telegraphic skills but his busy work rate makes up for the boring style. His jab is rather predictable and weak. Teddy Atlas has so much work to do with this fighter if he wants to have a great long-lasting career.

  • It is time for both these good fighters to seize the moment especially Beterbiev. His career has been slow paced (in large part because no one wants to face him) and his power oriented style generally does not age well. On paper, it is the best matchup in a long time.

  • I don’t see Gvozdyk winning this fight? While Beterbiev has a greater emotional Warrior attitude to enliven when he has a guy hurt, Gvozdyk hasn’t shown much of it at all! Gvozdyk has to get angry and give it all he has, or he will just be another knockout victim! IMO? Beterbiev has that Warrior mentality, so Gvozdyk had better be motivated to hurt Beterbiev, or he will just be hunted down just like all of Beterbiev’s victims! I don’t think Gvozdyk has recovered from that “Superman” knockout yet, so his emotions might be “Softer,” and more prone to being taken advantage of? Gvozdyk may be more sluggish too, while Beterbiev will be sharp and fast, and ready to unleash strong defensive punches? IMO only?

  • Gvodzyk is the technical fighter and Beterbiev is the heavy puncher. This fight could for sure go either way as Gvodzyk has seemingly the superior technical skills but I think I lean toward Beterbiev as well because his as a boxer is under-rated, he’s a smart fighter and has has the fight ending power. Hard to say who wins if it gos to the cards… But if the fight is stopped it will likely be Beterbiev doing the stoppin’.

  • Yeah I don’t know about Gvozdyk being the favourite over Beterbiev , I think G man gets stopped in dramatics fashion

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