Golovkin vacates WBA middleweight belt

WBA middleweight Gennady Golovkin and his team sent a communication to the organization to announce his decision to relinquish the WBA’s “super” championship, leaving “regular” champion Erislandy Lara as the WBA’s only 160lb world champion. Golovkin and his team explained that GGG is still not clear about his next step in boxing and they prefer to give up the title since the organization had ordered a purse bid for the mandatory fight against Lara. He assured that they prefer the division to continue with movement and not to make Team Lara wait.

The WBA Championships Committee will now study Lara’s situation as champion and determine who he should face in his next fight.

Currently, the WBA’s top five contenders are: 1. Michael Zerafa, 2. Sergio Martinez, 3. Austin Williams, 4. Connor Coyle, and 5. Thomas LaManna, so Lara could wind up facing one of them.

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  • I respect that. Sad that this might mean that Golovkin is retiring, but he is getting up there in age, and there’s no shame in going out while youre still healthy.

    On a side note, how in the world did 48 year old Sergio Martinez make the #2 rating? I heard he came out of retirement but he’s fought nobody of meaning. WBA rankings are such a joke

    • I agree with you about Martinez being #2…. but I might pick him over their #1.

        • I’d probably take him over Zerafa and I think he beats Thomas Lamanna and doesn’t struggle in doing it. I have no clue what either of those guys have done to be ranked top five.

  • No money for a Lara fight.
    GGG probably holding out for one more good payday

  • Well at least he did play games and just gave it up. He’s a C fighter now. Probably should hang them up.

    • GGG a C fighter.. HAHAHA boxing ain’t for you my man, that’s one hell of a statement.

      • You seen the piss poor performance he did against Canelo? He’s going downhill quickly.

  • Nobody wanted to see GGG vs Lara anyway. It’s dead at 160 now.

    • Maybe if Charlo starts to get busy, but yeah. 168 is much more interesting at the moment.

  • Sergio martinez #2!!!!!!! Is the division running out of boxers in that division!!!!!! What a joke!!!!! Oh well, lara vs ggg would have been a great farewell fight for either guy! As for lara, he has to keep paying the hefty fees to the organization by holding the belts! Ggg has nothing more to prove, he should just hang it. I doubt any top ranked guy would want to fight and risk rankings now that ggg has no belts!

  • Zerafa #1, Martinez # shows the state of boxing and it’s governing bodies as it stands today.

    This is why, over the last 20 years, boxing fans have drifted away….

    • Its not the state of boxing, its the state of that division my friend. Everyone in that division is afraid to fight each other, With the exception of Janibek calling everyone out, everyone hiding. GGG just ducked Lara, Charlo claims hes joining the 168 division but doubt that. 160’s are a complete mess.

  • No thanks, Martinez.

    Let Zerafa and Williams duke it out, and Lara can take a “stay busy” fight. The winner of Zerafa/Williams fights Lara.

    Otherwise, if the above plans do not occur, let’s see what Williams can do against Lara. Let’s see if Williams is game for a huge challenge and for a huge opportunity in the bright lights.

    Maybe later, GGG will seek one (1) more fight before relaxing in the shade for retirement.

    Back to reality…Zerafa will more than likely fight Lara, and Williams will later fight the winner.

  • Ammo Williams is by far the best prospect on that list. How in the hell is LaManna still ranked?

  • I don’t blame GGG for this decision, at the level he has reached, he has the right to expect someone knocking his door with a suit case full of cash for an eventual fight, not with a piggy bank, that is the case of a purse bid. I expect him earning a good paycheck against Liam Smith or anther top guy at 160

    • His suit case is right now with Charlo or even DooDoo Andrade. As the champion, he cld easily call for the Charlo fight. Thats an easy win for GGG. Not sure why he has avoided him this long

  • Honestly, this is a joke to hear about Golovkin giving up the title instead of facing Erislandy Lara.. He better hangs up the gloves for good. Since he has nothing to prove! He lost by Canelo. Lara fought Canelo, and Lara was supposed to win. Therefore, Golvkin probably knows he is gonna lose the fight against Lara.

  • I was hoping it was Sergio Martinez Jr, or someone with a same name, but I guess a 200 year old fighter is ranked number 2. Is that just asking for trouble? He may still be able to crack, but can he take shots from a younger fighter, even if they couldn’t carry Martinez’s jock straps in his prime? There should be a legends league with fighting with 14 oz gloves.

  • GGG BEEN, cherry picking divisions,is WHOLE career ducking his competition STILL!!!!Advoided Dimity Pirog,then Avoided Ward n his whole division chasing Mayweather’s wieght class an MONEY.Ran n2 Canelo.ducked his rematch with Jacob’s!! He lost!! Charlo,Jamie,Andread etc. jump to light heavyweight never fought a middleweight mandatory to defend your belt now you gave it up. The commission cuddles this guy!!

    • Cherry picking? He was avoided for years. No one wanted a piece of prime GGG. Including whoever you were a fan of. It was only after he aged that fighters were trying to line up against him.

      I would just hang them up. Deterioration is very visible and he doesn’t have anything left to prove.

  • Then the light heavyweight thing EVERYBODY ducks Beterbiev.. Yarde ONLY guy had enough heart to fight him!! Boxing commission should be ASHAMED letting Canelo,GGG, jump division!!fight Bivol n STILL ✂️ out Beterbiev who has more belts!!!Now GGG has to defend his belt and he JUMP SHIP!!SAD!!!

  • Lara BEAT’S GGG hands down!! Canelo’s a beast but he NEVER wanted to rematch Lara close fight!!Lara took his revenge out on his brother..

  • WOW, how did Martinez get to #2 fighting cab drivers? 160 used to be overflowing with top guys. GGG didn’t give up the title to be honorable. He’s holding out on one last major payday and I don’t blame him. Evidently, Lara is not a payday.

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