Golden Boy to ink Terence Crawford?

Oscar Bud Bhop
Photo: Golden Boy

Promoter Oscar de la Hoya announced on Saturday’s DAZN telecast that he and partner Bernard Hopkins had a good lunch meeting with WBO welterweight champion Terence “Bud” Crawford. Oscar stated that Golden Boy can help Crawford get the much anticipated unification clash with WBC/WBA/IBF champion Errol Spence. Oscar also stated that Crawford vs. WBO #3 Alexis Rocha is another possibility.

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  • If Oscar was unable to get Munguia vs Charlo mainly because he is with DAZN and Charlo a PBC promotion guy, entity that works with Showtime, what about to get Spence? I see not much hope in this alliance between Crawford and Oscar to get such a difficult to deal fight, but good luck anyway

  • Probably a pretty good idea for Crawford. He could fight another 7-8 years against the level of guys Oscar will likely have him fighting. He won’t get Spence or even remotely close to him, but he’ll be making good money well into his 40’s.

    • I agree Lucie, it’s not looking like he is getting Spence anyway. Why not get paid, he’s 36 and De La Hoya has a decent P.R machine.

      • Spence is probably fighting Thurman at 154. Maybe he’s getting ready to split up those titles and Ortiz is fighting for one of his minor belts. If he wins and Spence doesn’t fight him (and he won’t), you could have Crawford – Ortiz unification fight late this year or next year. It’s not that big fight that everyone wants, but it would pay well and most likely we weren’t getting THAT fight anyway.

    • I think you are right Lucie and from a good source that I won’t reveal, the following names are the ones Oscar has in a secret agenda for Crawford:
      Yordenis Ugas, Cody Crowley, Radzhab Butaev, Giovani Santillan, Abel Ramos, Mario Barrios, Gabriel Maestre

      • Look at that Burucho. He fights like Santillan and then starts picking off guys on expiring PBC contracts. That’s basically a retirement package.

      • Quite possibly true…
        I would like to see Crawford/Ortiz, this year, if the Spence fight cannot be made…Then move on and demolish Ennis, which I think is doable

    • Thats a bull shit. I am the best software developer in the world and am best boxing analyst.A spence- bivol is the best match up from now to 4 years

    • Small head = small target! I’m just not sure how that affects one’s chin, though. All I know is that lots of nose cartilage is a real hindrance for a boxer, which is why Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini is one of the toughest fighters I’ve ever seen. Mancini had a big Roman nose for a lightweight. Big nose = big target/more pain!

    • If Oscar plays his cards right he can sign Crawford to an exclusive contract then Bud will stay sidelined for 2 or 3 years wasting the prime of his career it just doesn’t make any sense.

      Oscar will then show Bud how to cross dress maybe teach him the art of dressing in those negligees and stilettos and push up bras they can even take pictures together I just hope that they are both in shape while doing that sort of disgusting thing it’s really a horrible thing to do for a man to cross dress but it is what it is I can’t judge I can only tell the younger generations never ever to behave this way because it will catch up to them they will have a very hard time explaining to their grand kids why they wore all those inappropriate womens lingerie. That’s all I wish them the best though

      • It’s Hayman’s fighters that spend more time in the gym and less time actually fighting and never fighting top contenders!


  • I hope Crawford can get some really good paydays before he retires.

    Changing the subject, and I don’t know why but I get the feeling that underneath that clothes Oscar is wearing a GARTER BELT! Just a gut feeling and I hope I’m wrong but something tells me that I am 100% right! I just hope he hasn’t influenced Bernard to start doing that disgusting crap!


    • He very well could be. It would have to be a thrill for him
      to keep getting away with it.

    • If you were face to face shooting mouth off you would be the biggest laughing stock getting youra$$ kicked by a guy in dressed like a hooker.

  • Oscar bad mouths Hayman, sues him, continues to bad mouth him and PBC, but expects to get the Spence fight for Crawford. I’m sure he has a better chance of getting it then Bud, but isn’t Bud his own boss? Maybe he feels he needs another promoter and guarantee. In that case it would make sense to maybe bring Golden Boy in as a partnership. To me this feels like another Davis vs Ryan situation to be played out on Twitter for the next three years.

  • Oscar will have to employ all the promoter tactics, hidden contract disclaimers, and “what ifs” to make sure Crawford has the edge over Spence no matter the scenario should the match go down. Simply look over Alvarez’s career in some fights and that will tell you history can repeat itself.

  • There’s only one fight we want to see Crawford in at the moment and that’s with Spence. Whoever puts it together had better do it soon. Both men should recognize and want this fight as well. Any other fight pales in comparison and dividends for them both.

  • Problem is today’s boxers are refusing to fight and acting like super stars wayyy to early. Hardly anyone knows who Crawford or Spence are outside of hard core fans. Charlo brothers are even less popular, yet they all act like they need Mayweather money. Because of this the fights we want to see are not happening. Look Crawford vs Spece, is no Mayweather vs Pacquiao, yet they act like it…. And just like that fight it will come to late. Boxing is destroying itself and becoming a fridge sport. It’s sad when a YouTube star is becoming a bigger draw and actually making better fights.

    • Casual fans know Spence and Crawford their fights are always featured on Sportscenter when they fight which is how many sports fans get their news. Paul’s last 2 fights didn’t do well on pay per view.

  • Now late in his career. Bud got tired of being w/ Arum. And De La Hoya is a competitor w/ Arum. When Mike McCallum fought the rematch w/ Toney, the cast went on and on about 35 being a pretty old fighter but McCallum never took much punishment. After that fight, McCallum went to 175, win 3 fights, then took the WBC belt and had a couple of defenses.
    Bud at 35 would have to clearly win some fights. Virgil Ortiz would have to win a vacant belt (if Spence moves up), for Crawford vs Ortiz to be a big deal. Oscar and Bernard were talking Rocha, but would work to get him the Spence fight. They aren’t rushing the Ortiz fight.

  • There is ZERO chance in Golden Boy negotiating a Spence fight! Given the fact that Oscar has been so critical of Al Haymon and PBC! What GBP is clearly doing is getting Crawford to fight Rocha and then Virgil Ortiz (should he get pass his next fight) in a mega fight! Plain and simple…..

  • Bud is going to do fine I believe he will be okay and I know there’s not a chance that Oscar can get him to cross dress there’s no way Bud will get caught doing that he’s too decent and much to wise a man to ever do that sort of thing.

    I wish Bud nothing but the best!

  • Great now he is gonna get priced out of the fight, The fight we wont aint ever gonna happen. Typical American trash politics

  • Boy, that DLH has an unusually huge noggin. I wonder if he has a medical condition.

    • No its probably the TRT. Joe Rogan’s head also grew larger as he’s on the TRT.

  • Remember when beetle juice got his head shrunk for stealing dudes ticket and he put some dust on his head and then Crawford?

  • Good decision By De LA Hoya Promotions Terrence Carrys a lot of Midwest Clout would be nice to see Him With An Aged to perfection Promotion With A Good variable of Stable Fighters. Excellent Scouting by Team De LA hoya.

  • LOL Oscar can’t put together Tank vs Ryan Garcia so how is he going to put together Crawford vs Spence? (a bigger fight).

    Oscar stated he may possibly put together Crawford vs. WBO #3 Alexis Rocha. Goodie gumdrops, that’s a fight fans have been clamoring to see SMH lol.

  • If the Tank vs Garcia fight happens it could lead to future cross promotional fights between the two companies.

  • I’m not sure it’s going to help Terrence a lot but Top Rank was not doing great with him either, then why not ?!

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