Guidry defeats Stiverne by unanimous decision

Photo: David Martin-Warr / DKP

WBA #12 heavyweight Jonathan “The King” Guidry (19-1-2, 10 KOs) scored a ten round unanimous decision against former WBC heavyweight champion Bermane “B. WARE” Stiverne (25-6-1, 21 KOs) on Saturday night at Casino Miami Jai-Alai in Miami, Florida. Slow-paced fight with little action for the first five rounds. Guidry was aggressive at times, but spent too much time backing up. The 44-year-old Stiverne pressed forward, but didn’t land much. Guidry starting amping up the aggression late in the fight and pulled away on the cards to win 100-91, 97-93, 100-91. Guidry retains his WBA NABA “gold” title.

Guidry said afterward, “I felt him slowing down in the third round, so I picked up the pace while still being cautious. I decided to show him more intensity as the fight went on.”

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  • Guidry was just a part-time fighter when King signed him pretty much out of nowhere. Lost a Split Decision to Bryan in a title fight, now has a W against a Former World Champion on his resume. Not bad for a guy who just recently was making a living on a shrimping boat in Louisiana.

    • Right! It’s all icing for him now USF. He’s already farrrrrrrr exceeded anyone’s expectations. Good for you Guidry.

  • Look at all the comments about this shit show, ppv numbers must have been enormous

  • I don’t know why Stiverne keeps fighting after he was absolutely annihilated in embarrassing fashion by Wilder. He is not even a good fighter. I guess he will stick it out as long as they’re paying him, but he looks dreadful. Kudos to Guidry for the win.

    • Stirvern was inactive for two years that is why he’s beaten up, he was good no thout, remember he is the first fighter that dent wilders ko records.. should be retired..

  • Think it’s time for Stiverne to hang them up. I don’t think his brain ever recovered from the shots he took from Wilder.

    • You do realize that isn’t how boxing works right? Stiverne was never any good. He beat a faded Chris Arreola and that is it. He also got stopped by Wilder early because he was inactive for 2 years. You don’t take two years off while you are in your late 30’s and then get in a ring with a big puncher and not think you are going to get knocked out.

  • Just 2 more out of shape HW fighters on a DK card in S. Florida. Guidry has no excuse for being in that shape at his age- he should be a cruiserweight, and Stiverne is ancient and shot.

    • Lol why should Guidry be a cruiserweight? Wait because of his height and you are one of those casual fans who act like there were no heavyweights who were 6’5 until recently? Guidry should be a heavyweight. But based off his body type he should weigh around 210 or so pounds not the 250-260 he usually weighs.

      • Realistically, I don’t think Guidry should be a cruiserweight. He’s 33 years old and he’s enjoying the best success of his entire career at heavyweight – no reason to up and try to lose 50lbs now. However, if I had a prospect who was built like Guidry, yeah I’d suggest he cut down to cruiser, absolutely. You’re 100% there has always been giant heavyweights out there, but we’ve never had a generation where not only there were so many of them, but they’re SO many of the top fighters. They may come back, but at least for the moment, I think the days of a guy 6ft or under having big success as a heavyweight are at least on hiatus.

        • I doubt Guidry can get to Cruiser without draining the crap out of himself, though it certainly wouldn’t hurt him to try and cut maybe 20 lbs or so. He should definitely keep riding his recent success at Heavyweight, but they have to be careful how they match him up. He can’t compete with the upper echelon of the division, but may be able to get a payday or two. If he’d fought any of the other Champions the night he fought Bryan, he’d be a distant memory. Happy for him though for the little bit of success he’s had recently. Will make for some good stories to tell his kids & grandkids one day.

          Last 6′ or under Heavyweight Champion I can think of would be Roy Jones around 20 years ago. Not saying it won’t happen again, but hard to envision that being a regular thing again.

          • I was thinking about that USF, like who would be THE fight for Guidry, like his big money fight and…. realistically speaking, I’m thinking it’s probably a Bryan rematch. Who else is DK going to get?? It certainly isn’t going to be Dubois and I can’t imagine Charr would want to risk going through that again (Guidry is at #67 on Boxrec now, Charr is 64th). Oh maybe someone like a Lucas Browne??? Both he and Jarrell Miller are rated around Guidry by the WBA.

            It was 20 years ago for Roy Jones and you see he didn’t stick around, got one fight and called it a day. Guy that tall spending YEARS of his career fighting monsters today. No way.

          • Actually, Lucas Browne would be a great idea for Guidry. Another former Former Champion who’s faded enough for it to be a winnable fight, and he brings some name recognition. That could be a decent paycheck by Guidry’s standards. If not that, a Bryan rematch might be one of his better realistic opportunities as you mentioned. Unfortunately, I don’t think Guidry’s ceiling is much higher than that. Wouldn’t mind being wrong about that though. I like seeing underdog-types do well….

  • Not sure why become a professional fighter and your too lazy to get in top shape. Outside of just collecting a check.

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